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Superyacht - - WHAT’S ON - By Da­nie­le Car­ne­va­li

When you sit do­wn to a for­mal din­ner wi­th fi­ne Chi­na pla­tes a hand-broi­de­red ta­ble­clo­th mat­ching na­p­kins, fi­nal­ly cut glas­ses and tum­blers and po­li­shed sil­ver cu­tle­ry as the hors d’oeu­vres co­me and go your ta­ste buds set to work as you sa­vour ea­ch par­ti­cle in a mo­re than plea­su­ra­ble way. In­fi­ni­to De­si­gn pro­po­ses a va­rie­ty of re­fi­ned ex­clu­si­ve so­lu­tions wi­th whi­ch to gar­ni­sh and de­co­ra­te your ta­ble and di­ning area on board. In­fi­ni­to De­si­gn al­so in­ter­pre­ts how to be­st lay your di­ning ta­ble ac­cor­din­gly to mood and de­si­red ef­fect. Na­tu­ral pro­duc­ts su­ch as block wood go well wi­th the tech­ni­ca­li­ties of­fe­red by Krion K-li­fe So­lid Sur­fa­ce, a blend of rock ex­trac­ted mi­ne­rals wi­th me­thyl met ha cry lat es whi­ch will main­tain the tem­pe­ra­tu­re of the di­sh and of the food on it con­stant. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: In­fi­ni­to De­si­gn – Cies­se; Via Pia­ve 20, 61030 Ca­stel­vec­chio di Mon­te Por­zio (PU); tel. +39 0721 955101, fax 0721 956507; www.in­fi­ni­to-de­si­gn.it in­fo@in­fi­ni­to-de­si­gn.it

TEGUSTO Is a col­lec­tion crea­ted wi­th Cri­sti­na Zan­ni. It adap­ts well wi­th eve­ry meal any ti­me of day from sweet to cru­sty and sal­ty, thanks to four di­ver­se si­zes( S, M, L, XL) you are free to un­lea­sh all your crea­ti­vi­ty eve­ry ti­me.

LEGNO This is ano­ther spe­cial col­lec­tion of pla­tes de­di­ca­ted to the par­fum wood and its warm­th re­calls. An ideal set for mo­dern en­vi­ron­men­ts. Th­rou­gh the Legno 37 and Legno Small col­lec­tion of pla­tes you can bring back the au­then­tic ta­ste of oli­ve oil, raw and smo­ked hams, chee­ses and jams.

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