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Na­val ba­sins are tho­se ve­ry long pools whe­re built to sca­le mo­dels of fu­tu­re ships, sub­ma­ri­nes, mo­tor ya­ch­ts and ma­ny mo­re ma­ri­ne ves­sels are te­sted prior to being built. Over the pa­st few years the ope­ra­tors due to their in­qui­si­ti­ve na­tu­re, ha­ve be­gun to con­cen­tra­te on a new field of ac­ti­vi­ty whi­ch is ex­pan­ding ra­pid­ly: the ex­trac­tion of re­newa­ble ener­gy from the sea. At In­sean whi­ch is the Isti­tu­to Na­zio­na­le per Stu­di ed Espe­rien­ze di Ar­chi­tet­tu­ra na­va­le, bet­ter kno­wn as Cnr’s na­val ba­sins (Con­si­glio Na­zio­na­le del­le ri­cer­che). Is a re­sear­ch cen­tre equip­ped wi­th so­me of the world’s big­ge­st ex­pe­ri­men­tal plan­ts and cut­ting ed­ge gau­ging tech­no­lo­gy whe­re ope­ra­ti­ve con­di­tions at sea can be re­pro­du­ced for any ma­ri­ne ves­sel and whe­re ex­pe­ri­men­tal uni­que te­sting is per­for­med (­, as well as re­sear­ch work and ex­pe­ri­men­tal trials on the to­pic of re­newa­ble ener­gy ex­trac­tion from the sea whi­ch has be­co­me rou­ti­ne work. MARINET is an EU ini­tia­ti­ve fun­ded wi­th about 12 mil­lion Eu­ro (ni­ne of whi­ch from the EU) to gi­ve im­pe­tus to re­sear­ch and to put small and me­dium en­ter­pri­ses in a po­si­tion to de­ve­lop tech­no­lo­gies to rea­li­sti­cal­ly pro­du­ce clean and re­newa­ble ener­gy from our seas. The­re are 29 part­ners in­vol­ved from 11 Eu­ro­pean Coun­tries in ad­di­tion to Bra­zil whi­ch is an ob­ser­ving Coun­try. CNR th­rou­gh IN­SEAN, Flo­ren­ce and Tu­scia Uni­ver­si­ty are con­tri­bu­ting for Ita­ly. In­sean’s pro­ject lea­der Fran­ce­sco Sal­va­to­re has said of the pro­ject: “Marinet is an on­going pro­ject whi­ch ena­bles small and midd­le en­ter­pri­ses (SME) in Eu­ro­pe to stu­dy and de­ve­lop in­no­va­ti­ve sy­stems ai­med at ex­trac­ting ener­gy from the sea whi­ch they couldn’t ha­ve do­ne wi­thout fun­ding, due to the hi­gh costs in­vol­ved. In fact the pro­ject al­lo­ws them to stu­dy and ex­pe­ri­ment at zero co­st using the be­st equi­p­ment and ex­pe­ri­men­tal plan­ts ma­de avai­la­ble by pro­ject part­ners. The pro­ject goes fur­ther in the sen­se that all the da­ta emer­ging and the know-how de­ve­lo­ped is cir­cu­la­ted on the net and is open to all”. It is fun­da­men­tal­ly im­por­tant to­day to de­ve­lop kno­w­led­ge and mo­re

da­ta on the ex­trac­tion of ener­gy from the sea when we think about the enor­mous po­ten­tial the seven seas con­tain and co­ver 2/3 of the pla­net’s sur­fa­ce area. A po­ten­tial we need to ex­ploit even when con­si­de­ring the prac­ti­cal li­mi­ts that need to be re­sol­ved, the esti­ma­ted be­ne­fi­ts are al­ways re­mar­ka­ble and mo­re so of cour­se in the be­st geo­gra­phi­cal areas. In­sean’s Di­rec­tor Emi­lio Cam­pa­na has re­cen­tly th­ro­wn so­me use­ful con­si­de­ra­tions on the su­b­ject: “Con­si­de­ring the im­por­tan­ce of this pro­ject the­re is to da­te no stan­dard by whi­ch to ex­tract ener­gy from the sea mo­re ef­fi­cien­tly. But yes in other fields su­ch as wind va­nes whe­re well de­fi­ned ener­gy ge­ne­ra­ting sy­stems ha­ve been con­so­li­da­ted and fi­ne tu­ned. The­re are mo­re than 100 ideas and dif­fe­rent so­lu­tions of­fe­red re­gar­ding the ex­trac­tion of ener­gy from the sea as well as pro­to­ty­pes spor­ting a va­rie­ty of di­ver­se sha­pes. From a re­sear­ch point of view we’re the­re­fo­re still ex­pe­ri­men­ting to pin point the be­st so­lu­tion”. IN­SEAN has been con­tri­bu­ting among others wi­th Fren­ch com­pa­ny Sa­bel­la in the ex­ploi­ta­tion of ener­gy from ma­ri­ne cur­ren­ts. SA­BEL­LA, was the fir­st to in­stall a tur­bi­ne in the sea to pro­du­ce ener­gy from ma­ri­ne cur­ren­ts whi­ch is con­nec­ted to the Fren­ch elec­tri­ci­ty board’s net­work. This tur­bi­ne has been stu­died at leng­th be­fo­re in­stal­la­tion off the coasts of Brit­ta­ny. Wi­th a de­vi­ce spor­ting a dia­me­ter of 10 me­tres equal to an ex­trac­tion po­ten­tial of 1 Mw, this tur­bi­ne can pro­du­ce ener­gy enou­gh to ful­fil the needs of hun­dreds of re­si­dent fa­mi­lies. (­bel­

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