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Nu­ma­ri­ne’s XP col­lec­tion will be de­bu­ting at the Can­nes Yachting Fe­sti­val and it is al­rea­dy going strong. Fol­lo­wing the fir­st two mo­dels a fur­ther two are on the cards by the end of 2018.

Superyacht - - WHAT’S ON - by Fa­bia­no Ma­re­sca

Wi­th the XP col­lec­tion this Tur­ki­sh yard has got­ten off to a great start. The lar­ger of the two a 32 me­tre and the 26 me­tre are cur­ren­tly en­joy­ing a no­ta­ble suc­cess in terms of num­bers wi­th se­ve­ral sold and al­mo­st rea­dy for de­li­ve­ry. The smal­ler of the two mo­dels na­me­ly the XP 26 is the mo­re sought af­ter of the two, al­so be­cau­se she is ju­st short, for a han­d­ful of cen­ti­me­tres, to not be clas­si­fied as

a ship, (edn. Less than 24.00 m) wi­th all of the ad­van­ta­ges that go wi­th it. Nu­ma­ri­ne laun­ched two XP 26 mo­dels, the fir­st to hit the wa­ter was back in April and the se­cond one la­st Ju­ly. A fur­ther two will fol­low suit by the year’s end. It is wor­th no­ting that the fir­st two mo­dels are ve­ry dif­fe­rent from a tech­ni­cal point of view even if at fir­st glan­ce the ex­te­rior de­si­gn work by Can Yal­man is mi­slea­ding. The fir­st 26 me­tre de­ploys a se­mi di­spla­cing hull whi­ch pro­pels the ya­cht to a top speed of 28 kno­ts, in­stead the se­cond one sports a di­spla­cing hull wi­th a ro­strum li­ke bulb in the bow whi­ch when de­li­ve­ring 13.5 kno­ts is ca­pa­ble of crui­sing non­stop for 3,000 nau­ti­cal mi­les. Um­ber­to Ta­glia­vi­ni a con­so­li­da­ted part­ner of this Tur­ki­sh yard drew up bo­th hulls. “Hull num­ber two of the XP 26 was de­si­gned ex­pres­sly for its ow­ner” tells Omer Ma­laz Nu­ma­ri­ne’s foun­der and CEO. “This new ya­cht is en­do­wed wi­th our spe­cial si­lent

pac­ka­ge” whi­ch trans­la­tes in­to a li­thium set of bat­te­ries whi­ch can run all on board sy­stems in­clu­ding A/C wi­thout de­ploy­ing a gen. set for up to 12 hours the­re­by of­fe­ring to­tal si­len­ce to bet­ter ap­pre­cia­te quiet bays and to sleep whi­le gen­tly lul­led by wa­ve­le­ts”. This mo­del’s suc­cess can be at­tri­bu­ted to a mix of fac­tors, not lea­st a so­phi­sti­ca­ted de­si­gn whi­ch up­gra­des the sty­ling in the ex­plo­rer ya­cht seg­ment and in the de­tails of the re­st of Nu­ma­ri­ne’s fleet. The in­te­riors are al­ways ini­tial­led by Can Yal­man and con­ti­nue to boa­st am­ple vo­lu­mes whi­le the fi­ni­shes, the ma­te­rials and ma­ny other choi­ces are left up to the client. Num­ber two’s lay­out com­pri­ses four lar­ge gue­st ca­bins, the ow­ner’s is amid ships and com­pri­ses a pri­va­te stu­dy, a loun­ge cor­ner and a lar­ge ba­th­room. The com­mon areas de­di­ca­ted to so­cia­li­sing are si­tua­ted along the main deck whe­re a sa­loon oo­zes wi­th na­tu­ral light thanks to floor to cei­ling win­dow li­ke ports whi­ch of­fer great views of the sur­roun­dings and ex­tend in­to the di­ning area. Ou­tsi­de on the sa­me deck we find a pri­va­te area for­ward in the bow area and a se­cond di­ning spot in the coc­k­pit con­tou­red wi­th sun pads and cu­shions. The fly deck is all of 16 me­tres long wi­th a sur­fa­ce area of 55 squa­re me­tres. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion www.nu­ma­ri­ne.com

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