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New Ita­lian ya­ch­ting norms this Ch­rist­mas wi­th loads of news al­so for the su­pe­rya­cht seg­ment. Se­ve­ral mea­su­res de­di­ca­ted to lar­ge shi­pyards and re­fi­ts are on the way and full re­co­gni­tion of com­mer­cial crui­sing, as well as less bu­reau­cra­cy for ships li­sted in the in­ter­na­tio­nal re­gi­ster, the in­tro­duc­tion of the Ita­lian Pas­sen­ger Ya­cht Co­de, so­me mo­re light shed on the que­stion of ‘lea­sing’ and mu­ch mo­re. La­st but not lea­st th­ree years of hard work in­ve­sted by UCINA Con­fin­du­stria Nau­ti­ca pays off and the Ita­lian ensign be­co­mes mo­re com­pe­ti­ti­ve. The la­te­st bi­ts of news con­cer­ning the norms go­ver­ning the over/un­der 500 GT ca­te­go­ry seem to in­di­ca­te that they will be sim­pli­fied for the mi­nor of the two ca­te­go­ries and will be ex­ten­ded to clas­sic ships up to 120 GT that are over fif­ty years old. Pro­vi­sio­nal per­mi­ts will be is­sued wi­th a pro­vi­sio­nal gross ton­na­ge as well, to ship ow­ners who ha­ve proof of re­que­sted can­cel­la­tion from fo­rei­gn re­gi­stries. All this en­tails that the is­suan­ce of new do­cu­men­ts will be car­ried out wi­thin a gi­ven ti­me fra­me af­ter the ap­pli­ca­tion forms ha­ve been re­cei­ved by the com­pe­tent bo­dies. Ad­di­tio­nal­ly the thou­sand ton li­mit for the re­gi­stra­tion of lar­ge char­te­red ya­ch­ts in the In­ter­na­tio­nal Re­gi­ster has been lif­ted. Ita­lian re­gi­ste­red ships car­ry­ing mo­re than 12 pas­sen­gers but less than 36 will be re­gi­ste­red ac­cor­din­gly in the Ita­lian Pas­sen­ger Ya­cht Co­de. The pro­ce­du­res re­gar­ding crew when em­bar­king and di­sem­bar­king on di­ver­se ships ma­na­ged by the sa­me bro­king firm ha­ve been can­cel­led as well. The sa­me goes for ar­ri­val and de­par­tu­re pro­ce­du­res for all EU ves­sels and non EU plea­su­re ves­sels. Com­mer­cial ya­ch­ts fly­ing non EU en­si­gns will no­ti­fy their ar­ri­val at the fir­st port of call in Ita­ly on­ly and will no­ti­fy de­par­tu­re at the la­st one prior to lea­ving in­ter­na­tio­nal wa­ters. The use of tem­po­ra­ry re­gi­stra­tion va­lid in in­ter­na­tio­nal wa­ters has al­so been sim­pli­fied and writ­ten in En­gli­sh as well al­so for bro­kers and shi­pyards. All Ita­lian re­gi­ste­red uni­ts and com­mer­cial ships will di­splay a Blue stic­ker (Bol­li­no Blu) va­lid for ea­ch sea­son (from Ju­ne th­rou­gh Sep­tem­ber) whi­ch is su­b­ject to in­spec­tion and cer­ti­fies the va­li­di­ty of sa­fe­ty equi­p­ment on board, pay­ment of lo­cal ta­xes due and mo­re. Ita­ly’s UCINA and the in­land re­ve­nue (Agen­zia del­le en­tra­te) ha­ve re­cen­tly pu­bli­shed a gui­de con­cer­ning com­mer­cial ship­ping in ‘hi­gh seas’ whi­ch al­lo­ws the exemp­tion of VAT ex­ci­se du­ties and mo­re, to be in li­ne wi­th Fren­ch norms. 2018 brings good ti­dings and are a fur­ther en­cou­ra­ge­ment not on­ly for the ya­ch­ts that ha­ve been mi­gra­ting in gro­wing num­bers from the Fren­ch Ri­vie­ra and from Spain to Ita­lian ports over the la­st six mon­ths.

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