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Superyacht - - NEWS/GRAND SOLEIL -

“His choi­ces re­flec­ted his na­vi­ga­tion phi­lo­so­phy and that is so­me­thing we are ve­ry fa­mi­liar wi­th: lar­ge con­vi­vial spa­ces for day­ti­me and ca­bins that are ge­nui­ne­ly able to of­fer ex­cep­tio­nal pri­va­cy and com­fort well beyond the ca­te­go­ry,” de­cla­red Ugo Pel­le­gri­no, So­le Di­rec­tor of the Ita­lian yard. “This is why he asked us to de­di­ca­te the win­ter gar­den for­ward on the main deck to a ga­ming room whe­re he could ga­ther wi­th few se­lec­ted guests or sim­ply en­joy the bow view and na­tu­ral sea bree­ze gua­ran­teed by two lar­ge si­de win­do­ws”. To show ca­se how fle­xi­ble this ya­cht is, the yard has de­ve­lo­ped over 50 com­bi­na­tions on the de­si­gn to help clien­ts se­lect the so­lu­tions that are clo­se­st to their own wi­shes. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Ar­ca­dia Ya­ch­ts; Via Ter­ra­gne­ta 90, 80059 Tor­re An­nun­zia­ta (NA); tel.+39 081 8590701; www.ar­ca­dia­ya­ch­ts.it - in­fo@ar­ca­dia­ya­ch­ts.it

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