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Ita­lia, is the cho­sen na­me to ho­nour the Ma­de in Ita­ly and al­so in way of a tri­bu­te to the beau­ty the Coun­try has been and is ex­por­ting eve­ry­whe­re. In fact it wan­ts to re­pre­sent “a break point wi­th all that has been crea­ted in ya­ch­ting in terms of de­si­gn and to mo­ve to­wards new con­cep­ts to co­me up wi­th so­me­thing uni­que whi­ch has ne­ver been seen” that’s what the two young de­si­gners said to us and – “ho­we­ver this (not new) rea­so­ning is of­ten ta­ken too li­te­ral­ly, abo­ve all when car­ry­ing out exer­ci­ses in sty­ling, main­ly be­cau­se of the way they’re co­n­ju­red up. This leads to exag­ge­ra­ting whi­ch ea­si­ly brings about re­sul­ts that ha­ve mo­re to do wi­th fic­tion and are of­ten not even fea­si­ble. We’ve mo­ved to­wards new ideas but wi­th prac­ti­cal, doa­ble pro­jec­ts for a new ya­cht, whi­ch pri­vi­le­ging fle­xi­ble dy­na­mic so­lu­tions de­di­ca­ted to the in­te­rior lay­out and to en­han­ce the re­la­tion bet­ween in­si­de and out: on a ya­cht the ex­te­riors are wa­ter, the sea and this de­ser­ves to be as clo­se as pos­si­ble to li­fe on board”. So whi­le pro­po­sing so­me­thing doa­ble whi­ch is fea­si­ble and whi­ch will stand out of the cho­rus li­ne that will be hi­ghly per­for­ming at the sa­me ti­me! An am­bi­tious plan and a no­ta­ble chal­len­ge whi­ch star­ted out from a deep V sha­ped hull wi­th a dou­ble step to en­han­ce speed but one whi­ch is al­so sta­ble and sea kind­ly when un­der­way. Dri­ves equip­ped wi­th hi-speed coun­ter-ro­ta­ting sur­fa­ce pro­pel­lers com­ple­te the pic­tu­re. All told we ha­ve he­re ma­ny sen­si­ble pro­po­sals. As for Ita­lia’s ex­te­rior de­si­gn, the su­per­struc­tu­re over the deck sports flo­wing sleek li­nes wi­th no ove­rhangs wha­tsoe­ver whi­ch

re­call as men­tio­ned ear­lier the bow of an air­pla­ne, of a shut­tle. The ae­rials and ca­bles for exam­ple wi­th the ex­cep­tion of the spe­cial­ly de­si­gned ra­dar whi­ch could not be con­cea­led are hid­den away in­to se­ve­ral slo­ts built in­to the toe-rail and coa­chroof whi­le a re­trac­ta­ble spoi­ler in­stal­led near the end of the it will re­du­ce tur­bu­len­ce whi­le crui­sing fa­st. Win­dow li­ke ports in Le­xan are flu­sh moun­ted along the si­des of the sa­me. So­me of them can be ope­ned as on so­me road­ster s and spor ts cars. Ita­lia as al­rea­dy men­tio­ned is not on­ly a con­cept but a real pro­ject wi­th work in pro­gress and whe­re se­ve­ral de­tails, al­so en­gi­nee­ring ones, ha­ve been stu­died in de­tail. For exam­ple a pair of lar­ge win­dow li­ke pa­nels in Py­rex pla­ced on the steps and in the coc­k­pit of­fer see th­ru vi­sion to the en­gi­ne room spor­ting twin CAT en­gi­nes. The Py­rex pa­nels are equip­ped wi­th grills and mem­bra­nes to en­han­ce air in­ta­ke to the en­gi­ne room so that they can be trod­den on al­so ba­re­foot even when the tem­pe­ra­tu­re in the en­gi­ne room is hi­gh. Lar­ge cut glass(spd-smart­glass) pa­nels ha­ve been in­stal­led to gua­ran­tee plen­ty of na­tu­ral light in­si­de. Thanks to do­mo­tics, and to a cry­stal li­quid film in­stal­led in­to the sy­stem the de­gree of light and or trans­pa­ren­cy can be se­lec­ted ac­cor­din­gly. Na­vi­ga­tio­nal aids and other elec­tro­nic de­vi­ces are hid­den from view for ae­sthe­ti­cal rea­sons but the di­splays are ea­si­ly ac­ces­si­ble at the pu­sh of a but­ton. Loo­king at the mo­re ar­chi­tec­tu­ral aspec­ts whi­ch al­so in­vol­ve de­si­gn work, the deck is void of any built in struc­tu­re so that it can be fur­ni­shed wi­th mo­du­lar ele­men­ts whi­ch can be ea­si­ly di­sas­sem­bled and pla­ced el­sewhe­re for ma­xi­mi­ze fle­xi­bi­li­ty. For exam­ple a di­ning ta­ble wi­th a sea­ting ca­pa­ci­ty of eight can be si­tua­ted on deck or be­low in­si­de ac­cor­din­gly and so can a pair of mo­du­lar set­tees. The li­ving/sa­loon di­ning area whe­re the gal­ley blends wi­th the li­ving area to form an open spa­ce in whi­ch to port the­re’s a lar­ge tub that when not in use, can dou­ble as a mas­sa­ge par­lour in whi­ch to re­lax thanks to a fol­da­way struc­tu­re and ad­di­tio­nal cu­shions and pads. Aft of the sa­loon li­ving room area we find a gue­st ca­bin and the ow­ner’s. Bo­th of­fer real­ly original op­tions for yachts of this si­ze: a sau­na, ham­mam wi­th hot and cold ba­thing fa­ci­li­ty. And la­st but not lea­st an area in the bow de­di­ca­ted to the crew. This is ob­viou­sly from a de­si­gn point of view an original ya­cht al­so in terms of the al­lo­ca­tion and di­stri­bu­tion of the spa­ces. She’s equal­ly ve­ry hi-te­ch wi­th mu­ch ca­re gi­ven to de­tail to the ex­tent that the pro­ject has been col­lec­ting se­ve­ral awards around the glo­be: 2016 win­ner of the Mil­len­nium Ya­cht De­si­gn Award, no­mi­na­ted in 2018 at the Ger­man De­si­gn Award, in the cour­se of the sa­me year. Se­lec­ted for the In­ter­na­tio­nal Ya­cht & Avia­tion Awards (awai­ting fi­nal se­lec­tion). In a nu­tshell the two PC De­si­gn Stu­dio pro­ject de­si­gners ha­ve kic­ked off ve­ry well.

Ita­lia by PC De­si­gn is not on­ly a con­cept but a pro­ject that is well under way, whe­re se­ve­ral de­tails, even en­gi­nee­ring ones ha­ve been stu­died in de­tail.

Hy­per Ya­cht Ita­lia’s main tech­ni­cal fea­tu­res com­pa­red to the other yachts’ de­scri­bed in the text.

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