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the top­si­des in the stern whi­ch are al­so de­ployed to laun­ch and re­co­ver ten­ders. The stern deck of­fers spa­ce enou­gh for a he­li­pad whi­ch can dou­ble, on­ce the cop­ter has ta­ken off as a re­la­xing out­door loun­ge area fur­ni­shed wi­th free stan­ding fur­ni­tu­re. Abo­ve that, the­re’s a won­der­ful in­fi­ni­ty pool on the up­per deck whi­ch gua­ran­tees en­han­ced pri­va­cy and a ‘small’ sun deck wi­th a re­mar­ka­ble pa­no­ra­mic view of the sur­roun­dings whi­ch wan­ts to re­call a “crow’s ne­st”. The­se look out posts we­re on­ce ve­ry po­pu­lar on sai­ling bar­ques and clip­pers of ti­mes go­ne. The in­te­riors are tru­ly clas­sic ju­st as Hot lab’s part­ner and mar­ke­ting manager An­to­nio Ro­ma­no poin­ted out: “What we ha­ve he­re, af­ter mu­ch stu­dy is a well pro­por­tio­ned di­vi­sion of in­door and out­door spa­ces, wi­th a sense of con­ti­nui­ty trig­ge­red off by am­ple win­dow li­ke pa­nels in­stal­led on th­ree of the four decks whi­ch can li­te­ral­ly flood the in­te­riors wi­th na­tu­ral light: ano­ther area of in­te­re­st and a ‘mu­st ha­ve’ is the area de­di­ca­ted to the ow­ner.the sui­te is si­tua­ted for­ward of the up­per deck wi­th a brea­th­ta­king 180° view. The­re’s a stu­dy, two de­di­ca­ted ba­th­rooms a sky loun­ge wi­th win­dow li­ke ports on th­ree si­des, a gym in whi­ch to work out has been in­stal­led on the brid­ge deck wi­th a pa­no­ra­mic view and a bea­ch club whi­ch is lar­ger than ave­ra­ge and when ten­der and wa­ter toys are in the wa­ter it can ea­si­ly dou­ble as a well­ness spot as well”. The­re’s a choi­ce of two so­lu­tions for the in­te­rior lay­out the fir­st one of­fers six ca­bins ove­rall whi­le the other se­ven. www.ho­tlab.it - in­fo@ho­tlab.it - www.vsy.it - in­fo@vsy.it

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