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Be­net­ti shi­pyards fir­st be­gan in 1873. In the cour­se of ti­me this re­no­w­ned Ita­lian shi­pyard has de­li­ve­red mu­ch in­no­va­tion and has laun­ched mi­le­sto­nes in terms of ship de­si­gn. To­day it sports one of the mo­st com­pre­hen­si­ve and va­st ran­ge of su­pe­rya­ch­ts, ma­de up of se­mi cu­stom com­po­si­te mo­dels of the Class li­ne built at the Via­reg­gio shi­pyard whi­ch de­li­vers su­pe­rya­ch­ts from 95’ to 140’. The over 45 me­tre Me­ga­ya­cht ran­ge in steel and alu­mi­nium al­loy is built at the pre­mi­ses si­tua­ted in Le­ghorn as well as the cu­stom over 80 me­tre gi­ga­ya­cht ran­ge of whi­ch the fir­st 92 me­tre mo­del was laun­ched in the sum­mer of 2016 pre­ce­ding th­ree over 100 me­tre mo­dels. The Class fa­mi­ly is sub­di­vi­ded in th­ree seg­men­ts: Clas­sic, whi­ch com­pri­ses the Del­fi­no 95’ mo­dels, Me­di­ter­ra­neo 116’, Clas­sic Su­pre­me 132’ and Cry­stal 140’; Fa­st whi­ch of­fers se­mi di­spla­cing mo­dels ca­pa­ble of ex­cee­ding 20 kno­ts, na­me­ly the fa­st 125’ de­si­gned wi­th Rolls-roy­ce, the Ve­lo­ce 140’; and la­st but not lea­st the Li­fe­sty­le seg­ment fir­st pre­sen­ted du­ring the la­te­st Can­nes Ya­ch­ting fe­sti­val wi­th the fir­st RWD de­si­gned Oa­sis 130’. The Me­ga fleet is en­ri­ched by Cu­stom Now mo­dels in ad­di­tion to the exi­sting Cu­stom ran­ge, all rea­li­zed on en­gi­nee­red plat­forms de­si­gned to re­du­ce pro­duc­tion to de­li­ve­ry ti­mes. De­ri­ving from Cu­stom Now mo­dels the­re are se­ve­ral Bnow pro­ject de­si­gns by Na­tuc­ci whi­ch we­re fir­st in­tro­du­ced in the cour­se of the 2016 edi­tion of the Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show. The Bnow Fa­st ones wi­th pro­ject de­si­gns by Ome­ga we­re pre­sen­ted at the Mia­mi Boat Show 2017 and the new Bnow mo­dels by RWD we­re ex­hi­bi­ted at the re­cent Lau­der­da­le Boat Show. RWD Be­net­ti’s hi­sto­ri­cal Bri­ti­sh partner, has de­li­ve­red pro­ject de­si­gns for four di­spla­cing mo­dels wi­th steel hulls and alu­mi­nium al­loy su­per­struc­tu­res, na­me­ly a 56, a 63 and a 68 me­tre plus a smal­ler one un­der 500 GRT. The four mo­dels share the sa­me phi­lo­so­phy be­hind their styling whi­ch un­der­sco­res re­la­xa­tion, well­ness areas in­clu­ding gyms as well as bea­ch club spo­ts, mo­dern and in­for­mal in­ter­nal/ex­ter­nal loun­ge areas whi­ch can be cu­sto­mi­sed on re­que­st ac­cor­din­gly. Thanks to the fle­xi­bi­li­ty and ver­sa­ti­li­ty of the plat­forms them­sel­ves, in­te­rior lay­ou­ts are al­so hi­ghly cu­sto­mi­za­ble right do­wn to the uphol­ste­ry. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Be­net­ti, Via Mi­che­le Cop­pi­no 104, 55049 Via­reg­gio (LU); tel. +39 0584 3821, fax +39 0584 396232;­net­tiya­ch­ - in­fo@be­net­tiya­ch­

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