EX­PLO­RER 40.22

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Can­tie­re del­le Mar­che sco­res ano­ther sa­le wi­th the Ex­plo­rer 40.22 mo­del de­si­gned by Tom­ma­so Spa­do­li­ni and en­gi­nee­red by Hy­dro Tec stu­dio. This new Ex­plo­rer “re­pre­sen­ts the ow­ner’s de­si­re for a real and pro­per ship whi­ch in tech­ni­cal terms is as near as pos­si­ble to the world of ocean going ships whi­ch is dear to him. He re­que­sted that the Ex­plo­rer 40 be built to crui­se sa­fe­ly in any wea­ther wi­thout ever en­te­ring a ma­ri­na” tells Va­sco Buon­pen­sie­ro, co-foun­der and Sa­les & Mar­ke­ting Di­rec­tor of Can­tie­re del­le Mar­che. The ow­ner asked for: “A stur­dy ro­bu­st steel hull, wi­th dual con­trols, on board re­pea­ters and tech­no­lo­gic equi­p­ment so as to ha­ve a re­lia­ble, sa­fe and ex­tre­me­ly com­for­ta­ble ya­cht. It is de­vi­sed and set up to crui­se wi­th fa­mi­ly and an ef­fi­cient crew even if all fa­mi­ly mem­bers won’t di­sdain being in­vol­ved in hands on ac­ti­vi­ties whi­le on board whi­ch will in­clu­de pre­pa­ring meals”. And so as to be­st sa­ti­sfy all of the­se re­qui­si­tes, The Ex­plo­rer 40.22 sports an ef­fi­cient hull in any sea, an im­pres­si­ve ran­ge wi­th a spe­cial­ly de­ve­lo­ped en­gi­ne room whi­ch en­su­res ea­se of ac­cess for main­te­nan­ce al­so whi­le un­der­way. As for the in­te­rior lay­out whi­ch stands out wi­th se­ve­ral lar­ge com­for­ta­ble areas un­der­sco­ring the ow­ner’s wi­shes and the team’s pro­ject work in rea­li­sing them, to en­su­re ex­ten­si­ve crui­sing far away from ports. Tom­ma­so Spa­do­li­ni adds “I’ve wor­ked ma­ny ti­mes wi­th this client and two of his pre­vious ya­ch­ts car­ry my stu­dio’s ini­tials. He re­que­sted sim­ple clas­sic li­nes, wi­th am­ple in­te­rior/ex­te­rior areas in whi­ch to com­for­ta­bly ho­st the en­ti­re fa­mi­ly wi­th whom he plans to spend long ho­li­days in to­tal re­la­xa­tion. The­se may seem ob­vious choi­ces when tal­king about a lar­ge ya­cht, ho­we­ver the co­re of the mat­ter is in the hi­ghly de­tai­led re­quests asked for by the client who is well ver­sed in kno­wing what his fa­mi­ly ex­pec­ts and needs”. The in­te­rior sty­ling, whi­ch will de­co­ra­te se­ven gue­st sui­tes and four others for the cap­tain and his crew will be ele­gant but at the sa­me ti­me so­ber and un­pre­ten­tious. To sa­ti­sfy sea­going ca­pa­ci­ties and sa­fe­ty at sea wan­ted by the ow­ner who is well ac­quain­ted wi­th com­mer­cial ship­ping tra­di­tion, Can­tie­re del­le Mar­che has tur­ned for in­put to Ser­gio Cu­to­lo’s Hy­dro Tec stu­dio who com­men­ts as fol­lo­ws: “This ya­cht has been dra­wn up on the ba­sis of the re­que­sted stan­dards wan­ted by an ex­pert ow­ner who’s de­ci­ded to swit­ch from a pla­ning hull to a di­spla­cing one. Ex­plo­rer 40.22 re­pre­sen­ted a real all new chal­len­ge for us. Spa­do­li­ni’s

beau­ti­ful pro­ject re­qui­red ma­xi­mum in­te­gra­tion of the na­val ar­chi­tec­tu­re wi­th the en­gi­nee­ring and de­si­gn aspec­ts to rea­ch a har­mo­nious per­fect ba­lan­ce whi­ch ta­kes in­to ac­count bo­th tech­ni­cal and ae­sthe­ti­cal needs. The na­val ar­chi­tec­tu­re was clear­ly in­fluen­ced by the client’s de­si­re for well de­fi­ned bow li­nes whi­ch led to the sub­se­quent ana­ly­sis of the di­stri­bu­tion of weights. The hull is es­sen­tial­ly a roun­ded di­spla­cing one spor­ting a bul­bous ram li­ke bow and a flat stern end. The beam/draught ra­tio has been kept to op­ti­mum le­vels and lar­ge, hi­gh ef­fi­cien­cy dia­me­ter pro­pel­ler bla­des ha­ve been cho­sen. The ya­cht’s top speed will be re­mar­ka­bly hi­gher than that of si­mi­lar hulls thanks to the ef­fi­cient de­si­gn of the im­mer­sed wa­ter li­nes. From a struc­tu­ral view point we tried to mi­ni­mi­ze im­pact on the hull’s de­si­gn and su­per­struc­tu­re to bet­ter ex­ploit the spa­ce avai­la­ble. Spe­cial at­ten­tion has been gi­ven to the po­si­tio­ning and si­ze of the win­dow li­ke ports along the su­per­struc­tu­re whi­ch af­fect the bright­ness of the in­te­riors”. The new Ex­plo­rer sports an LOA of 42 me­tres for a beam of 8.50 me­tres and di­spla­ces about 400 tons. A pair of Ca­ter­pil­lar C32 Acert 970 KW en­gi­nes will pro­pel this su­pe­rya­cht to a top speed of 14 kno­ts wi­th a ran­ge of 3,500 nau­ti­cal mi­les at 10 kno­ts. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Can­tie­re del­le Mar­che; Via E. Mat­tei 36, 60125 An­co­na; tel. +39 071 206705, fax 071 205729; www.can­tie­re­del­le­mar­ - in­fo@can­tie­re­del­le­mar­

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