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The US edi­tion of Boat In­ter­na­tio­nal has re­cen­tly pu­bli­shed the world ran­king of the top twen­ty shi­pyards’ Or­der Book for over 24 me­tre ya­ch­­day’s ran­king po­si­tions San­lo­ren­zo in third pla­ce. The com­pa­ny’s sa­les fi­gu­res ha­ve go­ne from 40 mil­lion of Eu­ro in 2005 up to 300 mil­lion in 2017: a ve­ry po­si­ti­ve trend whi­ch has led share­hol­ders to in­ve­st 60 mil­lion Eu­ro over the next two years as fol­lo­ws: - 24 mil­lion for the re­struc­tu­ring of the La Spe­zia pre­mi­ses and buil­ding si­te, - 20 mil­lion for the Ame­glia shi­pyard whe­re spa­ces for con­struc­tion will be dou­bled for GRP built ya­ch­ts, - 16 mil­lion for the ac­qui­si­tion of “Fi­pa” shi­pyards 20,000 squa­re me­tres ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly in Mas­sa and 7,000 squa­re me­tres in Via­reg­gio and for the re­struc­tu­ring of the cur­rent pre­mi­ses. An ad­di­tio­nal 30 Mil­lion Eu­ro will be de­vol­ved to the rea­li­za­tion of new pro­duc­ts and to R&D.

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