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Af­ter ha­ving pre­sen­ted the fir­st pro­ject in 2017 of this new 42me­tre from the new E-vo­lu­tion li­ne Pe­ri­ni Na­vi has re­cen­tly an­noun­ced the sa­le of this in­no­va­ti­ve 42 me­tre whi­ch sports hy­brid pro­pul­sion. The let­ter “E” stands for Elec­tric whi­ch means that the new hy­brid sy­stem in­vol­ves the use of a main die­sel en­gi­ne and an elec­tric one whi­ch con­firms the yard’s view point on the use of low im­pact su­stai­na­ble ener­gy. The 42 me­tre E-vo­lu­tion de­si­gned by the shi­pyard’s long­stan­ding de­si­gner Fran­co Ro­ma­ni, wi­th the con­tri­bu­tion of US ba­sed Rei­chel Pu­gh De­si­gn na­val ar­chi­tec­ts’ stu­dio and stu­dio Mar­co Co­stan­zi Ar­chi­tec­ts who hand­led the in­te­riors al­so stands out from the cho­rus li­ne ma­de up of the

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