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Superyacht - - WHAT’S ON - By Fa­bia­no Ma­re­sca

Foun­ded in 2006 by de­si­gner Ch­ri­stian Tam­bu­ri­nel­li, Tro­na is a brand na­me spe­cia­li­zed in hi­gh end out­door de­si­gn fur­ni­shings Ma­de in Ita­ly. Tro­na ini­tials out­door fur­ni­tu­re and ac­ces­so­ries ma­de from ma­ri­ne ma­te­rial cho­sen spe­cial­ly to en­du­re sal­ty open air en­vi­ron­men­ts. They are all craf­ted to de­li­ver ma­xi­mum com­fort wi­thin the pa­ra­me­ters of ap­pre­cia­ble mo­dern de­si­gn, in fact they ha­ve been cho­sen to fur­ni­sh top end lu­xu­ry ex­te­rior spa­ces, na­me­ly the Mo­na­co Ya­cht Club, two Four sea­sons ho­tels, the Ri­tz – Carl­ton in Abu Dha­bi and the Ushua­ia Ibi­za Bea­ch Ho­tel to na­me a few, but al­so shi­pyards su­ch as Sun­deck Ya­ch­ts, San­lo­ren­zo and An­ve­ra. Tro­na of­fers a ran­ge of four col­lec­tions whi­ch com­pri­se a num­ber of pro­duc­ts spe­cial­ly ma­de for well­ness cen­tres. The Fit­ness Eye seat, re­la­xing pads On­da and Du­na plus a li­ne of fa­shio­na­ble ac­ces­so­ries. The Sof­tro­na col­lec­tion of­fers ideal mo­dern de­si­gn pie­ces wi­th whi­ch to fur­ni­sh in­te­rior and ex­te­rior loun­ges and li­ving rooms. This col­lec­tion in­clu­des an am­ple choi­ce of set­tees, arm­chairs, ta­bles and com­for­ta­ble “bean bags”. The Dia­monds col­lec­tion fea­tu­res a fu­tu­ri­stic, uni­que li­ne of pro­duc­ts whi­ch com­pri­se: arm­chairs, small so­fas, ‘bean bags’ and ta­bles con­cei­ved to be de­ployed out­doors in gar­dens and on lar­ge ya­ch­ts. The Cloud col­lec­tion as the na­me sug­gests is ma­de up of soft en­ve­lo­ping ele­men­ts: cu­shions, so­fas and arm­chairs of di­ver­se si­zes and hand­ma­de uphol­ste­ry wi­th cer­ti­fied

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