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Superyacht - - NEWS/NEMO - by Fa­bia­no Ma­re­sca

"Sa­ti­sfac­tion" is Sou­thern Wind Shi­pyard's fir­st unit of the SW 105 mi­ni­se­ries, de­si­gned to of­fer ex­cel­lent ra­cer per­for­man­ce to the­se per­for­man­ce crui­sers.

When Sou­thern Wind shi­pyard, Nau­ta De­si­gn and Farr Ya­cht De­si­gn met to de­ve­lop the 105’ pro­ject, they we­re well aware of the goal to be rea­ched: a ver­sa­ti­le per­for­man­ce/crui­ser whi­ch could ef­fec­ti­ve­ly be ve­ry com­pe­ti­ti­ve in coa­stal, off­sho­re and ocean com­pe­ti­tions. “The aim when con­cei­ving this pro­ject was to in­cor­po­ra­te a mo­di­cum of ra­ce boat fea­tu­res in­to a crui­ser/ra­cer whi­le kee­ping a beau­ti­ful ae­sthe­tic and a hi­gh le­vel of com­fort. This ya­cht stands out for the ra­di­cal de­si­gn of her li­nes and the ad­van­ced tech­no­lo­gy of her ma­te­rials and sy­stems” said Jim Sch­mic­ker, Vi­ce Pre­si­dent of Farr Ya­cht De­si­gn, who de­si­gned the SW105’S na­val ar­chi­tec­tu­re and col­la­bo­ra­ted wi­th Sou­thern Wind and Nau­ta on the Ge­ne­ral Con­cept. “Sa­ti­sfac­tion is the exam­ple of what was said, wi­th a flu­sh deck whi­ch en­han­ces the si­lhouet­te ma­king the ya­cht seem lon­ger. “We suc­cee­ded in de­si­gning a sin­gle le­vel deck whi­le kee­ping the free­board low; this wi­thout com­pro­mi­sing the height of the in­te­riors for the com­fort of guests and crew and still lea­ving room for struc­tu­res and run­ning sy­stems as we had plan­ned from the start,” says Mas­si­mo Gi­no from Nau­ta De­si­gn, re­spon­si­ble for the ya­cht’s Deck and In­te­rior de­si­gn. A fur­ther fea­tu­re of the ex­te­riors is a ve­ry wi­de aft sec­tion whi­ch is al­so ae­sthe­ti­cal­ly at­trac­ti­ve. It was de­si­gned to in­crea­se per­for­man­ce wi­th twin rud­der bla­des and to ho­st two ten­ders: a 4.2 me­tre jet car­bon ten­der and a 3 me­tre plus jet ski. “The wi­de aft sec­tions and tran­som of the SW105 ma­ke for mo­re in­ter­nal vo­lu­me and deck area; bo­th a plus for a hi­gh per­for­man­ce crui­sing ya­cht.this ge­ne­rous wid­th is ca­re­ful­ly ba­lan­ced wi­th ex­tra vo­lu­me in the for­ward sec­tions to en­su­re the ya­cht re­mains in con­trol wi­th a le­vel fo­re-and-aft trim when sai­ling at ty­pi­cal up­wind heel an­gles”, adds Sch­mic­ker. Among se­ve­ral avai­la­ble op­tions the ow­ner op­ted for a te­le­sco­pic keel for “Sa­ti­sfac­tion” to ob­tain ma­xi­mum up wind per­for­man­ce when clo­se hau­ling wi­thout com­pro­mi­sing in­te­rior

spa­ces, (fi­xed keel and lif­ting keel ver­sions are al­so avai­la­ble). The ow­ner al­so re­que­sted a fi­xed bo­w­sprit wi­th an in­te­gra­ted an­chor arm and the ne­ces­sa­ry fit­tings for a gen­na­ker tack li­ne and a fur­ling Co­de Ze­ro. This is a ve­ry ra­ce orien­ted sai­ling ya­cht thanks al­so to its re­stric­ted weight.the hull is ma­de wi­th ad­van­ced com­po­si­tes, and co­re­cell en­clo­sed in car­bon fi­bre and epo­xies: weight sa­ving light ho­ney­comb in­te­riors and a syn­the­tic teak deck whi­ch is in fact 35% lighter than the ori­gi­nal. Bo­th beau­ti­ful and fa­st at the sa­me ti­me, “Sa­ti­sfac­tion” is al­so com­for­ta­ble when crui­sing thanks to ma­de to mea­su­re so­lu­tions wan­ted by the ow­ner. “The in­te­riors ha­ve been cu­sto­mi­zed ac­cor­ding to the ow­ner’s re­que­st in ha­ving a ya­cht wi­th hou­se-li­ke er­go­no­mics,” says Mas­si­mo Gi­no.the main sa­loon is a ve­ry bright open spa­ce whi­ch com­pri­ses a di­ning area for 8/10 guests, whi­le pro­cee­ding for­ward the­re’s a mul­ti func­tion area, a stu­dy whi­ch can dou­ble as a Te­le­vi­sion area, whi­ch cle­ver­ly se­pa­ra­tes the sa­loon from the night quar­ters. “Sa­ti­sfac­tion’s” lay­out is as ma­ny other Sou­thern Winds’ whe­re the ow­ner’s pri­va­te ca­bin is si­tua­ted in the for­ward bow area and the gue­st ca­bins at amid­ships and the crew’s are aft. Wi­th the laun­ching of “Sa­ti­sfac­tion” and wi­th a fur­ther two uni­ts in con­struc­tion of whi­ch one is a DS (Deck Sa­loon) Sou­thern Wind Shi­pyard con­firms its suc­cess in the se­mi­cu­stom over 30 me­tre ran­ge. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Sou­thern Wind Shi­pyard; Reen Ave­nue – Athlo­ne In­du­stria 1, 7780 Ca­pe To­wn, Sou­th Afri­ca; tel. (+27) (0)21 6378043; www.sws-ya­ch­ - in­fo@sws-ya­ch­ cu­stom­pro­jec­ts@sws-ya­ch­ Pe­ga­so; Piaz­za del­la Vit­to­ria 15/22, 16121 Ge­noa, Ita­ly; tel. +39 010 5704035; in­fo@pe­ga­ sa­les@pe­ga­

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