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THE FIR­ST DELFINO 95’ IS DE­LI­VE­RED – The ow­ner from the Cze­ch Re­pu­blic took de­li­ve­ry of his Benetti at the Viareggio yard Fe­brua­ry la­st. “Ch­ri­stel­la II” is the fir­st mo­del of the Delfino 95’ li­ne. De­si­gner Gior­gio M. Cas­set­ta drew up the pro­ject. “Ch­ri­stel­la II has lar­ge in­te­rior vo­lu­mes de­si­gned wi­th Bri­ti­sh stu­dio Aqua­lu­ce and Pe­tra Ka­ra­sko­va from Crea­ti­va De­si­gn. The in­te­riors sport warm co­lours and en­han­ce a wel­co­ming at­mo­sphe­re: the main es­sen­ce is in plain wal­nut and skin co­ve­red pa­nel­ling. The floo­ring in the com­mon areas is in wood whi­le the ca­bins are li­ned wi­th wall to wall car­pe­ting. The ba­th­rooms’ floors are in era­mo­sa mar­ble. The ow­ner’s sui­te is si­tua­ted along the main deck, and four gue­st ca­bins are si­tua­ted along the lo­wer deck. The po­wer hou­se is com­po­sed of a pair of MAN V8 en­gi­nes whi­ch pro­pel “Ch­ri­stel­la II” up to 14.5 kno­ts. “The “Delfino 95’ is the na­tu­ral evo­lu­tion of a ve­ry suc­ces­sful se­ries of Benetti’s. She has main­tai­ned the win­ning fea­tu­res of pre­ce­ding mo­dels and has been flan­ked wi­th in­no­va­ti­ve so­lu­tions and de­si­gn work” said Ch­ri­stos Ram­nia­lis, Ge­ne­ral manager at Benetti. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion­net­tiya­ch­

PLA­NET NI­NE HITS THE WA­TER – Ita­lian Sea Group laun­ched “Pla­net ni­ne” la­st Ja­nua­ry. She of­fers lar­ge and com­for­ta­ble in­te­riors whi­ch re­call clas­sic and ele­gant at­mo­sphe­res ty­pi­cal of ships from ti­mes go­ne, but wi­th a tou­ch of so­ber mo­der­ni­ty. The main deck is en­ti­re­ly de­di­ca­ted to the ow­ner. The area ta­ken up is equal to 300 squa­re me­tres. Fi­ve guests’ ca­bins are si­tua­ted on the lo­wer deck. A lar­ge 119’’ flat screen is fit­ted in the thea­tre room, the­re’s a ca­bin and of­fi­ce cor­ner for the he­li­cop­ter pi­lot, a ga­ra­ge for an “Agu­sta Gran­de” he­li­cop­ter and a pa­no­ra­mic ob­ser­va­to­ry loun­ge. The ya­cht will be Lloyd’s Re­gi­ster EMEA ID Ice-class. “We’re proud of this ya­cht and feel cer­tain it will soon be­co­me a ben­ch­mark in its ca­te­go­ry. She’s a me­ga­ya­cht fea­tu­ring a uni­que sty­le whi­ch will at­tract mu­ch at­ten­tion and ap­peal to ma­ny in eve­ry port” said Giu­sep­pe Ta­ran­to CEO and the group’s World­wi­de Sa­les Di­rec­tor. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion www.thei­ta­lian­sea­

AN AMELS 180 HAS BEEN SOLD – Dut­ch yard Amels has re­cen­tly sold a new Amels 55 me­tre from the 180 Amels Li­mi­ted Edi­tion se­ries. Wi­th work al­rea­dy in pro­gress de­li­ve­ry has been sche­du­led for sum­mer next. De­si­gner Tim Hey­wood ca­me up wi­th the pro­ject de­si­gn work whi­le the in­te­riors we­re ini­tial­led up by Lau­ra Ses­sa. Ro­se Da­men Sa­les Di­rec­tor at Amels com­men­ted as fol­lo­ws:” This new ya­cht un­der­sco­res the ad­van­ta­ges con­tai­ned in our ap­proa­ch in buil­ding up our Li­mi­ted Edi­tion. The Amels 180 has been the com­pa­ny’s be­st sel­ler in the 55 me­tre seg­ment sin­ce 2007. This is al­so thanks to con­stant evo­lu­tion whi­ch has been en­ri­ched wi­th new ap­pea­ling de­tails year af­ter year. We can’t wait to see her in the wa­ter wi­th the ow­ner”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion www.amels-hol­

