Azi­mut Gran­de 35 Me­tri

Azi­mut Ya­ch­ts’s new flag ship boasts vo­lu­mes usual­ly found on mu­ch lar­ger mo­dels thanks to cut­ting ed­ge so­lu­tions.

Superyacht - - Technical -

Pre­sen­ted at Au­tumn’s ya­cht sho­ws, Azi­mut Gran­de 35 Me­tri built at the Avi­glia­na shi­pyard is the brand’s new flag­ship. It’s main fea­tu­re, as the others of the Col­le­zio­ne Gran­de, is the no­ta­ble vo­lu­me of the in­te­riors whi­ch are equal to tho­se of mu­ch lar­ger ya­ch­ts, thanks to wi­de bo­dy con­fi­gu­ra­tion whi­ch has been de­si­gned per­fec­tly for the su­per­struc­tu­re by Ste­fa­no Ri­ghi­ni. It sports slen­der flo­wing li­nes en­han­ced by the pre­sen­ce of floor to cei­ling win­dow li­ke ports.the wi­de bo­dy so­lu­tion adop­ted re­qui­res advanced tech­no­lo­gy. This means de­ploy­ing weight sa­ving car­bon fi­bre in the con­struc­tion of this mo­del’s wi­der su­per­struc­tu­re wi­thout in­crea­sing weight. This is an evi­dent ad­van­ta­ge whi­ch not on­ly af­fec­ts li­vea­bi­li­ty in­si­de but al­so con­cerns sta­bi­li­ty of the ya­cht sin­ce the bulk of the weight is con­cen­tra­ted to­wards the hull whi­ch in this ca­se is a D2P de­ve­lo­ped by Pier­lui­gi Au­so­nio wi­th Azi­mut Be­net­ti’s re­sear­ch and de­ve­lo­p­ment de­part­ment whi­ch well blends the ty­pi­cal com­fort of di­spla­cing hulls wi­th the per­for­man­ce of pla­ning ones. Thanks to a “wa­ve pier­cer” bulb the D2P hull can rea­ch no­ta­ble speeds

wi­th less po­wer­ful en­gi­nes whi­ch trans­la­tes in­to lon­ger ran­ges. Tal­king wi­th num­bers, a pair of MTU 16V 2000 M93 2,400 HP en­gi­nes in­stal­led on Azi­mut Gran­de 35 Me­tri can rea­ch an esti­ma­ted top speed of 25.5 kno­ts wi­th a ma­xi­mum crui­sing speed of 21. At 12 kno­ts it can co­ver 1,500 nau­ti­cal mi­les. At this speed the ya­cht is hi­ghly com­for­ta­ble as the hull sha­pe has been op­ti­mi­zed to of­fer the be­st com­pro­mi­se in the ran­ge of the mo­st com­mon­ly used speeds by di­spla­cing and se­mi-di­spla­cing hulls. Re­tur­ning for a mo­ment on Ri­ghi­ni’s func­tio­nal de­si­gn, the su­per­struc­tu­re in ad­di­tion to being wi­de bo­dy al­so sports a Rai­sed Pi­lot Sa­loon (RPH) con­fi­gu­ra­tion wi­th the helm con­trols sta­tion in­stal­led hi­gher up, whi­ch means guests can en­joy mo­re room along the main deck whi­ch is com­ple­ted by a hard top de­li­ve­ring a sur­fa­ce area of near­ly 30 squa­re me­tres whi­ch are ideal for ano­ther sun deck. It blends unob­tru­si­ve­ly wi­th the ya­ch­ts li­nes and si­lhouet­te. Mu­ch at­ten­tion has been gi­ven to ex­ter­nal spa­ces as well, for the­se com­pri­se a 30 squa­re me­tre loun­ge in the bow area fur­ni­shed wi­th so­fas, sun pads ga­lo­re, and a hy­dro-mas­sa­ge tub. A 12 squa­re me­tre bea­ch club area wi­th a pi­vo­ting plat­form can be en­joyed by mo­ving the 5 me­tre ten­der and jet ski to one si­de of the ga­ra­ge. Achil­le Sal­va­gni li­sted in AD Col­lec­tor’s top 100 de­si­gners ini­tial­led the in­te­riors whi­ch fea­tu­re con­tem­po­ra­ry but not com­mon pla­ce styling. The who­le of the in­te­rior spa­ces con­vey se­re­ni­ty, calm and re­fi­ned charm. The de­cor’s fil rou­ge is the play bet­ween dark and po­li­shed es­sen­ces, op­po­sing egg­shell opa­que ones in­ter­sper­sed by trea­ted brass, bron­ze and po­li­shed steel in­serts. The lay­out of so­me of the fur­ni­tu­re is original be­gin­ning wi­th a lar­ge sofa si­tua­ted at the cen­tre of the main sa­loon whi­ch is con­tou­red by self stan­ding or­na­men­tal ele­men­ts whi­ch do not in­ter­fe­re wi­th bul­kheads and floor to cei­ling win­dow li­ke ports. The bow sec­tion along the main deck hosts the ow­ner’s grand sui­te. The bed whi­ch is pla­ced at cen­tre con­veys a sen­se of ai­ry light­ness to the who­le en­sem­ble whi­le the pri­va­te ter­ra­ce cap­tu­res so­me of the lion’s share, thanks to a re­fi­ned me­cha­ni­sm, a por­tion of the floor to cei­ling win­dow li­ke port de­scends ver­ti­cal­ly to the toe rail le­vel, as the ter­ra­ce floor sli­des out from un­der

the sui­te’s floo­ring wi­th pop up pro­tec­ti­ve stan­chions crea­ting an in­stant bal­co­ny over­loo­king the sea. Mo­ving amid­ships we co­me to a lar­ge lob­by fea­tu­ring a he­li­cal sha­ped stair­way en­ri­ched by slim bac­klit onyx steps flan­ked wi­th lac­que­red whi­te and mo­ther of pearl si­des whi­ch lead to the lo­wer deck ho­sting two VIP sui­tes and two gue­st ca­bins wi­th ba­th­room whi­le the crew’s quar­ters are clear­ly se­pa­ra­ted from the guests’ lod­gings and are ac­ces­sed via a se­pa­ra­te en­tran­ce in the bow. Eve­ry de­tail has been ob­ject of great at­ten­tion. Azi­mut Ya­ch­ts has al­so re­du­ced en­gi­ne noi­se le­vels wi­th cle­ver en­gi­nee­ring de­ploy­ing so­phi­sti­ca­ted de­ci­bel in­di­ca­tors ca­pa­ble of fo­re­seeing, right from pro­ject pha­se, the in­ten­si­ty of pos­si­ble vi­bra­tion whi­ch may be en­coun­te­red whi­le crui­sing. This pro­cess de­ri­ves from the field of avia­tion and has been mo­di­fied ac­cor­din­gly. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Azi­mut Ya­ch­ts; Via M. L. King 9/11, 10051 Avi­glia­na (TO); tel. 011 93161; www.azi­mu­tya­ch­ cu­sto­mer­ca­re@azi­mut­be­net­ti­

Azi­mut­gran­de 35 Me­tri

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