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Vi­deo­works pre­sen­ted its la­te­st new en­try at the Me­ts held in Am­ster­dam la­st No­vem­ber: In­tel­li­gent Glass. This de­vi­ce is a spe­cial Sel-ad­he­si­ve film whi­ch can be ap­plied on­to eve­ry kind of tran­spa­rent sur­fa­ce thanks to PD-LC li­quid cry­stal and po­ly­mers it be­co­mes opa­que ei­ther gra­dual­ly or im­me­dia­te­ly at the pu­sh of a but­ton. In­tel­li­gent Glass is ma­de up of two glass shee­ts in bet­ween whi­ch, as in a sand­wi­ch, the­re are two elec­tri­fied stra­ta and a li­quid cry­stal (PD-LC) po­ly­mer film the mo­le­cu­les of whi­ch li­ne up to the di­rec­tion of the elec­tri­fied field thus fil­te­ring light as the cur­rent flo­ws th­rou­gh. In ab­sen­ce of elec­tric cur­rent the mo­le­cu­les spread at ran­dom con­fer­ring an opa­que ‘non see th­rou­gh’ ef­fect on the glass shee­ts for en­han­ced pri­va­cy. In­tel­li­gent Glass is avai­la­ble wi­th a dim­mer and co­mes in va­rious si­zes, co­lours, fi­ni­shes, thic­k­nes­ses and di­ver­se ty­pes of glass to ma­xi­mi­ze choi­ce. It is an ideal de­vi­ce as a fir­st in­stal­la­tion. The Self- ad­he­si­ve Film is re­com­men­ded on exi­sting sur­fa­ces, it sports the sa­me ca­pa­ci­ty to chan­ge from tran­spa­rent or see th­rou­gh to opa­que by sim­ply pres­sing on a spe­ci­fic swit­ch or from your per­so­nal de­vi­­deo­works’s soft­ware for ta­ble­ts and smart­pho­nes ena­bles to con­trol the pro­jec­tion of vi­deos on­to the In­tel­li­gent Glass or on the Self-ad­he­si­ve film pla­ced on­to any glass sur­fa­ce tran­sfor­ming it in­to a lar­ge te­le­vi­sion screen or in­to a fra­med di­gi­tal pain­ting. Ad­di­tio­nal­ly In­tel­li­gent Glass shu­ts out 98% of no­xious UV rays whi­le re­du­cing in­door tem­pe­ra­tu­re by 40% and mo­re whi­ch is clear­ly ener­gy ser­ving. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion:­deo­work­ in­fo@vi­deo­work­

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