A NEW OR­DER FOR BAGLIETTO – Baglietto kic­ked off at the year’s be­gin­ning wi­th a new or­der for a 40 me­tre RPH fa­st di­spla­ce­ment alu­mi­nium al­loy ya­cht de­sti­ned to an Ame­ri­can ow­ner. The ya­cht boasts an all new spe­cial­ly de­si­gned plat­form

spor­ting ex­te­rior li­nes by Ho­ra­cio Boz­zo and in­te­riors by Achil­le Sal­va­gni. Mi­che­le Ga­vi­no CEO at Baglietto com­men­ted: “This new or­der co­mes at the be­gin­ning of the new year but in re­spon­se to a ve­ry bu­sy and de­man­ding 2017 whi­ch pro­du­ced great sa­ti­sfac­tion. It is the se­cond pro­ject af­ter the si­gning of the 54 me­tre full cu­stom of sum­mer la­st for whi­ch we de­ve­lo­ped two di­ver­se plat­forms that can sa­ti­sfy the re­qui­si­tes and hi­gh per­for­man­ce re­que­sted. This on­ce again de­mon­stra­tes the will we ha­ve in pur­suing un­flag­ging tech­ni­cal re­newal and in de­ve­lo­ping our na­val en­gi­nee­ring”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion

NEWS FROM CRN – CRN has an­noun­ced the sa­le of a new cu­stom 62 me­tre ya­cht hull num­ber 138. The new pro­ject has been de­ve­lo­ped by CRN’S in hou­se tech­ni­cal bo­dy wi­th Dut­ch de­si­gn stu­dio Ome­ga Ar­chi­tec­ts led by Frank Lau­p­man and the Ita­lian de­si­gn and ar­chi­tec­tu­re stu­dio Pu­li­na DNA. In Fe­brua­ry la­st CRN laun­ched “La­to­na” a lo­ve­ly 50 me­tre that re­calls the hi­sto­ric Su­per­co­ne­ro mo­del of the six­ties. “La­to­na” was built on CRN’S In­te­riors & De­si­gn de­part­ment’s pro­ject in co­n­junc­tion wi­th Zuc­con In­ter­na­tio­nal Pro­ject stu­dio. “La­to­na” sports fi­ve decks over a 50 me­tre long hull wi­th a beam of ju­st 8.60 me­tres and fea­tu­res a di­stin­gui­shing floo­da­ble ga­ra­ge by whi­ch to laun­ch and re- co­ver the ten­der and wa­ter toys. CEO at CRN and Grup­po Fer­ret­ti Al­ber­to Ga­las­si com­men­ted, ”Eve­ry laun­ching ma­kes us feel proud. This splen­did and com­plex 50 me­tre build rea­li­zes the wi­sh of a se­lec­ti­ve, di­scer­ning and de­ter­mi­ned ow­ner who in­ve­sted in CRN’S ex­pe­rien­ce and ca­pa­ci­ty in the buil­ding of his per­so­nal pro­ject the­re­by tran­sfor­ming his vi­sion in­to a ma­gni­fi­cent ship”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion www.crn-ya­

SUP­PORT VES­SEL MA­NIA – Da­men has re-

Yachts de­li­ve­red a se­mi di­spla­cing 50 me­tre su­pe­rya­cht “Van Tom” de­si­gned by Frank Lau­p­man from Ome­ga Yachts. In the cour­se of pre-de­li­ve­ry tests “Van Tom” rea­ched 20.3 kno­ts and con­fir­med a ran­ge of 3,100 nau­ti­cal mi­les at 11 kno­ts. In the be­gin­ning of Mar­ch Hee­sen Yachts an­noun­ced the sa­le of the 80.7 me­tre Pro­ject Co­smos Ya­cht, the lar­ge­st and fa­ste­st alu­mi­nium su­pe­rya­cht built so far by this Dut­ch yard. Wi­th an FDHF hull Pro­ject Co­smos will be able to rea­ch a top speed of 29 kno­ts thanks to four hef­ty MTU 20V en­gi­nes.this Win­ch De­si­gn pro­ject fea­tu­res a he­li­pad for an EC 135 Eu­ro­cop­ter whi­ch can dou­ble as a thea­tre, a cut glass lift, a se­ven me­tre pool wi­th a wa­ve ma­king sy­stem, a small wa­ter­fall, a see- th­rou­gh bot­tom, a lar­ge bea­ch club area and a ten­der de­si­gned by Win­ch De­si­gn. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion www.hee­se­nya­ch­

OCEAN­CO LAUNCHES PRO­JECT SHARK – On 21st Fe­brua­ry la­st, Ocean­co laun­ched Pro­ject Shark a ni­ne­ty me­tre rea­li­sed in co­n­junc­tion wi­th Luiz De Ba­sto and Nu­vo­la­ri Le­nard stu­dio. The for­mer of the two de­ve­lo­ped the ex­te­riors whi­ch stand out of the cho­rus li­ne thanks to the ori­gi­na­li­ty of the glass sur­fa­ces whi­ch is one of De Ba­sto’s tren­dy mu­st ha­ves whi­le the in­te­rior lay­out is hi­ghlighted by di­stin­gui­shing de­tails, and by the choi­ce of the ma­te­rials se­lec­ted by the Ita­lian stu­dio. De­li­ve­ry has been sche­du­led to ta­ke pla­ce af­ter the sum­mer. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion www.built­byo­cean­ FIR­ST REFIT FOR PA­LUM­BO SU­PE­RYA­CHT REFIT – Ju­st a few days af­ter en­te­ring Mon­do­ma­ri­ne, the Pa­lum­bo Su­pe­rya­cht Re­fi­ts Com­pa­ny an­noun­ced the ar­ri­val of the fir­st ya­cht to un­der­go a refit and main­te­nan­ce work. Ha­ving re­cen­tly ac­qui­red ISA Yachts from An­co­na, en­te­ring Mon­do­ma­ri­ne’s yard was an im­por­tant step for­ward in Pa­lum­bo’s ex­pan­sion plan for its yard’s in the Me­di­ter­ra­nean and of the bran­ch de­di­ca­ted to new build and to re­fit­ting su­per yachts. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion­lum­bo­

