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OF ITA­LIAN EX­CEL­LEN­CE – La­st No­vem­ber 22nd Gian­ni Zuc­con was elec­ted in­to the Al­ta­gam­ma Ho­no­ra­ry Coun­cil as Am­bas­sa­dor of things Ita­lian in the world. Ar­chi­tect by tra­de and foun­der of Zuc­con In­ter­na­tio­nal Pro­ject he was cho­sen for his pre­cious and pas­sio­na­te pro­ject de­si­gn work and for the now re­no­w­ned in­no­va­tions he in­tro­du­ced in the ya­ch­ting world as we know it to­day. The ro­le Zuc­con has gi­ven to the im­por­tan­ce of na­tu­ral light and the sen­se of con­ti­nui­ty bet­ween in­door and out­door areas to en­han­ce con­tact wi­th the sea has been in­stru­men­tal in gi­ving new vi­gour to out­door areas. www.zuc­co­nin­ter­na­tio­nal­pro­ject.com

GOOD TI­DINGS FOR BE­NET­TI – Be­net­ti an­noun­ced the sa­le of Mo­to­rya­cht FB276 to a Ger­man ow­ner la­st Sep­tem­ber. Kurt Leh­mann from Ya­cht Mo­men­ts was cal­led in to as­si­st the ow­ner. The ya­cht’s hull is in steel wi­th alu­mi­nium al­loy su­per­struc­tu­res whi­le its strea­med ele­gant li­nes are part of Gior­gio M. Cas­set­ta De­si­gn’s con­tri­bu­tion. The in­te­rior de­cor was hand­led by Bannenberg & Rowell. Ben- et­ti’s Ge­ne­ral Ma­na­ger Ch­ri­sto Ram­nia­lis com­men­ted as fol­lo­ws: “We’re ve­ry proud for this la­te­st sa­le to a Ger­man ow­ner, the Ger­man mar­ket is stra­te­gi­cal­ly ve­ry im­por­tant to us and this is su­re­ly a good exam­ple of our pro­duc­ts’ qua­li­ty whi­ch is well kno­wn all over the world and al­so for our con­so­li­da­ted fi­nan­cial so­li­di­ty whi­ch has al­lo­wed Be­net­ti to ac­qui­re tru­sting clien­ts in eve­ry mar­ket seg­ment and geo­gra­phi­cal area”. In Oc­to­ber Be­net­ti an­noun­ced the sa­le of mo­tor ya­cht BS010, the ten­th unit 132’ from the Clas­sic Su­pre­me li­ne whi­ch will be de­li­ve­red in the fir­st six mon­ths of 2018. This ya­cht fea­tu­res se­ve­ral original de­tails, among whi­ch the­re are two ex­ter­nal pop up ro­ta­ting win­gle­ts to steer from, whi­le the na­vi­ga­tion lights are built in­to the ex­ter­nal li­nes, a Ja­cuz­zi can be in­stal­led on the up­per deck as well as a steam ge­ne­ra­tor can in the ow­ner’s ba­th­room. In No­vem­ber Be­net­ti de­li­ve­red “Mr Loui” the se­cond Me­di­ter­ra­neo116’ mo­del. It is a 35.5 me­tre all fi­bre­glass and car­bon fi­bre from the Clas­sic ran­ge. The ex­te­rior de­si­gn work was ini­tial­led by Gior­gio Ma­ria Cas­set­ta whi­le the in­te­riors we­re ela­bo­ra­ted by the in hou­se In­te­rior Sty­le De­part­ment wi­th in­put from ar­chi­tect Aze­quiel Far­ca. In De­cem­ber the shi­pyard laun­ched “Ch­ri­stel­la II” the fir­st mo­del of the Del­fi­no 95’ se­ries, a di­spla­cing mo­tor ya­cht by Gior­gio M. Cas­set­ta whi­ch boasts in­no­va­ti­ve di­spo­si­tion of the spa­ces. La­st but not lea­st Be­net­ti has ta­ken on 44 year old Ro­ber­to Cor­no who gra­dua­ted at the Po­li­tec­ni­co di Mi­la­no, as world­wi­de Sa­les Di­rec­tor re­por­ting di­rec­tly to Ch­ri­stos Ram­nia­lis Be­net­ti’s Ge­ne­ral Ma­na­ger. www.be­net­tiya­ch­ts.it

A NEW AMER CEN­TO – Fol­lo­wing the suc­cess ob­tai­ned at the la­te­st Can­nes and Ge­noa In­ter­na­tio­nal Boat Sho­ws, Amer Ya­ch­ts an­noun­ced the ar­ri­val of a hull for a new Amer Cen­to the four­teen­th to da­te. The de­li­ve­ry da­te pen­cil­led in, is for sum­mer 2018. This mo­del too will be po­we­red wi­th four IPS Vol­vo Pen­ta and De­cò styling for the in­te­riors whi­ch has now be­co­me a mu­ch ap­pre­cia­ted mu­st for the Ita­lian and the In­ter­na­tio­nal clien­te­le. www.ame­rya­ch­ts.com

