50 kno­ts for a ya­cht - When lu­xu­ry becomes speed

Superyacht - - What’s On The Market - by An­drea Man­ci­ni

By de­fi­ni­tion a ya­cht is a re­crea­tio­nal boat used for lei­su­re, amu­se­ment and en­joy­ment. This is why, yachts are of­ten ima­gi­ned and de­pic­ted ly­ing to an an­chor in shel­te­red bays, wi­th at­trac­ti­ve wo­men li­ning their decks as they sun­ba­the and ta­ke a dip or two du­ring the hot­te­st hours of a sum­mer’s day, in cry­stal clear wa­ters and or in a won­der­ful Ja­cuz­zi prior to joi­ning the ow­ner for a ‘sun do­w­ner’ as the set­ting sun di­sap­pears in­to the sea over the ho­ri­zon. And al­so when the ya­cht mo­tors out to sea, as she crui­ses along the­re’s al­ways ti­me enou­gh to read a book whi­le loun­ging com­for­ta­bly sea­ted in the coc­k­pit pe­rhaps, or to spend so­me con­vi­vial mo­men­ts chat­ting wi­th friends. A ya­cht is of­ten as­so­cia­ted as being a com­for­ta­ble well ap­poin­ted pla­ce on the wa­ter, in whi­ch to re­lax and en­joy a ‘ per­fect’ ho­li­day at a lei­su­re­ly pa­ce in good com­pa­ny. This is true enou­gh for ma­ny, but not for all! In fact the­re’s a who­le ran­ge of di­ver­se ow­ners and ya­ch­tsmen wi­th dif­fe­rent ta­stes, li­ke tho­se who en­joy speed, the th­rills as­so­cia­ted wi­th it and the adre­na­lin when skim­ming the sur­fa­ce or pla­ning over wa­ter at 40, 50 kno­ts de­pen­ding on the

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