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Superyacht - - WHAT’S ON - by Da­nie­le Car­ne­va­li

The 28th edi­tion of the Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show whi­ch is de­di­ca­ted to the world of Su­pe­rya­ch­ts, will be held from Sep­tem­ber 26th th­rou­gh to the 29th. Gla­mour, li­fe­sty­le and bu­si­ness, will be co­ming to­ge­ther again in the fa­sci­na­ting set­ting Port Her­cu­les pro­vi­des; whe­re Su­per and Me­ga Ya­ch­ts ar­ri­ving from all over the world will be ex­hi­bi­ted to form a uni­que bac­k­drop. As ma­ny as for­ty of the­se will be ma­king their dé­but pu­bli­cly whi­le smal­ler ones too will be hi­ghlighting the ex­clu­si­vi­ty of their pro­ject de­si­gns. “The Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show is re­no­w­ned eve­ry­whe­re for the ex­cel­lent qua­li­ty of the Su­pe­rya­ch­ts ex­hi­bi­ted year af­ter year. The ave­ra­ge ove­rall leng­th of the ex­hi­bi­ted ya­ch­ts is now ve­ry clo­se to fif­ty me­tres and about six­ty of them are less than two years old,” says Gaël­le Tal­la­ri­da, Ge­ne­ral Ma­na­ger of the Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show. “We coor­di­na­te wi­th in­ter­na­tio­nal ya­cht bro­kers and shi­pyards in the in­te­re­st of all vi­si­ting par­ties, cur­rent ow­ners, and po­ten­tial ones, whi­le hel­ping new clien­ts and in­tro­du­cing fir­st ti­mers to the world of lu­xu­ry whi­ch the su­pe­rya­cht in­du­stry alo­ne can of­fer. Con­si­der- ing the ex­tre­me qua­li­ty of the su­pe­rya­ch­ts ex­hi­bi­ted, it is du­ti­ful for MYS to of­fer vi­si­tors the be­st ex­pe­rien­ce pos­si­ble”. Thanks to the re­struc­tu­ring work car­ried out along the Quai des Éta­ts-unis this year, the or­ga­ni­sers ha­ve been able to im­pro­ve the di­stri­bu­tion of the flow of vi­si­ting par­ties and the set­ting of ad­ded ex­hi­bi­ting spa­ces. Fur­ther­mo­re, this year and for the fir­st ti­me, the­re will be an ex­hi­bi­tion of sculp­tu­res and works of art at the new­ly in­stal­led Art Pa­vi­lion next to the Star­board Loun­ge and the Car Deck. The Art Pa­vi­lion will be ho­sting the works pre­sen­ted by as ma­ny as ten art gal­le­ries; wi­th the pre­sen­ce of so­me of the ar­tists who­se works will be ex­hi­bi­ted. Ex­hi­bi­tors’ and or­ga­ni­sers’ guests will be in­vi­ted to at­tend pri­va­te ma­de to mea­su­re vi­si­ts and even­ts in the cour­se of the MYS whi­ch will al­so be open to vi­si­ting par­ties ad­he­ring to the “Sap­phi­re Ex­pe­rien­ce”. To na­me one the­re’s the Mo­na­co Ya­cht Sum­mit now at its third edi­tion whi­ch will be held on Sep­tem­ber 25th at the Mé­ri­dien Bea­ch Pla­za Ho­tel whe­re ex­perts of the char­ter sec­tor will be ta­king the floor.

