Superyacht - - INFINITO -

QUADRILATERO Is In­fi­ni­to De­si­gn’s hi­sto­ri­cal col­lec­tion of pla­tes whi­ch thanks to the mix of block wood and Krion K-li­fe So­lid Sur­fa­ce can be adroi­tly used to de­co­ra­te ta­bles of eve­ry sty­le. Their sha­pes and ma­ke up are ideal when ta­sting dif­fe­rent pro­duc­ts wi­th a di­ver­se ta­ste in the sa­me pla­te, sin­ce they lea­ve eve­ry com­po­nent well di­stinct from the other wi­thout al­te­ring in­di­vi­dual fla­vours.

LOONA De­si­gned by Cri­sti­na Zan­ni, this col­lec­tion pro­po­ses re­fi­ned pla­tes in all their sim­pli­ci­ty. Spe­cial­ly de­si­gned to tran­smit emo­tions and to hi­ghlight the ma­ke-up and in­gre­dien­ts of any di­sh. Loona is avai­la­ble in six sty­les: Ca­lan­te, Eclis­si, Nuo­va, Pie­na, Sa­tel­li­te and Ter­za.

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