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con­tem­po­ra­ry” tells Gio­van­ni Cec­ca­rel­li pro­ject lea­der. “I fol­lo­wed the sa­me me­thods of the ap­plied re­sear­ch work that went in­to the con­struc­tion of Ame­ri­ca Cup hulls: Ma­scal­zo­ne La­ti­no and +39. To get to the fi­nal sha­pe of the hull, I drew up and ana­ly­sed ma­ny pro­jec­ts using CFD cal­cu­lus. The fi­nal re­sult is apo­wer­ful hull in terms of wa­ter­li­nes, wi­th a wi­de aft sec­tion whi­ch opens out flat mi­ni­mi­sing the wet­ted area so as to ha­ve the lea­st pos­si­ble drag at any an­gle of heel and en­han­ced boat speed”. Be­low the wa­ter­li­ne the­re’s a long car­bon rud­der bla­de on ea­ch si­de and a T sha­ped keel wi­th bulb of about 12 tons, and a sail plan of 365 squa­re me­tres wi­th the main­sail and ge­noa. As for the in­te­riors, the sty­ling mir­rors the ow­ner’s re­quests as the de­si­gner ex­plains: “The ow­ners needs we­re to ha­ve a ya­cht whe­re lu­xu­ry and con­tem­po­ra­ry go hand in hand wi­th clas­sic nau­ti­cal ele­men­ts and not as if we we­re in a sum­mer flat by the sea. In wor­king out the be­st so­lu­tions wi­thin the gi­ven pa­ra­me­ters con­cer­ning de­si­gn, loads of sy­ner­gy from the who­le team was put in­to har­mo­ni­zing ele­gan­ce wi­th the qua­li­ty of the fur­ni­tu­re and fi­ni­shes whi­le main­tai­ning a clean es­sen­tial de­si­gn”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion. Can­tie­re del Par­do; Via F.lli Lu­miè­re 34, 47122 For­lì (FC); tel. +39 0543 782404, www.grand­so­ - in­fo@grand­so­

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