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One of Eu­ro­pe’s lar­ge­st pro­duc­ti­ve cen­tres en­ti­re­ly de­di­ca­ted to buil­ding and re­fit­ting so­me of the mo­st ce­le­bra­ted brands in an in­ter­na­tio­nal set­ting. Funds we­re ma­de avai­la­ble by Grup­po Fer­ret­ti whi­ch aims to meet in­crea­sing de­mands and a pro­jec­ted stea­dy gro­w­th of the brand.

In 2016 Al­ber­to Ga­las­si CEO at Grup­po Fer­ret­ti pre­sen­ted an in­vest­ment plan of 25 mil­lion Eu­ro over th­ree years so as to re­new the An­co­na shi­pyard com­ple­te­ly. Thanks to the ap­pro­val of the plan Fer­ret­ti Group in­crea­sed the sur­fa­ce area of the pro­duc­tion sec­tor near CRN’S pre­mi­ses and ope­ned new plan­ts for the Cu­stom Li­ne, whi­ch mo­ved all pro­duc­tion from Cat­to­li­ca, and the two Ri­va and Per­shing brands as well whi­ch ha­ve re­cen­tly step­ped in­to the su­pe­rya­cht mar­ket, the­re­by crea­ting a new pro­duc­tion plant whi­ch is the Su­pe­rya­cht Yard. The sur­fa­ce area of the en­ti­re plant is of ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly 80,000 squa­re me­tres, 25,000 of the­se are co­ve­red over and are de­sti­ned to be used so­le­ly for the buil­ding of CRN’S en­ti­re cu­stom fleet in steel and alu­mi­nium and GRP built Cu­stom Li­ne su­pe­rya­ch­ts as well as ma­xi Per­shing and Ri­va brands. The lat­ter one will be pre­sen­ting a new steel and alu­mi­nium 50 me­tre in 2019.As for the hi­sto­ric

Sar­ni­co yard’s pre­mi­ses now in­si­de the Su­pe­rya­cht Yard a team of en­gi­neers has ta­ken them over to ou­tli­ne Ri­va pro­ject work wi­th de­si­gner Mau­ro Mi­che­le and Of­fi­ci­na Ita­lia­na De­si­gn. At this point in ti­me The Su­pe­rya­cht Yard can hand­le the buil­ding of four na­val plat­forms of 50, 60 , 70 and 90 me­tres re­spec­ti­ve­ly. The­se will be flan­ked shor­tly by a fur­ther 5 work sta­tions in whi­ch to pro­du­ce and re­fit Per­shing, Ri­va, and CRN su­pe­rya­ch­ts. Su­pe­rya­cht Yard was set up to hand­le in­crea­sing de­mand for Grup­po Fer­ret­ti ya­ch­ts whi­ch in 2017 hit boo­kings for 522 mil­lion Eu­ro. 276 mil­lion we­re ge­ne­ra­ted by the over 30 me­tre seg­ment whi­ch in fact grew stea­di­ly as of 2015

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