AZI­MUT BE­NET­TI GROUP TA­KES ALL OF FRASER – Grup­po Be­net­ti Azi­mut has exer­ci­sed the right to buy out Fraser, the world’s top ya­cht ser­vi­ce pro­vi­der. From 83% of the share ca­pi­tal to 100% this Group’s ac­qui­si­tion is ve­ry mu­ch in li­ne wi­th its de­ve­lo­p­ment stra­te­gy. Fraser is the lea­ding ser­vi­ce pro­vi­der and con­sul­tan­cy for ya­ch­ts and su­pe­rya­ch­ts in the world wi­th se­ve­ral con­cerns in Sa­les, Char­ter Re­tail, Char­ter Ma­na­ge­ment,ya­cht Ma­na­ge­ment and Crew Pla­ce­ment. Pre­si­dent of the Be­net­ti Azi­mut Goup Pao­lo Vi­tel­li com­men­ted as fol­lo­ws: “The ac­qui­si­tion ma­de, slo­ts in­to our Group’s stra­te­gy whi­ch is, to not on­ly of­fer the be­st ya­ch­ts, but the be­st ser­vi­ces as well to eve­ry ow­ner. We’re the on­ly nau­ti­cal ma­ri­ne Ya­ch­ting player in the world to look af­ter eve­ry ow­ner the way we do, for all the ti­me he uses the ya­cht, from the ti­me he ma­kes the pur­cha­se, to the ma­na­ge­ment, to re­fit ser­vi­ces and re­pairs to the se­lec­tion of crew, to put­ting the ya­cht to in­co­me wi­th char­ter work, up to the ya­cht’s re­sa­le”. www.asi­mut­be­net­ti.com

BA­GLIET­TO’S RE­PEA­TED SUC­CESS – 2017 has been a truly suc­ces­sful year for Ba­gliet­to. Fol­lo­wing the sa­le of 46m Fa­st “Luc­ky Me” and of a di­spla­cing 54 me­tre all alu­mi­nium ya­cht for an Ame­ri­can ow­ner,the com­pa­ny an­noun­ced the si­gning of a firm or­der for a 55 me­tre steel and alu­mi­nium Ya­cht for a Eu­ro­pean client la­st Oc­to­ber. This new Pasz­ko­w­ski De­si­gn su­pe­rya­cht is part of Ba­gliet­to’s tra­di­tio­nal plat­form (T-li­ne). De­li­ve­ry has been sche­du­led for 2019. Mi­che­le Ga­vi­no CEO Ba­gliet­to de­cla­red: “This 55 me­tre is Ba­gliet­to’s third or­der in the la­st eight mon­ths du­ring whi­ch we ha­ve de­li­ve­red two new pro­duc­ts – the 48 me­tre “An­dia­mo” and the fir­st MV19 and we’ve pre­sen­ted two new pro­jec­ts whi­ch com­ple­te our re­newed ran­ge: the re-styling of the 46 me­tre Fa­st and the all new 70 me­tre ini­tial­led by Mul­der de­si­gn”. Fur­ther­mo­re la­st No­vem­ber30­th this shi­pyard was awar­ded Pre­mio 100 Ec­cel­len­ze Ita­lia­ne spon­so­red by Pre­si­den­za del Con­si­glio dei Mi­ni­stri to en­han­ce vi­si­bi­li­ty and va­lue to Ma­de in Ita­ly brands by pri­zing “na­tio­nal iden­ti­ty” brands. Ba­gliet­to went ho­me wi­th ano­ther pri­ze as well for Be­st Ita­lian Client Award 2017 in the ya­ch­ting field. The award was craf­ted by way of re­co­gni­sing key clien­ts’ con­tri­bu­tion and in­put in the Coun­try. www.ba­gliet­to.com

CAN­TIE­RE ROS­SI­NI WI­TH CIMOLAI TECH­NO­LO­GY – Ros­si­ni shi­pyard pur­cha­sed a 560 ton tra­vel lift for its Pe­sa­ro shi­pyard from Cimolai Tech­no­lo­gy whi­ch will be in­stal­led next Spring. The in­stal­la­tion of the new tra­vel lift un­der­sco­res the con­clu­sion of the fir­st pha­se in terms of re­struc­tu­ring the who­le si­te ta­ken up by the for­mer Can­tie­re Na­va­le di Pi­sa whi­ch will al­so en­tail buil­ding a new ex­ten­sion to the exi­sting wharf to ca­ter for ya­ch­ts up to 60 me­tres. “We al­ways aim to be at the fo­re­front of things” is what Stewart Par­vi CEO Can­tie­re Ros­si­ni re­por­ted­ly said. “And this is why we asked Cimolai Tech­no­lo­gy for a tra­vel lift whi­ch will be equip­ped wi­th se­ve­ral and di­ver­se op­tions we ha­ve crea­ted. I ju­st want to na­me two, a vi­deo sur­veil­lan­ce unit on ipad for ac­crued sa­fe­ty and an ‘emer­gen­cy’ ge­ne­ra­tor to re­pla­ce un­plea­sant black ou­ts whi­le ma­noeu­vring”. www.can­tie­re­ros­si­ni.com

