ISA YA­CH­TS Sport 120 Clo­rin­da

Isa Ya­ch­ts has re­tur­ned to Can­nes and Mo­na­co Ya­cht Sho­ws. The re­no­w­ned An­co­na ba­sed shi­pyard has go­ne back to do what it does be­st: buil­ding splen­did ya­ch­ts fol­lo­wing Grup­po Pa­lum­bo’s ta­ke over.

Superyacht - - Technical -

Isa Ya­ch­ts whi­ch stands for In­ter­na­tio­nal shi­pyard An­co­na was foun­ded 2001 in one of Ita­ly’s mo­st pro­li­fic re­gions de­di­ca­ted to buil­ding su­pe­rya­ch­ts. Isa Ya­ch­ts has built so­me of Ita­ly’s mo­st re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve ya­ch­ts. Thir­ty two of them sport an LOA whi­ch ran­ges from 37 to 66 me­tres in 2014 wi­th M/Y “OKTO”. Un­for­tu­na­te­ly, de­spi­te the suc­cess ob­tai­ned at the main in­ter­na­tio­nal even­ts de­di­ca­ted to this ya­ch­ting seg­ment, the re­ces­sion whi­ch la­sted lon­ger than fo­re­seen for­ced the yard to stop buil­ding, but re­cen­tly thanks to Grup­po Pa­lum­bo’s ac­qui­si­tion whi­ch has been con­ver­ting, re­pai­ring and re­fit­ting ya­ch­ts sin­ce 1967 wi­th shi­pyards in Na­ples, Si­ci­ly, Mal­ta, Mar­seil­les and Te­ne­ri­fe and now al­so in An­co­na, has re­tur­ned to pro­du­ce the “Ol­dy” ran­ge of su­per­bly re­sty­led su­pe­rya­ch­ts spor­ting new li­nes dra­wn up by well esta­bli­shed de­si­gn and na­val ar­chi­tec­ts’ stu­dios of in­ter­na­tio­nal re­no­wn. The fir­st mo­del at the top of the new or­der book to hit the wa­ter was M/Y “Clo­rin­da” from the luc­ky Isa Sport 120 li­ne whi­ch is the ele­ven­th laun­ched to da­te wi­th an LOA of 37 me­tres. In mu­ch the sa­me way as pre­ce­ding si­ster ships,“clo­rin­da” stands out of the cho­rus li­ne for so­me of its fea­tu­res li­ke a lo­ve­ly stair­way si­tua­ted aft in the stern area wi­th whi­ch the An­co­na ba­sed yard ini­tial­led its work and ex­ten­ding this to al­mo­st the en­ti­re fleet. But not on­ly, sin­ce new sty­li­stic ele­men­ts li­ke la­te­ral black tin­ted glass pa­nel­ling, a bow sun ba­thing area and a sky­light whi­ch can fil­ter in­co­ming light at the tou­ch of a but­ton si­tua­ted next to the ow­ner’s sui­te are all truly em­bel­li­shing.

Small new ex­ter­nal em­bel­lish­men­ts asi­de, the ya­cht main­tains the sty­li­stic con­cept fir­st in­tro­du­ced in 2005 wi­th M/Y “Hap­py Hour” whi­ch fea­tu­res cur­vy slen­der li­nes and com­pac­ted vo­lu­me whi­ch con­fer an ele­gan­tly spor­ty aspect to the who­le. De­di­ca­ted re­sear­ch in a que­st for ap­pea­ling ae­sthe­tics cou­pled to gra­ce­ful har­mo­ny bet­ween in­te­rior and ex­ter­nal spa­ces de­si­gned to en­han­ce con­tact wi­th con­tou­ring na­tu­ral ele­men­ts, wi­thout ne­glec­ting on board com­fort. An exam­ple of what’s been said is well re­pre­sen­ted by the way the main deck has been de­vi­sed to greet vi­si­ting guests as it re­veals a di­ning area con­tou­red by six lar­ge ful­ly ope­ning win­dow li­ke ports to main­tain con­tact wi­th na­tu­re. Pro­cee­ding for­ward we co­me to an ele­gant li­ving area whi­ch re­veals di­ver­se light co­lour-

