“The one over the­re is a Pe­ri­ni. I am su­re!”

Superyacht - - PERINI NAVI -

prac­ti­cal to put in­to prac­ti­ce, ha­ve been in­stal­led in the re­cent 42 me­tre pro­ject E-vo­lu­tion whi­ch whi­le re­pre­sen­ting sta­te of the art elec­tric pro­pul­sion, is ne­ver­the­less wi­thin Pe­ri­ni’s lo­gic. The lo­gic – if we ha­ve not mi­sun­der­stood – al­so aims to sa­ti­sfy po­ten­tial clien­ts that co­me to you not loo­king for ju­st a mar­vel­lous ya­cht, but ‘ju­st’ want a mar­vel­lous Pe­ri­ni ya­cht. Yes that’s exac­tly it. Ac­cor­ding to me the­re are two ways of hand­ling the is­sue: the fir­st one is that you go off to a shi­pyard to ha­ve a ya­cht built exac­tly as you ha­ve en­vi­sa­ged it. The se­cond way is that you go to that spe­ci­fic yard be­cau­se you want that kind of pro­duct, that sty­le, that na­me. The­re are few com­pa­nies that ha­ve ma­na­ged to im­po­se them­sel­ves li­ke this and any­way they ge­ne­ral­ly build sub­stan­tial­ly small ya­ch­ts. I’m thin­king Ri­va, wi­th the fa­mous Aqua­ra­ma. I‘m thin­king about Per­shing, but set­ting mo­de­sty asi­de for a mo­ment, in the lar­ge ya­cht seg­ment – the­re’s no doubt they call us Pe­ri­ni Na­vi (Na­vi means Ships edn.) pe­rhaps we’re the on­ly ones. Si in ac­tual fact what you we­re say­ing ear­lier is per­fec­tly cor­rect: you no­ti­ce a boat on the ho­ri­zon and you can say wi­thout que­stion or even a sha­dow of doubt ‘that is a Pe­ri­ni’. Be­st proof of what I’m say­ing is, can be found black on whi­te among the spe­ci­fics writ­ten by our clien­ts’ sur­veyors, when on the the­me of cer­tain de­tails con­cer­ning a new pro­ject, they jot do­wn no­tes ‘li­ke the Pe­ri­ni Ashi’, ‘li­ke the Pe­ri­ni Mal­te­se Fal­con’, ‘li­ke the Pe­ri­ni Su­ch and Su­ch’. That’s the une­qui­vo­cal si­gn that our ya­ch­ts tea­ch, and ea­ch one be­co­mes a point of re­fe­ren­ce. All this su­re­ly ma­kes your re­la­tion­ship wi­th vi­si­ting par­ties at a ve­nue for exam­ple at the MYS (Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show)when you are li­te­ral­ly sur­roun­ded by the com­pe­ti­tion. Well I want to tell you about what ac­tual­ly hap­pe­ned in Mon­te­car­lo one year. It is a true sto­re I was eye wit­ness to and it ma­de me un­der­stand a lot about this world. At the ti­me this epi­so­de took pla­ce I had been in the com­pa­ny for on­ly four mon­ths and whi­le we we­re ha­ving lun­ch at the Ya­cht Club, the day be­fo­re the of­fi­cial ope­ning, the re­stau­rant was pac­ked to the hilt, al­so be­cau­se ma­ny peo­ple wan­ted to wat­ch the ya­ch­ts as they ca­me in port for the MYS. A lot of big im­por­tant brands went by – Dut­ch, Ger­man ones, and Ita­lian ones ob­viou­sly – and we we­re try­ing our be­st to cat­ch com­men­ts. At a cer­tain mo­ment the room went dead quiet. Eve­ryo­ne li­te­ral­ly stood up and da­shed off to the ter­ra­ce to ta­ke pic­tu­res. Sy­ba­ris was ma­king her en­try, our 70 me­tre ket­ch. As it slip­ped by sho­wing her stern, the­re was a real ova­tion. I wouldn’t ha­ve thought it pos­si­ble hadn’t I seen it wi­th my own eyes. Af­ter ha­ving re­co­ve­red from the sur­pri­se I asked se­ve­ral peo­ple the rea­son for their spon­ta­neous en­thu­sia­sm. The words they used mo­re of­ten we­re the fol­lo­wing: ele­gan­ce, de­si­gn, clean­li­ness, beau­ty.

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