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Superyacht - - What’s On The Market - by Dan­ny Lo

Au­stra­lian shi­pyard Echo Ya­ch­ts has re­cen­tly pre­sen­ted its ve­ry own in­ter­pre­ta­tion of an Ad­ven­tu­re Sup­port ya­cht, cal­led Pro­ject Echo whi­ch has been de­ve­lo­ped wi­th Ban­nen­berg & Ro­well De­si­gn, Tri­ton and In­cat Cro­w­ther. Pro­ject Echo is a 50 me­tre ca­ta­ma­ran un­der 495 GT de­vi­sed to car­ry char­ter par­ties and as a sup­port ves­sel to su­pe­rya­ch­ts. Pro­ject Echo is ba­sed on an exi­sting plat­form whi­ch has en­du­red ex­ten­si­ve te­sting and has pro­ven sea kee­ping qua­li­ties in a sea­way, good sta­bi­li­ty and low fuel con­sump­tion in com­pa­ri­son to others of the sa­me si­ze. She is well equip­ped and com­for­ta­ble to crui­se in ex­ten­si­ve­ly wi­thout stop­ping and sports a lay­out whi­ch is ty­pi­cal­ly that of

sup­port ves­sels en­ga­ged to trans­port nu­me­rous ten­ders and wa­ter toys. In fact Ca­ley a Bri­ti­sh com­pa­ny has de­ve­lo­ped an ad hoc laun­ch and re­co­ve­ry sy­stem kno­wn as LARS to do ju­st that, wi­th a sub­ma­ri­ne sup­plied by US com­pa­ny Tri­ton, whi­le a cra­ne can laun­ch and re­co­ver ser­vi­ce boa­ts wa­ter craft , ten­ders and mo­re up to 12 tons. Built in tracks on deck mean that wa­ter craft can be mo­ved and sto­wed mo­re ea­si­ly wi­thout de­ploy­ing the cra­ne. Pro­ject Echo of­fers se­ve­ral so­lu­tions in terms of in­te­rior lay­out, tech­ni­cal equi­p­ment and de­cor. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Echo Ya­ch­ts; 49 Cla­ren­ce Beach Road, Hen­der­son, WA 6166, Au­stra­lia; tel. +61 8 6555 4988 www.echoya­ch­ in­fo@echoya­ch­

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