Vi­deo­works and Pe­ri­ni Na­vi - Light ga­lo­re

Superyacht - - What’s On The Market - by Fa­bia­no Ma­re­sca

Vi­deo­works has re­vea­led a new pro­ject na­med Lighting De­si­gn rea­li­zed wi­th in­put from Dan­te 0. Be­ni­ni & Part­ners on board of “Se­ven” a 60 me­tre Pe­ri­ni Na­vi. The in­stal­la­tion of lighting plan­ts on board of yachts has be­co­me crea­ti­ve, de­di­ca­ted art. In­ser­ting LED lights in­to cei­lings’ light fix­tu­res, lamp hol­ders and whe­re­ver el­se dee­med ne­ces­sa­ry is clear­ly no lon­ger enou­gh. The­re’s gro­wing need to im­pro­ve the set up of the light sour­ces de­ployed to up­gra­de guests’ well being on board, whi­le en­han­cing com­fort and de­li­ve­ring ad­di­tio­nal pre­sti­ge to the in­te­rior de­cor and lay­out of di­ver­se areas. Vi­deo­works’ al­so won a pri­ze for the lighting de­si­gn in­stal­led on Pe­ri­ni’s 60 me­tre ket­ch “Se­ven” and has re­vea­led the brea­k­do­wn of the va­rious pha­ses in­vol­ved in achie­ving this and what lies be­hind the flick of a swit­ch. In ad­di­tion to con­tri­bu­ting va­lua­ble in­put Dan­te O. Be­ni­ni & Part­ners al­so ini­tial­led the in­te­riors’ de­si­gn pro­ject rea­li­zed in col­la­bo­ra­tion wi­th the shi­pyard. Be­ni­ni says, “We wor­ked clo­se­ly wi­th Vi­deo­works and thanks to this we’ve de­ve­lo­ped an ab­so­lu­te­ly in­no­va­ti­ve plant to­ge­ther whi­ch ne­ver dazz­les and is ne­ver fa­sti­diou­sly bright. When the sun’s beams hit so­me of Se­ven’s win­dow li­ke pa­nels they crea­te a play of light and sha­dow whi­ch are 100% na­tu­ral. And this is exac­tly what we set out to re­crea­te ar­ti­fi­cial­ly.

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