So­me of the pre­views Mo­re than 150 mo­dels com­pri­sing su­pe­rya­ch­ts, all kinds of ten­ders and lu­xu­ry boa­ts in ge­ne­ral are ex­pec­ted at the MYS. About 60 of the­se ha­ve been built and com­ple­ted in 2018 and at lea­st 40 are world pre­miers. Among this re­stric­ted num­ber the­re will be San­lo­ren­zo’s 500Exp, a 47 me­tre ex­plo­rer whi­ch will be flan­king a fleet of four su­pe­rya­ch­ts ex­hi­bi­ted from the sa­me shi­pyard. Zuc­con In­ter­na­tio­nal Pro­ject Stu­dio will be pre­sen­ting BG62’ on be­half of Blue­ga­me a sa­tel­li­te yard to San­lo­ren­zo. Azi­mut’s new Gran­de 32 Me­tri will be sai­ling in di­rec­tly from the Can­nes Yachting Fe­sti­val whe­re this Ita­lian shi­pyard will al­so be ex­hi­bi­ting the Gran­de 25 Me­tri and wi­th it; the­re will be al­so the new 48 me­tre Ba­gliet­to T-li­ne whi­ch is an evo­lu­tion of the 48 me­tre “An­dia­mo” dra­wn up for this hi­sto­ric brand by Fran­ce­sco Pasz­ko­w­ski, who’s al­so re­cen­tly ini­tial­led Grup­po Fer­ret­ti’s new Cu­stom Li­ne 120’ whi­ch will al­so be ex­hi­bi­ted at the MYS. Cu­stom Li­ne’s new flag­ship; a 42 me­tre Na­vet­ta whi­ch hit the wa­ter la­st Ju­ne will al­so be pre­sent. In spi­te of the fact that Be­net­ti has al­rea­dy laun­ched ma­ny mo­dels so far this year, ma­ny of whi­ch are from the Class li­nes, the com­pa­ny will be ex­hi­bi­ting the full cu­stom 50 me­tre “Bla­ke” the lar­ge­st their shi­pyard has ever built, af­ter the 45 me­tre “Da­mia­ni” in 2016. Un­less of cour­se it ha­sn’t laun­ched the 66 me­tre FB369 “Spec­tre” pur­cha­sed by John Sta­lup­pi in 2015 whi­ch MYS has li­sted as one of the at­ten­ding su­pe­rya­ch­ts. Fol­lo­wing CCN’S 50 me­tre “El­sea” it is ti­me to pre­sent “Kan­ga” a

41 me­tre Ice Class from their Fuo­ri­se­rie col­lec­tion rea­li­zed wi­th Floa­ting Li­fe: I won­der if it will al­so be pos­si­ble to ad­mi­re “Free­dom” a 27 me­tre by CCN on Spa­do­li­ni’s de­si­gn work for sty­li­st Ro­ber­to Ca­val­li. Ros­si­na­vi has con­fir­med the pre­sen­ce of their new 50 me­tre “Fly­ing Dag­ger II” but as it was sold back in Ju­ly, mo­st pro­ba­bly on­ly the pro­ject work will be pre­sen­ted. It won’t be the sa­me for CRN sin­ce “La­to­na” their new 50 me­tre de­si­gned by Stu­dio Zuc­con In­ter­na­tio­nal Pro­ject whi­ch ta­kes af­ter the hi­sto­ric Su­per­co­ne­ro will be ex­hi­bi­ted. Man­gu­sta will be con­tri­bu­ting wi­th flag­ship “El Leon” a 54 me­tre fa­st di­spla­ce­ment in alu­mi­nium from the Gran­sport se­ries ini­tial­led by de­si­gner Al­ber­to Man­ci­ni. Al­rea­dy pre­viewed in the cour­se of the “Grand Prix Hi­sto­ri­que” event held at the Ya­cht Club de Mo­na­co the new Ri­va 110’ “Dol­ce­vi­ta” de­si­gned by Of­fi­ci­na Ita­lia­na De­si­gn will al­so be ex­hi­bi­ted at the co­ming MYS. Tan­koa will be show ca­sing the 72 me­tre S701 “So­lo” whi­ch is an evo­lu­tio­na­ry up­gra­de from the 69 me­tre “Suer­te” a mo­tor ya­cht de­sti­ned to car­ry char­ter par­ties, de­si­gned by Fran­ce­sco Pasz­ko­w­ski wi­th Mar­ghe­ri­ta Ca­spri­ni’s con­tri­bu­tion for the in­te-

rior dé­cor. CBI Na­vi will be pre­sen­ting “Stel­la di Ma­re” a 40 me­tre full cu­stom ex­plo­rer, wi­th the ex­te­rior de­si­gn work car­ried out by Ser­gio Cu­to­lo’s Hy­dro Tec whi­le Fos­sa­ti De­si­gn Bu­reau hand­led the in­te­riors. Fol­lo­wing its pre­sen­ce at the Can­nes Yachting Fe­sti­val, Grand So­leil 80 the fir­st of the Cu­stom li­ne for whi­ch the Can­tie­ri del Par­do ope­ned up new pre­mi­ses will al­so be ex­hi­bi­ted at the MYS. Ob­viou­sly ma­ny lea­ding Eu­ro­pean shi­pyards will be pre­sent wi­th new in­te­re­sting mo­dels. Su­re­ly one of the ma­jor stars par­ti­ci­pa­ting will be Ocean­co’s 90 me­tre “Dar” de­si­gned by Luiz De­ba­sto and Nu­vo­la­ri and Le­nard. “Dar” is the fir­st Dut­ch su­pe­rya­cht to sport Lloyd’s Re­gi­ster ap­pro­ved In­te­gra­ted Brid­ge Sy­stem (IBS). Amels’ “Vol­pi­ni 2” their fir­st 188 Li­mi­ted Edi­tion (57.7 me­tre) on a Tim Hey­wood de­si­gn will be ac­com­pa­nied by Da­men’s 55.5 me­tre “Po­wer Play” an un­mi­sta­ka­ble sup­port ves­sel en­do­wed wi­th a Sea Axe Bow. Abe­king & Ra­smus­sen, will be pre­sen­ting new 74 me­tre “Elan­dess” on a Har­ri­son Eid­sgaard de­si­gn stu­dio whi­ch is a “new en­try” for this re­no­w­ned Dut­ch yard.

