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1958 - Gian­fran­co Cec­chi e Giu­lia­no Pec­chia found the yard along the Ar­no’s banks near Flo­ren­ce. 1972 - Gio­van­ni Jan­net­ti ac­qui­res the com­pa­ny and opens in Via­reg­gio. 1985 - Can­tie­ri Na­va­li San Lo­ren­zo S.P.A. laun­ch the Sl57,their fir­st mo­del in GRP. 1995 - San­lo­ren­zo hi­ts the su­pe­rya­cht sec­tor wi­th the laun­ching of the fir­st SL100. 1999 - San­lo­ren­zo re­lo­ca­tes in Ame­glia (La Spe­zia).the yard ob­tains UNI EN ISO 14001 cer­ti­fi­ca­tion gua­ran­teeing full com­plian­ce to norms pro­tec­ting the en­vi­ron­ment du­ring con­struc­tion. 2005 - Mas­si­mo Pe­rot­ti ta­kes over from Gio­van­ni Ja­net­ti and be­co­mes ma­jor share­hol­der of Can­tie­ri Na­va­li San­lo­ren­zo S.P.A. and the com­pa­ny na­me is chan­ged to San­lo­ren­zo S.P.A. 2007 - San­lo­ren­zo re­turns to Via­reg­gio and opens a se­cond area de­di­ca­ted to the pro­duc­tion of new li­nes. The fir­st SD92 is laun­ched. It’s the fir­st 40Al­loy, win­ner of the Show Boa­ts De­si­gn Award and of two World Su­pe­rya­cht Awards. 2008 - San­lo­ren­zo laun­ches the fir­st SD122 and wins the World Su­pe­rya­cht Award. 2009 - Laun­ching of the fir­st SL104, and wins the L’ADI Ita­lian In­no­va­tion Award. 2010 – Com­ple­tion of the fir­st 46 Steel, the yard’s fir­st di­spla­cing steel mo­del. 2011 - Vie­ne va­ra­to il pri­mo SL94, che si ag­giu­di­ca il pre­mio Bar­ca dell’an­no. San­lo­ren­zo di­ven­ta il ter­zo can­tie­re al mon­do nel­la pro­du­zio­ne di ya­cht so­pra i 24 me­tri. 2013 - Laun­ching of the fir­st SL94, whi­ch wins the Bar­ca dell’an­no Award. San­lo­ren­zo be­co­mes the world’s third lar­ge­st yard for the pro­duc­tion of over 24 me­tre ya­ch­ts. 2014 - San­lo­ren­zo up­gra­des to se­cond pla­ce from third for the pro­duc­tion of over 24 me­tre ya­ch­ts. 2015 – 460Exp and L’SL86 ya­ch­ts hit the wa­ter. 2016 – Of­fi­cial ope­ning of pre­mi­ses de­di­ca­ted to the pro­duc­tion of me­tal su­pe­rya­ch­ts in La Spe­zia. 2018 – Pre­sen­ta­tion of the fir­st asym­me­tri­cal ya­cht in the cour­se of the yard’s 66th an­ni­ver­sa­ry ce­le­bra­tion.

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