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Gold pla­ted and gil­ded uni­que bi­cy­cles de­ployed by cham­pions: One Offs too fea­tu­ring loads of tech­no­lo­gy and in­no­va­ti­ve sha­pes. Lu­xu­ry bi­cy­cles ha­ve be­co­me in­crea­sin­gly tren­dy and ap­pea­ling to glam stars and bil­lio­nai­res. The be­st brand na­mes of the sec­tor are of­fe­ring ex­clu­si­ve li­mi­ted edi­tions to bi­ke buffs who can’t do away wi­th sty­le, cut­ting ed­ge tech­no­lo­gy and lu­xu­ry. Let’s ta­ke a de­tai­led look at so­me of the world’s mo­st ex­pen­si­ve bi­cy­cles. 24 So­lid Gold Bi­ke. Pri­ce: $ 500,000 (441,000 €). 24 k gold, 600 black dia­monds in­stal­led in­to the fra­me, 500 sap­phi­res and al­li­ga­tor sadd­le. Gol­den Fat Bi­ke. Pri­ce: $ 500,000 (441,000 €). Gold pla­ted Moun­tain bi­ke, from wa­ter bot­tle sup­port brac­ket to di­sc bra­kes whi­le hand­le bar gr ips are in al­li­ga­tor skin. But­ter­fly Trek Ma­do­ne. Pri­ce: $500,000. A One off mo­del de­ployed along the Ave­nue des Champs Ely­sées by Lan­ce Arm­strong, af­ter the la­st leg of the 2009 edi­tion of the Tour de Fran­ce. This mo­del was de­co­ra­ted by Da­mien Hir­st wi­th an in­fi­ni­te num­ber of real but­ter­flies moun­ted on­to the bi­ke’s fra­me and wheels. Ka­ws Trek Ma­do­ne. Pri­ce: $160,000. This bi­cy­cle was used by Lan­ce Arm­strong du­ring the Vuel­ta in Ar­gen­ti­na. The rea­son for the pri­ce, in ad­di­tion to the ow­ner’s na­me is that the en­ti­re bi­ke’s fra­me was cu­stom built. M55 EBIKE. Pri­ce: from $ 35,200 (31,000 €). Sports pro­ject de­si­gn tech­no­lo­gy used for For­mu­la One. The M55 boasts an alu­mi­nium al­loy fra­me, bat­te­ry as­si­sted pe­dal­ling, com­pres­sed air shock dam­pers and Brem­bo floa­ting di­sc bra­kes. A mu­st ha­ve to ex­hi­bit as a work of ar t on board of your ya­cht.

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