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The sea giants dream small

Superyacht - - LÜRSSEN YACHT -

Nor­th Sea to the Bal­tic we’re pre­sen­ted wi­th an awe­so­me view of the la­te­st Lurs­sen su­pe­rya­cht. She’s all of 110 me­tres long and is about to hit the wa­ter. The­re are ju­st se­ven ca­bins for 14 guests that will be able to li­ve as the ow­ner drea­med and whi­ch Lurs­sen crea­ted. Per­ro­ne adds. “Du­ring the ou­tli­ning of the pro­ject pha­se we’re open to any de­gree of per­so­na­li­sa­tion . Se­ven hun­dred en­gi­neers are bu­sy trans­la­ting in­to a ya­cht the dream of tho­se co­ming to us. All is doa­ble pro­vi­ded it is le­gal and is not dan­ge­rous. But on­ce de­ci­sions ha­ve been ma­de and the wheels be­gin to roll along then our le­vel of fle­xi­bi­li­ty sh­rinks con­si­de­ra­bly and “no” ge­ts to be re­pea­ted ma­ny ti­mes. In this aspect you find one of the sin­gu­lar ele­men­ts in Lurs­sen’s world. We gi­ve wha­te­ver ti­me it ta­kes the ow­ner to ma­ke his de­ci­sions and our de­di­ca­tion is 100% but we can’t ac­cept any­thing whi­ch en­tails la­te de­li­ve­ry of any ya­cht as this would ha­ve re­per­cus­sions on the de­li­ve­ry of our other ya­ch­ts. It’s got no­thing to do wi­th mo­ney, it’s about re­spect for the agree­men­ts ma­de by bo­th par­ties. When a client asks us to in­stall a lar­ger pool on the up­per deck, he should not be sur­pri­sed if he has to wait a week to get a re­ply. You see prior to in­stal­ling 17 cu­bic me­tres of wa­ter up the­re, our en­gi­neers mu­st work out weight and sta­bi­li­ty fac­tors again and so­me­ti­mes the week it is not avai­la­ble”. From Rend­sburg we tra­vel to Bre­men in about two hours whe­re the com­pa­ny’s HQ’S are and whe­re ya­ch­ts over 100 me­tres are built. The di­stan­ce bet­ween the two pre­mi­ses is next to no­thing if you can ap­pre­cia­te the po­si­ti­ve sy­ner­gy and strong iden­ti­ty the com­pa­ny en­joys. He­re in Bre­men the­re are as ma­ny as se­ven hun­dred en­gi­neers car­ry­ing out R&D work too. “I don’t think the­re’s mu­ch doubt - tells Al­ber­to Per­ro­ne – about the fact we at Lurs­s­sen are real­ly ve­ry dif­fe­rent from the re­st of the pro­duc­ti­ve pa­no­ra­ma. Not on­ly for the le­vel of tech­no­lo­gy we de­ploy in eve­ry pha­se, from the dra­wing board to con­struc­tion but al­so in the phi­lo­so­phy whi­ch spurs us ahead in rea­li­zing ob­jec­ti­ves wi­th the spi­rit of pio­neers and in com­mer­cial co­st ef­fec­ti­ve choi­ces as well. We’re the on­ly ones sel­ling ya­ch­ts wi­th no in­te­riors. The ya­cht is built wi­th all tech­ni­cal spa­ces com­ple­ted in­clu­ding the helm con­trols sta­tions. We then gui­de our clien­ts to choo­se among 3-4 re­lia­ble and tru­st­wor­thy sup­pliers wi­th whom the clien­ts con­fer their wi­shes to and they build them. In a nu­tshell the ow­ner ma­kes his choi­ces ba­sed on dra­wings and other vi­sual aids, ac­cor­din­gly fol­lo­ws up on the work as it pro­gres­ses and fi­nal­ly in­spec­ts the ac­com­pli­shed work at the sup­plier’s pre­mi­ses. Af­ter the ow­ner’s ap­pro­val we di­sman­tle eve­ry­thing and in­stall it on board. The pri­ce of the ya­cht re­fers to what we pro­du­ce, this way the­re is no er­ror or mi­sun­der­stan­ding. We ha­ve no stan­dard pri­ce on whi­ch op­tio­nals are ad­ded. We don’t gi­ve clien­ts ap­pro­xi­ma­te pri­ces as a gui­de­li­ne. We quo­te a pri­ce and that re­mains. Exac­tly li­ke our de­li­ve­ry da­tes. From this view point we’re in­fle­xi­ble”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Fr. Lürs­sen Werft; Zum Al­ten Spei­cher 11, 28759 Bre­men-ve­ge­sack, Ger­ma­ny; tel. +49 (0)421 6604166; www.lurs­sen.com - ya­ch­ts@lurs­sen.com

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