Mer­ce­des-benz Class Yachting

Superyacht - - MERCEDES-BENZ CLASS YACHTING - edi­tion by Car­lex De­si­gn

is Mer­ce­des-benz’s ex­tra lu­xu­ry brand, wi­th fi­ni­shes in full grain Nap­pa Por­zel­lan lea­ther, Al­can­ta­ra, teak and exo­tic es­sen­ces. The fi­nal re­sult is a ri­ch and fa­sci­na­ting in­te­rior, whi­ch has been su­per­bly craf­ted ju­st as we find on the be­st crui­sing ya­ch­ts. The ex­te­rior de­si­gn of the pic­kup sports a new car­bon fi­bre bo­dy kit whi­ch ta­kes af­ter Mer­ce­des-benz’s X-class Ur­ban by Pic­kup De­si­gn and it ma­kes the ve­hi­cle’s de­si­gn mo­re ex­clu­si­ve and ag­gres­si­ve loo­king as it en­clo­ses lar­ge light al­loy 20” wheels bor­ro­wed from the S650 May­ba­ch Cou­pe from whi­ch it has al­so ‘in­he­ri­ted’ the sa­me front grill. Chi­na Whi­te and cho­co­la­te bro­wn are the cho­sen co­lours to add a fur­ther tou­ch of ex­clu­si­vi­ty to the X-class Yachting Edi­tion. Car­lex De­si­gn will be buil­ding it in li­mi­ted edi­tion wi­th pri­ces kic­king off at 105,000 Eu­ro. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion­le­x­de­si­

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