Ba­gliet­to 48 m An­dia­mo

“An­dia­mo” is an evo­lu­tion of the 46 me­tre di­spla­cing mo­del. This 48M hit the wa­ter in La Spe­zia du­ring sum­mer la­st to be pre­sen­ted at the Can­nes Ya­ch­ting Fe­sti­val and at the Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show af­ter whi­ch the Me­xi­can ow­ner re­su­med the mai­den voya­ge.

Superyacht - - Design - Text by Da­nie­le Car­ne­va­li – Pho­tos by Emi­lio Bian­chi

TECH­NI­CAL DA­TA LOA: 47.60 m – Beam: 9.50 m – Draught: 2.50 m – Di­spla­ce­ment se­mi la­den: 430 tons – Gross ton­na­ge: <500 GT – Fuel tank ca­pa­ci­ty: 80,000 li­tres – Wa­ter tank ca­pa­ci­ty: 19,000 li­tres – En­gi­nes: 2x2,012 HP MTU 12V 4000 M63 – Top speed de­cla­red: 16 kno­ts – Crui­sing speed de­cla­red: 12 kno­ts – Ran­ge: 4,500 nm – Guests: 12 – Crew: 9 – Con­struc­tion ma­te­rial: steel/alu­mi­nium al­loy – Ex­te­rior De­si­gn: Fran­ce­sco Pasz­ko­w­ski – In­te­rior De­si­gn: Fran­ce­sco Pasz­ko­w­ski/ Ba­gliet­to – Class: Lloyd’s Re­gi­ster Un­re­stric­ted Na­vi­ga­tion MCA LY3 Com­plian­ce – Li­vea­ble in­te­rior spa­ce: 342 squa­re me­tres – Crew sur­fa­ce area: 100 squa­re me­tres.

Fol­lo­wing the pro­ject de­si­gn work of the 46 me­tre ya­ch­ts “Mr T” and “On­ly One” car­ried out by Stu­dio Fran­ce­sco Pasz­ko­w­ski whi­ch we­re in fact laun­ched in 2014 and 2015 re­spec­ti­ve­ly, Stu­dio Fran­ce­sco Pasz­ko­w­ski al­so ini­tial­led the sub­se­quent 48 me­tre mo­del “An­dia­mo”. In the wa­ke of the pre­ce­ding two smal­ler mo­dels, “An­dia­mo” main­tains the sa­me sty­li­stic ele­men­ts whi­ch di­stin­gui­sh Ba­gliet­to’s la­te­st ge­ne­ra­tion as well as its tra­di­tion but wi­th new lay­ou­ts and di­ver­se or­ga­ni­za­tion of spa­ces in the stern area whi­ch now sports a re­newed look and bea­ch club, a 140 squa­re me­tre sun­deck wi­th in­fi­ni­ty pool and wa­ter­fall, di­ning area wi­th bar, bar­be­cue and grill and la­st but not lea­st a lar­ge sun­ba­thing area in the bow sec­tion. The in­te­rior lay­out too is com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent but is ac­cor­ding to the ow­ner’s sen­se of ta­ste. Mar­ghe­ri­ta Ca­spri­ni on­ce again

con­tri­bu­ted wi­th a con­tem­po­ra­ry sty­le spor­ting pre­cious ma­te­rials su­ch as onyx and po­li­shed ebo­ny. As for the in­te­riors pro­per, the 342 squa­re me­tres of avai­la­ble spa­ce ha­ve been di­vi­ded in a clas­sic way whe­re guests’ night quar­ters ha­ve been si­tua­ted along the lo­wer deck They’re ma­de up of two VIP sui­tes, one dou­ble ca­bin and two twins whi­le the ow­ner’s quar­ters com­pri­se a stu­dy, dres­sing room, a dou­ble ba­th­room for him/her si­tua­ted in the bow area along the main deck. The di­ning and li­ving areas are al­so si­tua­ted along this sa­me deck. Amid­ships the­re’s an awe­so­me win­ding stair­ca­se li­ned wi­th lea­ther whi­ch con­nec­ts the lo­wer deck and main one to the brid­ge deck, whe­re in ad­di­tion to an ul­tra mo­dern helm con­trols sta­tion equip­ped wi­th Te­le­mar in­te­gra­ted stee­ring the­re’s al­so an en­ter­tain­ment room wi­th two ope­ning ter­ra­ces built in­to the top­si­des from whi­ch to ob­ser­ve the sur­roun­dings and whi­ch dou­bles al­so as the ideal pla­ce to wat­ch films. Great ca­re and good ta­ste has been de­vol­ved in

fur­ni­shing the lar­ge ex­te­rior spa­ces. In ad­di­tion to the sun­deck and the bea­ch club area, vi­si­ting guests can spend lei­su­re­ly hours in the loun­ge si­tua­ted in the stern coc­k­pit, can en­joy lun­ches away from in­di­screet on­loo­kers’ eyes out on the up­per deck or lie on the sun beds pro­vi­ded in the bow sec­tion for­ward of the ga­ra­ge used to keep jet skis and a small ten­der, whi­le a lar­ger one si­tua­ted aft of the en­gi­ne room slo­ts nea­tly in­to the hangar from one si­de. “An­dia­mo” is built in steel and alu­mi­nium al­loy. A pair of MTU 12V 4000 M63 en­gi­nes pro­pel this 48 me­tre to an esti­ma­ted top speed of 16 kno­ts, wi­th a crui­sing ran­ge of 4,500 nm at 12 kno­ts. The tech­ni­cal equi­p­ment pac­ka­ge con­sists in Do­mo­tics by Vi­deo­works, two 150 KW gen. se­ts and ac­ti­ve sta­bi­li­ser fins. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Ba­gliet­to; Via­le San Bar­to­lo­meo 414, 19126 La Spe­zia; tel.+39 0187 59831, fax +39 0187 564765;­gliet­ ba­gliet­to@ba­gliet­

Ba­gliet­to 48 m An­dia­mo

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