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Cor­ra­di­no Cor­bò in­ter­views Mau­ri­zio Bal­duc­ci MD at Over­ma­ri­ne

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Broad­ly spea­king the Man­gu­sta brand is well kno­wn for its fa­st ma­xi opens that ha­ve been con­si­de­red as a real icon of Ita­ly’s ya­ch­ting in­du­stry de­di­ca­ted to achie­ving hi­ghly fa­st per­for­ming ya­ch­ts whi­ch can be seen spee­ding along in al­mo­st eve­ry sea. The yard’s be­gin­nings go back to the mid eighties to be exact 1985 but the ow­ner’s ex­pe­rien­ce goes back fur­ther when he be­gan to build wi­th the Ef­fe­bi brand na­me whi­ch is cur­ren­tly buil­ding work boa­ts and mi­li­ta­ry ves­sels, for coast­guards and pea­ce­kee­ping pur­po­ses. In ad­di­tion to the­se and to the bet­ter kno­wn fa­st Su­pe­rya­ch­ts to­day the ran­ge of this Viareggio ba­sed com­pa­ny al­so com­pri­ses the Man­gu­sta long ran­ge Ocea­no and the fa­st di­spla­ce­ment li­ne, the Man­gu­sta Gran Tu­ri­smo. We’re loo­king at a com­plex struc­tu­re whi­ch ne­ver­the­less is well con­nec­ted to its hi­sto­ric in­he­ri­tan­ce through two ge­ne­ra­tions of the sa­me fa­mi­ly. Mau­ri­zio Bal­duc­ci took the helm from his fa­ther and is to­day MD. He kind­ly took us on a tour of the

pre­mi­ses in Viareggio as he an­swe­red to our que­stions. Ma­ny can boa­st about their in­na­te fa­mi­lia­ri­ty for pro­per­ty and com­pa­ny ma­na­ge­ment, but in your ca­se sta­ting that the “helm was han­ded do­wn from fa­ther to son” is not me­re­ly a way of say­ing. Can you tell us of so­me de­tail that is kno­wn less about this to­pic? My fa­ther

fir­st be­gan to work in the fif­ties at Pic­chiot­ti’s shi­pyard. In the be­gin­ning he wor­ked as an elec­tri­cian then as de­part­ment head and on up the or­ga­ni­za­tion chart. In 1971 the shi­pyard went on the rocks and he set up a com­pa­ny in­stal­ling electrical plan­ts he­re in Viareggio. Gra­dual­ly he be­gan to pro­du­ce electrical boards, pa­nels and pre-ca­bled da­sh­boards. The ci­ty at the ti­me was still well po­pu­la­ted wi­th nu­me­rous shi­p­w­rights but my fa­ther was well aware of the fact that in the world and in Ita­ly the ad­vent of GRP was about to re­vo­lu­tio­ni­ze con­struc­tion tech­ni­ques. Con­se­quen­tly con­tou­red by his col­lea­gues’ scep­ti­ci­sm, he ope­ned a de­part­ment de­di­ca­ted to this new ma­te­rial. Ef­fe­bi was foun­ded in 1982 from that ex­pe­rien­ce. Ef­fe­bi soon be­gan to pro­du­ce hulls for Viareggio’s prin­ci­pal shi­pyards and al­so work boa­ts and mi­li­ta­ry ones as well. Th­ree years af­ter that in 1985 he foun­ded Over­ma­ri­ne. Ho­we­ver Ef­fe­bi is still pro­du­cing. Ab­so­lu­te­ly yes, it is bu­sy buil­ding moulds for our mo­dels and to build ves­sels for pro­fes­sio­nal uses. I can re­mem­ber that in the be­gin­ning we and Tec­no­ma­ri­ne we­re part­ners, they used to pro­du­ce two ve­ry suc­ces­sful and sought af­ter mo­dels: the C 42 and the Co­bra. Ne­ver­the­less, that yard went through com­pli­ca­ted hard ti­mes and chan­ged hands se­ve­ral ti­mes up un­til when sup­pliers stop­ped sup­ply­ing. The di­stri­bu­tor for Fran­ce wi­th HQ in Can­nes was Gruppo Ro­dri­quez who con­fi­ded how put out and sor­ry they felt wi­thout tho­se two mo­dels as they had good clien­ts they could sell to. In a nu­tshell that was an op­por­tu­ni­ty not to be mis­sed so we went for it as Over­ma­ri­ne and built our fir­st 48 and 65 foo­ters. We nee­ded to co­me up wi­th a brand and cho­se Man­gu­sta whi­ch means mon­goo­se the­re­by ta­king in­spi­ra­tion from the na­me gi­ven to the on­ly ani­mal ca­pa­ble of win­ning again­st a co­bra. From that mo­ment on, your Open ya­ch­ts grew ra­pid­ly in num­bers and si­ze. What we­re the pa­ra­me­ters in­vol­ved? We kic­ked off wi­th a sim­ple pre­con­di­tion: if we wan­ted to build open boa­ts over 20 me­ters long, sin­ce they we­re not going to be a ru­na­bout for a day’s ou­ting any mo­re, we had to gua­ran­tee our boa­ts could crui­se lon­ger di­stan­ces mea­ning al­so ad­ded com­fort in ade­qua­te spa­ces. Con­se­quen­tly he­re co­mes our 80’ in 1991 the fir­st open wi­th rea­li­sti­cal­ly com­pa­ra­ble vo­lu­mes wi­th tho­se of crui­sers of the sa­me si­ze but wi­th so­me­thing mo­re: speed, hi­gh speed. The­re we struck a real win­ner,

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