CCN SELLS ANO­THER 102’ FLY­ING SPORT – Fol­lo­wing a firm or­der for “Freedom” Ro­ber­to Ca­val­li’s mo­tor ya­cht and the no­ta­ble suc­cess ob­tai­ned in the cour­se of the la­te­st in­ter­na­tio­nal Ya­ch­ts Sho­ws by 50 me­tre “El­sea”, CCN si­gned a firm or­der for a new 102’ Fly­ing­sport la­st No­vem­ber de­sti­ned to a Nor­th Ame­ri­can cou­ple whi­ch has been sche­du­led for de­li­ve­ry next sum­mer. The ya­cht’s in­te­rior de­cor will be en­tru­sted to a re­no­w­ned Ita­lian de­si­gner and will

be fea­tu­ring great per­for­man­ce and shal­low draught to al­so crui­se US wa­ters in sa­fe­ty. www.cer­ri­can­tie­ri­na­va­li.it

ISA YA­CH­TS SELLS NEW SU­PE­RYA­CHT – ISA Ya­ch­ts has re­cen­tly an­noun­ced the sa­le of a new 65 me­tre su­pe­rya­cht to a di­scer­ning Eu­ro­pean buyer.the na­val plat­form as well as the en­gi­nee­ring on whi­ch the ya­cht will be built is dra­wn and in­spi­red by two award win­ning 63 me­tre mo­tor ya­ch­ts de­li­ve­red re­cen­tly by ISA. They are “Ma­ry Jean II” and “Ko­la­ha”. Giu­sep­pe Pa­lum­bo, CEO ISA Ya­ch­ts, de­cla­red: “We’re real­ly hap­py that ano­ther di­scer­ning and ex­pert ya­ch­tsman has cho­sen ISA to ma­ke his dream co­me true and we ha­ve no doub­ts this ya­cht will be no­ted eve­ry­whe­re”. The new 65 me­tre will be ini­tial­led by En­ri­co Gob­bi – Team for De­si­gn who has al­rea­dy dra­wn up se­ve­ral new pro­ject de­si­gns for ISA. De­li­ve­ry has been sche­du­led for Spring 2021. Fran­ce­sco Carbone ISA Ya­ch­ts’s Ge­ne­ral Ma­na­ger con­clu­ded wi­th: “The sa­le of this 65 me­tre is the se­cond con­tract si­gned in one mon­th. The mar­ket’s re­spon­se is proof enou­gh that we’re hea­ding in the right di­rec­tion: Let’s stay fo­cu­sed to surf this wa­ve as be­st we can”. In ad­di­tion to this, ISA Ya­ch­ts has al­so ini­tial­led ano­ther con­tract for a new 50 me­tre in steel wi­th weight sa­ving alu­mi­nium al­loy for the su­per­struc­tu­re whi­ch will be built on a con­so­li­da­ted 47-59 me­tre plat­form, De­li­ve­ry has been pen­cil­led in for 2020. www.isa­ya­ch­ts.com

PE­RI­NI NA­VI SELLS 56 ME­TRE MO­TOR YA­CHT – Pe­ri­ni Na­vi has an­noun­ced the sa­le of a 56 me­tre mo­tor ya­cht. Thanks to this new con­tract the shi­pyard’s or­der book has top­ped the 100 mil­lion eu­ro mark.this new steel and alu­mi­nium al­loy mo­del con­so­li­da­tes the va­lue of the pro­ject de­si­gn, of the en­gi­nee­ring in­vol­ved and of the hi­gh qua­li­ta­ti­ve le­vel of lar­ge Pe­ri­ni Na­vi mo­tor ya­ch­ts, whi­ch com­pri­se 50 me­tre “Exu­ma”, the 55 me­tre “Ga­li­leo G” and the mul­ti award win­ning 73 me­tre “Gra­ce” all off Phi­lip­pe Briand’s dra­wing board. Lam­ber­to Ta­co­li Pre­si­dent and Ma­na­ging Di­rec­tor Pe­ri­ni Na­vi com­men­ted:“the sa­le of this 56 me­tre mo­tor ya­cht whi­ch co­mes on­ly a few weeks af­ter the sa­le of 60 me­tre sai­ling ya­cht re-con­firms the ef­fi­cien­cy and hu­ge zeal put in­to the cour­se we’ve set and the va­lue and un­di­spu­ted qua­li­ty of our pro­duc­ts whi­ch stand out of the cho­rus li­ne. In what is re­tur­ning to be an ex­pan­ding mar­ket, Pe­ri­ni Na­vi wan­ts to con­ti­nue being among the world’s top players. This is not on­ly pos­si­ble in vir­tue of the well re­spec­ted re­pu­ta­tion our com­pa­ny en­joys but it’s al­so thanks to the hi­gh qua­li­ta­ti­ve stan­dards our ya­ch­ts pos­sess and the re­co­gni­tion they’ve uni­ver­sal­ly at­tai­ned”. www.pe­ri­ni­na­vi.it

