Fi­gu­re 12

Superyacht - - Technical -

– Still on the to­pic of thin vertical bows, a ty­pi­cal bow of a Fjord (left a 36’).This Nor­we­gian shi­pyard whi­ch is now in mu­ch de­mand al­so thanks to the sha­pe of its ag­gres­si­ve bow li­nes. As the shi­pyard’s na­me sug­gests, the sha­pe gi­ven to the Fjord is whe­re she is born in and sails main­ly in Nor­we­gian Fjords, in­land wa­ters the­re­fo­re whi­ch near­ly al­ways are calm enou­gh wi­th no ‘si­gni­fi­cant’ wa­ves. Con­se­quen­tly the­re’s ve­ry lit­tle chan­ce of them broa­ching. In spi­te of this the Fjord’s bow sports a mo­re con­vex sha­pe in the lo­wer part nea­rer the wa­ter and a slan­ted bow end to en­han­ce lift and to avoid broa­ching whi­ch can­not be said for the hull on the right whi­ch fea­tu­res a thin vertical bow li­ke the ones that to­day are so po­pu­lar.

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