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The re­con­struc­tion of the en­ti­re Ro­vi­gno ma­ri­na com­pri­sing the in­fra struc­tu­res that go wi­th it is nea­ring com­ple­tion. This ACI ma­ri­na ga­ve the green light for re­con­struc­tion work in to com­men­ce in 2017. It is set to be­co­me yet ano­ther re­fe­ren­ce point but not on­ly for lo­cal ya­ch­ts from Mon­te Mu­li­ni whi­ch is the tou­ri­stic area around Ro­vi­gno.

The look of the new ma­ri­na is not the on­ly aspect whi­ch has chan­ged ra­di­cal­ly. The gui­de­li­nes of the new po­li­cy we­re to clear­ly mo­der­ni­se the ap­proa­ch to tou­ri­sm by of­fe­ring ex­clu­si­ve and de­tai­led ser­vi­ces to vi­si­ting ya­ch­ts whi­ch the ci­ty of Ro­vi­gno un­doub­ted­ly de­ser­ves. This ci­ty has been at­trac­ting no­ta­bly mo­re tou­rists in the cour­se of the pa­st de­ca­de. The new ACI ma­ri­na re­pre­sen­ts an im­por­tant step for­ward in Croa­tia’s re­crea­tio­nal boa­ting sec­tor wi­th: mo­dern and at­trac­ti­ve de­si­gn, state of the art tech­no­lo­gy, hi­gh le­vel tech­ni­cal ser­vi­ces, à la car­te, ma­de to mea­su­re re­stau­ran­ts and one stop shops that are ca­pa­ble of com­pe­ting wi­th so­me of the mo­st mo­dern and tren­dy ones on equal terms. Hi­gh qua­li­ty ma­ri­ne ser­vi­ces The ori­gi­nal Ro­vi­gno ma­ri­na was built mo­re than 30 years ago – at a ti­me when re­crea­tio­nal boa­ting and the stan­dards that went wi­th it we­re ve­ry dif­fe­rent – that era is fi­ni­shed. To­day ships are con­si­de­ra­bly lar­ger and char­ter par­ties are be­co­ming in­crea­sin­gly po­pu­lar. Con­se­quen­tly the­re’s need for bet­ter ber­ths and qua­li­ty ser­vi­ces to ca­ter for mo­re de­man­ding and di­scer­ning ya­ch­tsmen and ho­li­day ma­kers vi­si­ting Ro­vi­gno ci­ty. The new Park ho­tel and com­mer­cial fa­ci­li­ties The con­struc­tion of Ro­vi­gno’s ACI ma­ri­na and of the new fi­ve star lu­xu­ry Park ho­tel ( whi­ch sub­sti­tu­tes the for­mer one) is si­tua­ted di­rec­tly be­hind the ma­ri­na itself and will com­pri­se a ran­ge of com­ple­men­ta­ry ex­clu­si­ve ser­vi­ces. The new ma­ri­na sports 1,400 squa­re me­tres of com­mer­cial spa­ce for re­stau­ran­ts, bars, cof­fee shops, gro­ce­ries and top brand shops, ya­cht bro­kers, char­ter agen­cies, ship chand­lers and mu­ch mo­re... Ber­ths for tran­si­ting ya­ch­ts of mo­re than 35 me­tres The ber­th ar­ran­ge­men­ts in the ACI tou­ri­st ma­ri­na will be di­vi­ded in two sec­tors, one will be de­di­ca­ted to ‘re­si­dent’ ya­ch­ts, whi­le the other will ca­ter for vi­si­ting ya­ch­ts in tran­sit.196 ber­ths for ya­ch­ts mea­su­ring about 17 me­tres will be avai­la­ble ra­ther than for 11 me­tre ones as be­fo­re and has pla­ce for ya­ch­ts up to 35 me­tres wi­th an­nual con­trac­ts and even lar­ger ones for vi­si­ting ya­ch­ts for brief pe­riods. The ACI ma­ri­na will be al­ways open for smal­ler vi­si­ting ya­ch­ts on a tran­sit short term stay. Ope­ning in 2018 For tech­ni­cal and sa­fe­ty rea­sons and so as to al­low free ac­cess to au­tho­ri­zed staff car­ry­ing out work any­whe­re on the pre­mi­ses, prior to and du­ring re­con­struc­tion work, small craft and pon­toons ha­ve been re­mo­ved. Re­con­struc­tion work is pro­cee­ding as sche­du­led and will be rea­dy to open in the cour­se of this year. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.aci-ma­ri­

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