Ma­ko Board­sports Sling­shot

Superyacht - - WHAT’S ON - By Da­nie­le Car­ne­va­li

Ma­ko Board­sports has re­cen­tly pre­sen­ted a new jet board, this Bri­ti­sh com­pa­ny spe­cia­li­zes in buil­ding jet skis and other hi-te­ch wa­ter craft. Sling­shot is a sin­gle hull in light car­bon fi­bre, it is ea­sy to trans­port and stow away. A two stro­ke 100c.c. Ro­tax CT100 en­gi­ne de­li­vers 15 HP to a top speed of 30 mph or 50 km/hr. It is ea­sy to steer, thanks al­so to an er­go­no­mic full grip joy­stick and to the sea kee­ping qua­li­ty of­fe­red by its in­no­va­ti­ve sha­pe. Anyo­ne can use Sling­shot whe­ther a plain be­gin­ner or a ta­len­ted ri­der the­re are no po­ten­tial­ly dan­ge­rous pro­pel­ler bla­des and it is sa­fe. Dri­ve is gua­ran­teed by a jet dri­ve sy­stem de­ri­ved from the air spa­ce in­du­stry. It is de­si­gned to de­li­ver great ac­ce­le­ra­tion whi­le mi­ni­mi­sing ca­vi­ta­tion and ge­ne­ra­ting con­stant po­wer th­rou­ghout the en­ti­re ac­ce­le­ra­tion cur­ve en­su­ring loads of ex­hi­la­ra­ting th­rills. A 2.8 li­tre fuel tank ca­pa­ci­ty trans­la­tes in­to 40 mi­nu­tes at full speed wi­th the th­rot­tle wi­de open! “The Ma­ko Sling­shot re­pre­sen­ts a new ge­ne­ra­tion of jet boards whi­ch en­han­ces all of the emo­tions we li­ke when play­ing on wa­ter” tells Gi­lo Car­do­zo foun­der and Chief Tech­no­lo­gy Of­fi­cer at Ma­ko Board­sports. “Mo­to­ri­sed surf boards ha­ve been on the mar­ket for de­ca­des but no one real­ly bo­the­red to de­ve­lop them. So we sat do­wn around a ta­ble and fo­cu­sed on de­si­gning an ‘ad­van­ced’ jet board whi­ch would be po­wer­ful, sa­fe, fa­st th­ril­ling and light. Eighteen mon­ths la­ter we laun­ched Ma­ko Sling­shot”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion:­ko­board­ in­fo@ma­ko­board­

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