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In the cour­se of the la­te­st Du­bai In­ter­na­tio­nal Boat Show, Ocean­co pre­sen­ted the con­cept de­si­gn work of a me­ga­ya­cht whi­ch in spi­te of her im­po­sing si­ze, re­calls in terms of sha­pe the kind of ca­noes whi­ch in­di­ge­nous peo­ple used to sail in coa­stal wa­ters all over the world hun­dreds of years ago.

One of lu­xu­ry Yachts’ mo­re fa­sci­na­ting aspec­ts is the con­si­de­ra­ble num­ber of con­cep­ts pre­sen­ted du­ring In­ter­na­tio­nal Boat Sho­ws. They of­ten com­pri­se tech­no­lo­gi­cal in­no­va­tion but mo­re so in terms of de­si­gn. Ma­ny of the­se will pro­ba­bly ne­ver see the light and will re­main the re­sult of me­re sty­li­stic exer­ci­ses, but it’s ne­ver­the­less equal­ly true that whi­le they ma­ke us dream, they al­so lay do­wn the ba­ses for fu­tu­re mo­dels. This 115 me­tre mo­del ex­hi­bi­ted by Dut­ch yard Ocean­co na­med “Tu­hu­ra” un­be­lie­va­bly evo­kes the in­di­ge­nous ca­noes and du­gou­ts whi­ch not on­ly sai­led along the coasts but al­so used to tra­vel ma­ny mi­les in sear­ch of new lands to ex­plo­re. Af­ter all “Tu­hu­ra” is a Mao­ri word whi­ch means di­sco­ver, ex­plo­re, in­ve­sti­ga­te. This na­me has a lot to do wi­th the “ex­plo­rer” na­tu­re of this su­pe­rya­cht whi­ch even when clear­ly re­sem­bling a pro­to ty­pe has eve­ry chan­ce of being built. Be­hind the ren­de­ring work pre­sen­ted by the Dut­ch yard

the­re’s a long string of con­tri­bu­tors who we­re in­vol­ved: Lo­ba­nov De­si­gn for the ex­te­rior sty­ling, Achil­le Sal­va­gni for the in­te­riors and BMT Ni­gel Gee who over­saw the en­gi­nee­ring of the po­wer hou­se – pro­pul­sion sy­stem. “Our Tu­hu­ra is a sim­ple idea,” ex­plains Igor Lo­ba­nov, “The thought was to ta­ke a na­tu­ral sha­pe si­mi­lar to tho­se seen in the ear­lie­st ca­noe –ty­pe craft and aug­ment it ma­ny ti­mes over to a lar­ger sca­le, using mo­dern tech­no­lo­gy”. The in­no­va­tion of the de­si­gn is clear­ly vi­si­ble.the hull sports se­ve­ral ho­ri­zon­tal win­dow li­ke ports thanks to ad­van­ced tech­no­lo­gy whi­ch, ma­kes them look li­ke the sa­me co­lour as that of the hull seen from ou­tsi­de, ma­king them ve­ry hard to iden­ti­fy; whi­le from in­si­de the ya­cht, vi­si­bi­li­ty th­rou­gh the win­dow li­ke ports is gua­ran­teed as if they we­re to­tal­ly trans­pa­rent. The black su­per­struc­tu­re in­stead, is ma­de of lar­ge flat glass pa­nels. The main in­spi­ra­tion for the in­te­rior de­cor co­mes from Ea­st Asia and the Pa­ci­fic islands whi­ch is ve­ry mu­ch in li­ne wi­th the look of ex­te­rior de­si­gn. “Tu­hu­ra is a me­ga­ya­cht con­cei­ved for a dy­na­mic ow­ner, hoe­ver the ti­me­less sense of pea­ce and calm­ness are her main cha­rac­te­ri­stics,” said Achil­le Sa­va­gni. “This soft­ness and dy­na­mi­ci­ty are re­flec­ted in the hum­ble ele­gan­ce and sen­sua­li­ty of the pri­mi­ti­ve or­ga­nic sha­pes echoed th­rou­ghout the ya­cht”. The ya­cht’s hull and pro­pul­sion sy­stem ha­ve been de­ve­lo­ped in col­la­bo­ra­tion wi­th BMT Ni­gel Gee who’s in­te­gra­ted good sea­kee­ping qua­li­ties and ex­cel­lent ma­noeu­vra­bi­li­ty in­to the hull whi­ch should de­li­ver low drag coef­fi­cien­ts thanks to her forms. A hy­brid Azi­pod CRP (con­tra ro­ta­ting) pro­pul­sion sy­stem by ABB, was in­tro­du­ced in 2003 for the fir­st ti­me and is suc­ces­sful­ly in­stal­led in nu­me­rous com­mer­cial ships. Ja­mes Roy, Ya­cht De­si­gn Di­rec­tor at BMT de­cla­red: “The hy­brid CRP sy­stem is in­he­ren­tly ef­fi­cient and per­fec­tly sui­ted to the ca­noe form, sin­ce the­re’s a sy­ner­gy bet­ween the ef­fi­cien­cy of the hull form and that of the pro­pul­sion sy­stem, lea­ding to a ya­cht whi­ch mar­ries an evo­lu­tio­na­ry sim­ple hull wi­th an evo­lu­tio­na­ry ad­van­ced pro­pul­sion sy­stem”. Lu­x­lab the cu­stom de­si­gn la­bel from Van Ber­ge Hen­gou­wen (VBH) joi­ned the team and de­ve­lo­ped the ‘do­mo­tic’ aspec­ts wi­th con­trols for HVAC, lighting, au­dio and vi­deo, cur­tains, A/C and mu­ch mo­re to gua­ran­tee the de­gree of com­fort and au­to­ma­tion this sort of yachts com­mands. “This is a tech­ni­cal­ly chal­len­ging and in­tri­guing pro­ject” said Dirk de Jong Sa­les Di­rec­tor at Ocean­co. It is ve­ry dif­fe­rent from our pre­vious col­la­bo­ra­tions wi­th Lo­ba­nov De­si­gn, the 86 me­tre laun­ched in 2013 and the 110 me­tre Ju­bi­lee laun­ched la­st year and yet Tu­hu­ra is still 100% Ocean­co DNA”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.ocean­coya­cht.com - in­fo@ocean­co.nl - in­fo@ocean­co.mc

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