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STEP 1: LIGHTING DE­SI­GN The fir­st step was to co­me up wi­th a fea­si­ble lighting de­si­gn whi­ch would hi­ghlight so­me of the mo­re im­por­tant de­tails of the in­te­riors car­ried out by Dan­te O, Be­ni­ni & part­ners Stu­dio by crea­ting an art­ful mix of in­di­rect and back lit so­lu­tions to of­fer the wan­ted quan­ti­ty and qua­li­ty of light that could un­der­sco­re the de­cor. In or­der to ob­tain this we se­lec­ted a com­bi­na­tion of lights whi­ch would de­li­ver the wan­ted at­mo­sphe­res. The po­si­tio­ning of the­se had to be stra­te­gi­cal­ly de­vi­sed sin­ce they we­re to de­li­ver a na­tu­ral light ef­fect.

STEP 2: LIGHT EN­GI­NEE­RING On­ce the pa­per work had been com­ple­ted on the ar­chi­tect’s dra­wing board, the fi­nal de­si­gn work re­qui­red di­gi­ta­li­sa­tion via DALI (Di­gi­tal Ad­dres­sa­ble Lighting In­ter­fa­ce) so as to trans­fer the maps on­to a mo­ni­tor to ob­tain sche­ma­tic se­quen­ces of re­qui­red ca­bling and lit up sce­ne­ries. Thanks to this new di­gi­tal in­ter­fa­cing stan­dard, Vi­deo­works could stu­dy and se­lect ea­ch il­lu­mi­na­ting bo­dy’s full po­ten­tial ac­cor­din­gly, sin­ce fa­ding and dim­ming ca­pa­ci­ties we­re and are a fun­da­men­tal aspect in the cour­se of this pha­se whi­ch com­pri­ses the crea­tion of di­ver­se at­mo­sphe­res on board.

STEP 3: LIGHT MA­NA­GE­MENT Af­ter ha­ving com­ple­ted the pro­ject, Vi­deo­works su­per­vi­sed the in­stal­la­tion of the who­le plant pro­vi­ding ex­per­ti­se and tech­ni­cal ad­vi­ce al­so in pur­cha­sing the ma­te­rial nee­ded, in ad­di­tion to te­sting and ve­ri­fy­ing ea­ch com­po­nent and its spe­ci­fi­ca­tions. In the cour­se of this pre­li­mi­na­ry pha­se prior to in­stal­la­tion Vi­deo­works sup­plied the shi­pyard wi­th a de­tai­led lighting da­ta sheet book com­pre­hen­si­ve of tech­ni­cal maps, cor­rect quan­ti­ty of dri­vers and mo­re.

Mau­ri­zio Mi­nos­si co­foun­der and tech­ni­cal di­rec­tor of Vi­deo­works said: “Yachts’ lighting sy­stems ha­ve now be­co­me in­crea­sin­gly com­plex elec­tro­nic plan­ts. Our ob­jec­ti­ve is to sup­ply re­lia­ble ser­vi­ces to back up the crea­ti­ve work of ar­chi­tec­ts and in­te­rior de­si­gners”. And Mau­ro Pel­le­gri­no Vi­deo­works’ foun­der and sa­les di­rec­tor goes on to say: “We’re proud in ha­ving ta­ken part in su­ch a de­man­ding tech­no­lo­gi­cal and de­si­gn pro­ject su­ch as this. It is a rewar­ding si­gn whi­ch con­firms Vi­deo­works’ ca­pa­ci­ty in dea­ling wi­th eve­ry sin­gle aspect nee­ded in set­ting up su­ch com­plex in­stal­la­tions on board of to­day’s yachts”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion:­deo­work­ - in­fo@vi­deo­work­

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