ROS­SI­NA­VI WI­TH ROLLS ROY­CE – Rolls Roy­ce has agreed to sup­ply die­sel and elec­tric en­gi­nes for 70 me­tre Ros­si­na­vi’s “King Shark” Ice Class cer­ti­fied mo­tor ya­cht. Al­thou­gh this ya­cht can crui­se free­zing An­tarc­tic wa­ters and warm Ca­rib­bean ones, “King Shark” boasts a stream­li­ned ele­gant si­lhouet­te whi­ch is a far cry from the “rug­ged” looks of ex­plo­rer ya­ch­ts. Fe­de­ri­co Ros­si COO Ros­si­na­vi com­men­ted:”we’re en­thu­sia­stic about this 70 me­tre, buil­ding it is an am­bi­tious pro­ject for its si­ze, de­di­ca­ted re­fi­ne­ment but ve­ry spe­cial for its com­plian­ce to Ice Class re­qui­si­tes”. Elec­tric pro­pul­sion will de­li­ver a ran­ge of 6,000 nau­ti­cal mi­les at 12 kno­ts wi­th a top speed of 17. Rolls Roy­ce’s SA­VE Cu­be sy­stem ena­bles run­ning ther­mal en­gi­nes at va­ria­ble speeds the­re­by in­cre­men­ting ef­fi­cien­cy whi­le re­du­cing fuel con­sump­tion. www.ros­si­na­vi.com SAN­LO­REN­ZO SU­PE­RYA­CHT AT FULL SPEED AHEAD – San­lo­ren­zo Su­pe­rya­cht, is the com­pa­ny’s di­vi­sion de­di­ca­ted to rea­li­sing me­tal built su­pe­rya­ch­ts from 40 to over 70 me­tres. It has re­cen­tly sold two 44 me­tre ya­ch­ts. This new mo­del cal­led 44Al­loy is the fir­st all alu­mi­nium al­loy di­spla­cing mo­tor ya­cht built by this yard wi­th de­si­gn Stu­dio Zuc­con In­ter­na­tio­nal Pro­ject that has in­tro­du­ced se­ve­ral in­no­va­ti­ve so­lu­tions whi­le main­tai­ning San­lo­ren­zo’s un­mi­sta­ka­ble li­nes. “I lo­ve to wat­ch a new mo­del grow from in­cep­tion, to stu­dy the dra­wings wi­th my con­tri­bu­tors, to di­scuss ea­ch and eve­ry de­tail to im­pro­ve and im­pro­ve” de­cla­red Mas­si­mo Pe­rot­ti, San­lo­ren­zo’s Pre­si­dent.” Mo­ving from pro­ject de­si­gns the­re­fo­re to the real thing, fi­na­li­sing de­tails wi­th the ow­ner who’s en­tru­sted us wi­th the con­struc­tion of his ve­ry own dream is gra­ti­fy­ing. But the mo­st gra­ti­fy­ing fee­ling is to see fi­ni­shed what was a me­re thought not so long be­fo­re it ac­tual­ly hit the wa­ter”. www.san­lo­ren­zoya­cht.com

ANO­THER MAN­GU­STA HEADS FOR THE USA – Ano­ther Man­gu­sta 110 ma­xi open is de­sti­ned to the US. A sa­le whi­ch con­firms a run of ex­cel­lent re­sul­ts ob­tai­ned over the pa­st fi­ve years across the ocean. Fran­ce­sco Fre­dia­ni Sa­les Di­rec­tor Man­gu­sta sta­ted: “In 5 years we’ve sold 8 ya­ch­ts in the US 6 of whi­ch are over 30 me­tres long.this enor­mous zeal clear­ly sho­ws how mu­ch Ame­ri­can clien­ts ha­ve got­ten to know and ap­pre­cia­te Man­gu­sta ma­xi opens whi­le re­co­gni­sing ae­sthe­ti­cal beau­ty, and tech­ni­cal qua­li­ty”. De­li­ve­ry has been sche­du­led for sum­mer of 2018. www.man­gu­sta­ya­ch­ts.com

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