ed fa­bric in the bright uphol­ste­ry and so­me of the fur­ni­tu­re.the sa­me co­lou­ring de­co­ra­tes the in­te­riors of the ow­ner’s quar­ters whi­ch ex­tend fur­ther for­ward along the sa­me deck sprea­ding over two le­vels so as to of­fer the sa­me hea­droom to the night zo­ne and ba­th­rooms wi­thout en­croa­ching on the ex­te­rior de­si­gn in any way. The gue­st quar­ters are ma­de up of two VIP sui­tes and two twin ca­bins, all four ha­ve de­di­ca­ted ba­th­rooms.the crew’s quar­ters are ac­ces­sed th­rou­gh a se­pa­ra­te en­tran­ce in ano­ther area.the helm con­trols sta­tion whi­ch is si­tua­ted along the half deck abo­ve the main one, con­tains la­te­st ge­ne­ra­tion equi­p­ment and tou­ch screen di­splay pa­­ree MTU 16V 2000 M96 en­gi­nes de­ve­lo­ping 2,400 hp ea­ch are lin­ked to a pair of hy­dro-je­ts and to a Rolls-roy­ce Ka­mewa boo­ster whi­ch pu­sh this 37 me­tre to a de­cla­red top speed of 34 kno­ts. The sun­deck thanks to the hi­ghly com­for­ta­ble loun­ge spo­ts is su­re­ly one of the mo­st sought af­ter spa­ces on board of “Clo­rin­da” whe­re guests can par­ty, chat, sun­ba­the thanks to lar­ge sun pads or may­be ta­ke a dip in­to an in­vi­ting Ja­cuz­zi tub. Among the no­vel­ties in­stal­led on “Clo­rin­da” the­re’s an ef­fi­cient elec­tric sta­bi­li­ser plant an ABT-TRAC whi­ch clear­ly im­pro­ves on board com­fort whi­le crui­sing and when ly­ing to an an­chor. And Vi­deo­works mul­ti­me­dia and do­mo­tic sy­stems li­ke Lu­tron whi­ch hand­le cur­tains and lights in­te­gra­te Ap­ple TV, Ci­sco Net­work and Ka­lei­do­sco­pe Stra­to wi­th me­dia player ul­tra HD wi­th HDR wi­th a ma­xi­mum re­so­lu­tion of 600 pho­to­gram./se­cond. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Isa Ya­ch­ts – Pa­lum­bo An­co­na Shi­pyard;via Mat­tei 14, 60125 An­co­na; www.isa­ya­ch­ - in­fo@isa­ya­ch­


Sport 120 Clo­rin­da ISA YA­CH­TS LOA: 36.50 m – LWL: 30.00 m – Beam: 7.50 m – Draught: 1.50 m – Di­spla­ce­ment ful­ly la­den: 173 tons – Gross ton­na­ge: 235 GT – Fuel tank ca­pa­ci­ty: 23,000 li­tres – Wa­ter tank ca­pa­ci­ty: 4,500 li­tres – Black/grey wa­ter tanks: 4,600 li­tres – En­gi­nes: 3x2.400 HP MTU 16V 2000 M96 – Dri­ves: 2xka­mewa 71S3, 1xka­mewa 56B3 – Top speed de­cla­red: 34 kno­ts – Crui­sing speed de­cla­red: 27 kno­ts – Ran­ge: 550 nm – Guests: 10 – Crew: 5 – Con­struc­tion ma­te­rial: com­po­si­tes – Ex­te­rior De­si­gn: Isa Ya­ch­ts – In­te­rior De­si­gn: Gui­da De­si­gn/isa Ya­ch­ts – Class: RI­NA Com­mer­cial Ru­les & MCA LY2 Com­pliant.

ISA YA­CH­TS Sport 120 Clo­rin­da

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