SOU­THERN WIND DE­LI­VERS SA­TI­SFAC­TION – Fol­lo­wing la­st Ja­nua­ry’s sea trial whi­ch con­si­sted in sai­ling from Ca­pe To­wn to Ge­noa, Sou­thern Wind de­li­ve­red “Sa­ti­sfac­tion” whi­ch re­pre­sen­ts the fir­st unit of the hi­gh per­for­man­ce new mi­ni­se­ries SW105. Jim Sch­mic­ker vi­ce pre­si­dent at Farr Ya­cht De­si­gn – the ar­chi­tect s’ stu­dio whi­ch wor­ked clo­se­ly wi­th Sou­thern Wind and Nau­ta at the ge­ne­ral con­cept de­di­ca­ted to this mi­ni­se­ries, said “The pro­ject was con­cei­ved to in­cor­po­ra­te se­ve­ral ra­cer fea­tu­res in­to a crui­ser to ob­tain the be­st mix for a crui­ser/ra­cer mo­del but wi­th spe­cial em­pha­sis to the ae­sthe­tics and com­fort. This ya­cht stands out for the ra­di­cal de­si­gn of her li­nes and for the ad­van­ced tech­no­lo­gy de­ployed in terms of ma­te­rials and on board plan­ts. “Sa­ti­sfac­tion” sports a tho­rou­gh­bred mo­dern de­si­gn fea­tu­ring a sin­gle deck whi­ch con­fers sleek flo­wing li­nes, wi­th bright in­te­riors fa­shio­ned ac­cor­ding to the ow­ner’s re­quests”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion www.sws-ya­

BER­NAR­DO ZUC­CON AMONG THE LEA­DING DE­SI­GN NA­MES – Ber­nar­do Zuc­con has been in­clu­ded in the World’s Lea­ding De­si­gn Na­mes li­sting for 2018 pre­pa­red by Bri­ti­sh De­si­gn et Al ma­ga­zi­ne whi­ch pe­rio­di­cal­ly pu­bli­shes the na­mes of the mo­st im­por­tant, in­no­va­ti­ve, and crea­ti­ve de­si­gners who ha­ve di­stin­gui­shed them­sel­ves in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly for the hi­gh qua­li­ty of their work. The in­te­re­st thus de­mon­stra­ted by this pre­sti­gious ma­ga­zi­ne goes to con­firm and to wit­ness the im­por­tant cre­scen­do Ber­nar­do Zuc­con’s ca­reer has ta­ken. 2017 was in­stru­men­tal for Ber­nar­do’s Zuc­con In­ter­na­tio­nal Pro­ject Stu­dio, as it was un­der­sco­red wi­th new sy­ner­gy and pro­jec­ts whi­ch brought about mo­re con­si­de­ra­ble col­la­bo­ra­tions. For Pic­chiot­ti Yachts the­re was the PY He­ri­ta­ge 45M in­spi­red by Ge­rhard Gi­ge­na­st’s pro­jec­ts and for San­lo­ren­zo whi­ch will be pre­sen­ting the San­lo­ren­zo 44 Al­loy at the next Can­nes Boat Show as well as the new ge­ne­ra­tion of fi­bre­glass yachts. - www.zuc­co­nin­ter­na­tio­nal­pro­

A MAN­GU­STA OCEANO 46 HITS THE WA­TER – Over­ma­ri­ne is cur­ren­tly streng­the­ning its pre­sen­ce in the seg­ment re­ser­ved for di­spla­cing long di­stan­ce yachts. In fact a Man­gu­sta Oceano 46 was laun­ched in the cour­se of the fir­st week in Mar­ch la­st. This la­st laun­ching is the third of the kind in ju­st two years for di­spla­cing mo­dels alo­ne. Pro­ject de­si­gn work was car­ried out by Ste­fa­no Ri­ghi­ni whi­le Al­ber­to Man­ci­ni drew up the in­te­riors. The Oceano 46 kno­win­gly blends sty­le, con­vi­via­li­ty, and de­si­gn wi­th tech­no­lo­gy and the yard’s buil­ding ca­pa­ci­ty whi­ch in the cour­se of 2018 will be wit­nes­sing se­ve­ral other goals among whi­ch the laun­ching of the fleet’s Flag Ship:a Man­gu­sta Gran­sport54. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion­gu­sta­ya­ch­

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