Ini­tial­led by the sa­me de­si­gn stu­dio the­re’s “Iri­sha” a new 51 me­tre se­mi di­spla­cing full cu­stom mo­tor ya­cht in alu­mi­nium by Hee­sen Ya­ch­ts. This mo­del is one of the ma­ny ya­ch­ts this yard has laun­ched so far this year. Bri­ti­sh shi­pyard Pen­den­nis asked Dut­ch de­si­gner An­dre Hoek to car­ry out the pro­ject de­si­gn work for “Vi­jo­na­ra” whi­ch is the se­cond 128’ from the Tru­ly Clas­sic Li­ne (near­ly 43 me­tres). Tur­ki­sh shi­pyard Evad­ne al­so went to a Dut­ch team for “Rock”, but this ti­me the choi­ce fell on Vri­pack whi­ch left its un­mi­sta­ka­ble tou­ch to this new 25 me­tre. “Go” al­so co­mes from Tur­key a 77 me­tre de­si­gned by H2 Ya­cht De­si­gn whi­ch Tur­quoi­se Ya­ch­ts will be pre­sen­ting at the MYS. This is the lar­ge­st ya­cht this yard has laun­ched so far af­ter 72 me­tre “Vic­ky”. Po­li­sh yard Con­rad cho­se a Bri­ti­sh de­si­gner and a Dut­ch na­val ar­chi­tect, na­me­ly Rey­mond Lang­ton and Dia­na Ya­cht de­si­gn for the new 40 me­tre “Via­to­ris” . Club­swan 125 from Nau­tor’s Swan will al­so be ma­king her dé­but. This is the se­cond mo­del from the Club­swan li­ne de­si­gned by a team led by Juan Kouy­ou­mi­d­jan. It is to be hi­ghly per­for­ming. Still on a sai­ling to­pic, Sou­thern Wind Shi­pyard will be ex­hi­bi­ting “Sa­ti­sfac­tion” the fir­st sai­ling ya­cht laun­ched from the SW105 mi­ni­se­ries in col­la­bo­ra­tion wi­th Nau­tor’s hi­sto­ric part­ners Nau­ta De­si­gn and Farr Ya­cht De­si­gn. Along Port Her­cu­les’ quais the­re will al­so be new­ly laun­ched but al­rea­dy kno­wn mo­dels li­ke so­me of Ma­je­sty Ya­ch­ts and from Mon­te Car­lo Ya­ch­ts, but al­so from Prin­cess and Sun­see­ker plus loads of ten­ders. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show; 7, rue Suf­fren-rey­mond-le Suf­fren, MC 98000 Mo­na­co; tel. +377 93104170, fax +377 93104171;­na­coya­ch­ in­fo@mo­na­coya­ch­

Ba­gliet­to 48 m T-li­ne

Be­net­ti Spec­tre

San­lo­ren­zo 500Exp

Azi­mut Gran­de 32 me­tri

Cu­stom Li­ne 120’

Cu­stom Li­ne Na­vet­ta 42

Ri­va 110’ Dol­ce­vi­ta

CCN Kan­ga 41 me­tri

CCN Free­dom 27 me­tri

CRN La­to­na 50 me­tri

Man­gu­sta El Leon 54 me­tri

Ros­si­na­vi Fly­ing Dag­ger II

Abe­king & Ra­smus­sen Elan­dess

Tan­koa S701 So­lo

CBI Na­vi Stel­la di Ma­re

Amels Vol­pi­ni 2

Ocean­co Dar

Hee­sen Ya­ch­ts Iri­sha 51 me­tri

Sou­thern Wind Shi­pard Sa­ti­sfac­tion SW 105 Con­rad Shi­pyard Via­to­ris 40 me­tri

Pen­den­nis Vi­jo­na­ra

Evad­ne Ya­ch­ts Rock

Tur­quoi­se Ya­ch­ts GO 77 me­tri

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