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Re­no­w­ned for its splen­did sai­ling yachts Royal Huisman has al­so in the cour­se of ti­me built and laun­ched a num­ber of tra­di­tio­nal clas­sic mo­to­rya­ch­ts as well. But af­ter ha­ving pre­sen­ted the con­cept for Dart 65 whi­ch took this fa­mous Dut­ch yard in­to the seg­ment of mo­dern mo­to­rya­ch­ts, Royal Huisman has re­tur­ned to its tra­di­tions and du­ring the la­te­st Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show pre­sen­ted Pro­ject Mar­lin a 50 me­tre de­ve­lo­ped wi­th Frers Na­val Ar­chi­tec­tu­re and Stir­ling & CO. de­si­gn stu­dio. An­drew Bond from Fra­ser Yachts who is hand­ling sa­les of this mo­del said: “She boasts ti­me­less li­nes pai­red off wi­th ele­gant sleek in­te­riors and in spi­te of va­st in­te­rior and ex­ter- nal spa­ces she falls be­low the 500 Gross tons mark”. “Frers, de­si­gned yachts are fa­mous eve­ry­whe­re for their ex­cel­lent per­for­man­ce and for their well de­fi­ned li­nes” ad­ded Oli­ver Ster­ling of Ster­ling & Co. “Ger­man is kno­wn for his mul­ti pri­zed, win­ning sai­ling yachts but has al­so de­si­gned nu­me­rous mo­to­rya­ch­ts. Mar­lin is the mo­st re­cent of the se­ries of a col­lec­tion of pro­jec­ts I con­tri­bu­ted to wi­th Ger­man and all of them shared the sa­me sy­ner­gy bet­ween the in­te­riors and the ex­te­riors”. In spi­te of her ré­tro look, Mar­lin is a mo­dern ya­cht whi­ch kno­win­gly blends to­ge­ther la­te­st ge­ne­ra­tion tech­no­lo­gy and en­gi­nee­ring. Mar­lin has been con­cei­ved for an ex­pert ya­ch­tsman to whom she of­fers con­vi­vial even in­ti­ma­te in­te­rior spa­ces to share wi­th fa­mi­ly and friends and by con­tra­st sports lar­ge ex­ter­nal spa­ces in whi­ch to re­lax whi­le en­joy­ing the sun. As for the dé­cor, the de­si­gner teams ha­ve wan­ted to main­tain a mo­re ro­man­tic ap­peal ex­ter­nal­ly wi­thout doing away wi­th the tech­no­lo­gy avai­la­ble in terms of ac­crued com­fort

and con­cep­tual­ly mo­dern lay­ou­ts. The di­stri­bu­tion of the spa­ces has been de­ve­lo­ped to en­su­re pri­va­cy to ow­ner and guests whi­le per­mit­ting the ele­ven crew to go about their du­ties and cho­res free­ly. The pro­ject de­si­gn com­plies to LY3 stan­dards. Mar­lin can car­ry up to 12 guests in fi­ve ca­bins. The ow­ner’s and a VIP one are si­tua­ted along the main deck, plus two dou­bles and one wi­th twin beds are si­tua­ted along the lo­wer deck. The lay­out of the main deck has been de­vi­sed to of­fer a fee­ling of con­ti­nui­ty but wi­th spe­cial at­ten­tion gi­ven to en­su­re pri­va­cy whe­re nee­ded. The ow­ner’s sui­te is of­fe­red wi­th one of two se­pa­ra­te con­fi­gu­ra­tions and al­so com­pri­ses a pri­va­te stu­dy/of­fi­ce and ba­th­room en-sui­te. The choi­ce of ma­te­rials and co­lours has been to por­tray a sense of calm yet ai­ry spa­ce en­ri­ched by works of art, wi­thout exag­ge­ra­ting wi­th loads of trea­ted sur­fa­ces. By de­ploy­ing vin­ta­ge and so­me mo­dern ma­te­rials the de­si­gners ha­ve ma­na­ged to con­fer to the in­te­riors a ma­ri­ne, light, fre­sh and so­ber at­mo­sphe­re whi­ch mat­ches the ele­gant ex­te­rior de­si­gn. Po­we­red by a pair of CAT C32 en­gi­nes Mar­lin can rea­ch a top speed of 17 kno­ts whi­ch de­crea­se to 14 when crui­sing. A no­ta­ble ran­ge and a com­pa­ra­bly shal­lo­wer draught means that Mar­lin is an ideal ya­cht wi­th whi­ch to ex­plo­re al­so the re­mo­te­st pla­ces. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Royal Huisman Shi­pyard; Fle­vo­weg 1, PO Box 23, 8325 ZG Vol­le­n­ho­ve, The Ne­ther­lands; tel. +31 (0)527 243131; www.roya­lhui­ - yachts@roya­lhui­

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