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Azi­mut Gran­de 32 Me­tri will be de­bu­ting at the co­ming Can­nes Yachting Fe­sti­val wi­th loads of sta­te of the art cut­ting ed­ge tech­no­lo­gy. This ya­cht has been de­si­gned among other things wi­th two ex­clu­si­ve Azi­mut Be­net­ti group tech­no­lo­gies: Car­bon Te­ch ma­te­rial de­ployed for the con­struc­tion of the su­per­struc­tu­re on a D2P hull whi­ch will turn mo­re than a few heads in the cour­se of the Fren­ch yachting event due to a tru­ly eye cat­chy de­si­gn. The ag­gres­si­ve ex­te­riors are by Ste­fa­no Ri­ghi­ni whi­ch re­call the Gran­de Azi­mut col­lec­tion. The im­po­sing li­nes are lighte­ned by the si­lhouet­te of the su­per­struc­tu­re and by lar­ge ‘full height’ win­dow li­ke ports on ea­ch si­de of the ow­ner’s full beam sui­te whi­ch al­so fea­tu­re in pre­ce­ding mo­dels of the ran­ge li­ke a lar­ge bea­ch club in the stern and a ver­ti­cal bow. In li­ne wi­th pre­ce­ding mo­dels’ fea­tu­res Achil­le Sal­va­gni’s de­si­gn work for the in­te­riors played on mo­re con­tra­sting chro­ma­tic ef­fec­ts whi­ch fur­ther en­han­ce a sen­se of spa­ciou­sness to the al­rea­dy lar­ge in­te­riors. The re­sul­ting in­te­rior lay­out ma­de up of fi­ve dou­ble ca­bins is wel­co­ming and warm, lu­xu­rious yet du­ly func­tio­nal. The ow­ner’s is si­tua­ted in the bow on the main deck whi­le the re­mai­ning others of whi­ch two are wi­th twin beds and two dou­bles are si­tua­ted along the lo­wer one. Thanks to the hef­ty MTU 16V 2000 M86 en­gi­nes in­stal­led the esti­ma­ted top speed is of about 26 kno­ts wi­th a fo­re­ca­sted ran­ge of mo­re than 1,000 nau­ti­cal mi­les at 12 kno­ts. The­se are no­ta­ble re­sul­ts ob­tai­ned thanks to the ya­cht’s D2P hull whi­ch gua­ran­tees ef­fi­cien­cy at hi­gh and low speeds and to the light­weight car­bon and epo­xy re­sin built sleek su­per­struc­tu­re whi­ch brings the cen­tre of gra­vi­ty do­wn the­re­by hel­ping the op­ti­mi­za­tion of the ya­cht’s ove­rall ef­fi­cien­cy. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Azi­mut Ya­ch­ts; Via M. L. King 9/11, 10051 Avi­glia­na (TO); tel. +39 011 93161; www.azi­mu­tya­ch­ts.com - cu­sto­mer­ca­re@azi­mut­be­net­ti­group.com

TECH­NI­CAL DATA LOA: 32.00 m – Beam: 7.30 m – Dr aught: 1.92 m – Di­spla­ce­ment: 142 tons – En­gi­nes: 2x2.200 HP MTU 16V 2000 M86 – Top speed de­cla­red: 26.5 kno­ts – Crui­sing speed de­cla­red: 21 kno­ts – Ran­ge at 12 kno­ts: 1,000 nm – Fuel tank ca­pa­ci­ty: 16,000 li­tres – Wa­ter tank ca­pa­ci­ty: 2,500 li­tres – Ca­bins: 5+3 – Ber­ths: 10+5 – Wa­sh­rooms: 6+3 – Con­struc­tion ma­te­rial: Car­bon fi­bre + GRP – Ex - te­rior de­si­gn: Ste­fa­no Ri­ghi­ni – In­te­rior de­si­gn: Achil­le Sal­va­gni Ar­chi­tec­ts – D2P hull Pro­ject b y: Pier­lui­gi Au­so­nio Na­val Ar­chi­tect & Azi­mut Ya­ch­ts.

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