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Ma­gnum Ma­ri­ne 80 In spi­te of the si­ze Ma­gnum Ma­ri­ne 80 is ve­ry mu­ch a Ma­gnum or a clas­sic open al­ways at the fo­re­front of US mo­dels. As in eve­ry Ma­gnum the se­pa­ra­tion bet­ween ou­tsi­de and the in­te­riors be­low deck is clear cut. So the­re we ha­ve a real­ly lar­ge wi­de open coc­k­pit area, whi­le eve­ry­thing el­se is be­low decks. As for per­for­man­ce the ma­gnum 80 con­ti­nues to de­li­ver plen­ty as per tra­di­tion and is the mo­st po­wer­ful one in terms of hor­se­po­wer and the fa­ste­st of the se­lec­ted f our. No­va­ma­ri­ne Black Shi­ver 220 No­va­ma­ri­ne is a re­no­w­ned ma­nu­fac­tu­rer of RIBS of all si­zes. Black Shi­ver 220 is the al­mo­st 24 me­tre mo­del ca­pa­ble of 50 kno­ts whi­ch has re­mai­ned fai­th­ful to the firm’s clas­sic sty­le. Wi­de la­te­ral in­fla­ta­ble tu­bes clo­the and blend wi­th a real­ly spor­ty and ag­gres­si­ve sty­ling. As in eve­ry RIB, the lion’s share goes to the ex­ter­nal areas thanks to am­ple sun ba­thing spa­ce wi­th plen­ty of well distributed sea­ting ca­pa­ci­ty to mat­ch. The in­te­riors too are spa­cious: the­re are two ca­bins, a ba­th­room, gal­ley and a se­pa­ra­te crew area whi­ch ma­ke this RIB hi­ghly

com­for­ta­ble by any stan­dard.

Wal­ly Po­wer 80 Wal­ly Po­wer 80 al­so main­tains her un­mi­sta­kea­ble sty­le whi­ch has been the yard’s lea­ding fea­tu­re in eve­ry mo­tor ya­cht from Lu­ca Bas­sa­ni’s yard. In a nu­tshell the­re­fo­re we ha­ve he­re “Steal­th” whi­ch is sim­ply exem­pla­ry of prac­ti­cal li­near in­te­riors and mi­ni­ma­li­sm, wi­th loads of hi­gh le­vel con­struc­ti­ve tech­no­lo­gy. All of this is Wal­ly and so is Wal­ly Po­wer 80.

Ita­lia by PC De­si­gn Af­ter ha­ving ta­ken a flee­ting glimp­se at se­ve­ral su­per­fa­st yachts, we can bet­ter ap­pre­cia­te the ori­gi­na­li­ty pro­ject “Ita­lia” sports. The pro­ject de­si­gn work co­mes from Mat­teo Cap­pel­lazz­zo and Mat­tia Pi­ro. In 2014 they ope­ned their de­si­gn stu­dio PC De­si­gn de­di­ca­ted to lu­xu­ry yachts and

in­te­rior de­si­gn, but not on­ly. Their in­ter­pre­ta­tion of su­per­fa­st yachts is ve­ry per­so­nal. The two young de­si­gners ha­ve dra­wn up a vey li­near com­pact loo­king ya­cht, fea­tu­ring squa­re and clear cut uni­que de­tails whi­ch hi­ghlight the yachts ag­gres­si­ve­ness. The si­lhouet­te is de­ci­ded­ly original and re­calls, at lea­st for me, the Shut­tle whe­re the coa­chroof is shif­ted for­ward wi­th sleek, am­ple win­dow li­ke tin­ted ports in cut glass whe­re, al­rea­dy for­ward of amid­ships at about one third of the ya­cht’s bow, the ya­cht re­veals a clut­ter free deck, ju­st as the Shut­tle did when it would open up du­ring its flights in­to ou­ter spa­ce. But not con­si­de­ring this per­so­nal fee­ling, the con­cept pro­po­sed by Mat­teo Cap­pel­laz­zo and Mat­tia Pi­ro is ve­ry dif­fe­rent to the ex­cess we’ve of­ten seen so far in ya­ch­ting and de­si­gner ma­ga­zi­nes whi­ch pu­bli­sh con­cep­ts of ob­jec­ts whi­ch are pas­sed as boa­ts, but they’re not sin­ce they do not pos­sess the mi­ni­mum re­qui­re­men­ts whi­ch qua­li­fy them to ta­ke to sea in sa­fe­ty.

Coa­chroof and su­per­struc­tu­re way for­ward, tin­ted cut glass win­dow pa­nels, hu­ge clut­ter free deck spa­ce: Ita­lia’s original li­nes re­mind me of the Shut­tle when it used to open up in the cour­se of its mis­sions in­to Spa­ce.

Ita­lia by PC De­si­gn – The two dia­grams show the ya­cht’s es­sen­tial li­nes her ca­pa­ci­ty to open out to ful­fil di­ver­se func­tions. The see th­ru Py­rex pa­nels re­vea­ling the en­gi­ne room are wor­thy of no­te.

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