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Fol­lo­wing the suc­cess ob­tai­ned wi­th S501 “Ver­ti­ge” fir­st pre­sen­ted in the cour­se of the la­te­st Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show, Tan­koa Ya­ch­ts star­ted to build two new 50 me­tre uni­ts na­me­ly hull#5 S501 and#s502 Elet­tra. this la­te­st fea­tu­res hy­brid pro­pul­sion. “Buil­ding on spec re­pre­sen­ts an im­por­tant in­vest­ment for any shi­pyard wi­th so­lid bac­king and no deb­ts. On the other hand thou­gh the­re’s a stra­te­gic ad­van­ta­ge as it cu­ts do­wn on de­li­ve­ry ti­mes” tells Edoar­do Rat­to, Ge­ne­ral Ma­na­ger at Tan­koa. “Ma­ny ow­ners find lit­tle in­te­re­st in fol­lo­wing up on the ac­com­pli­shed work in the fir­st 6 to 8 mon­ths whi­ch in the main con­cern the hull and su­per­struc­tu­re. They’re kee­ner to get in­vol­ved in choo­sing lay­ou­ts and in­te­rior dé­cor in ad­di­tion to de­fi­ning so­me bin­ding cha­rac­te­ri­stics and equi­p­ment whi­ch is nor­mal­ly sta­ged when the joi­ne­ry and car­pen­try work is al­rea­dy way ahead”. Bo­th mo­dels are be­low 500GT and are si­ster ships to “Ver­ti­ge” in as mu­ch as they sport the sa­me un­mi­sta­ka­ble de­si­gn for whi­ch Fran­ce­sco Pasz­ko­w­ski is re­no­w­ned. Hull #5 will be equip­ped wi­th a con­ven­tio­nal die­sel en­gi­ne whi­le the S502 Elet­tra will boa­st a hy­brid so­lu­tion de­ve­lo­ped wi­th Die­sel Cen­ter di La Spe­zia whi­ch will be of­fe­ring a va­rie­ty of choi­ces for the po­wer hou­ses: die­sel-elec­tric, all elec­tric, tra­di­tio­nal die­sel, and full speed mo­de. “Sin­ce the mar­ket is mo­ving in that di­rec­tion, as sho­wn by the in­vest­men­ts ma­de by the au­to­mo­ti­ve mar­ket wi­th gro­wing in­te­re­st

for hy­brid so­lu­tions, th­ree years ago we de­ci­ded to look ahead and to build the fir­st 50 me­tre Elet­tra wi­th hy­brid pro­pul­sion, whi­ch could meet expectations wi­th ex­cel­lent per­for­man­ce and ran­ge com­bi­ned and de­li­ver re­du­ced un­wan­ted ex­hau­st ga­ses and a re­la­xing quiet crui­se in terms of noi­se at lea­st”. Adds Edoar­do Rat­to. “Ri­ch clien­ts don’t want to wait long for their dream ya­ch­ts to be built from the dra­wing board up even when they’re be­low 500 GRT. And that’s pre­ci­se­ly why on spec con­struc­tion is a fan­ta­stic so­lu­tion all things con­si­de­red.the client can vi­sit us any­ti­me to see his fu­tu­re ya­cht wi­th work in pro­gress at ad­van­ced sta­ges, and al­so choo­se dé­cor and lay­ou­ts to ob­tain de­li­ve­ry the fol­lo­wing sea­son. A fur­ther win­ning aspect is that in ad­di­tion to ha­ving a ya­cht whi­ch is al­rea­dy half built, our clien­ts won’t ha­ve to bo­ther wi­th bank gua­ran­tees ei­ther.tan­koa is a so­lid firm and con­se­quen­tly can ma­na­ge to run fi­nan­cial pro­ces­ses smoo­thly wi­th no wor­ry for the client. In this ca­se the yard would ta­ke a cal­cu­la­ted ri­sk and use its own ca­sh flow. Fol­lo­wing up on this new pro­gram­me of ours to build on spec, the ob­jec­ti­ve is to start on a new build eve­ry ti­me a sa­le is ma­de...” con­firms Mi­chel Kar­sen­ti, Sa­les & Mar­ke­ting Di­rec­tor at Tan­koa Ya­ch­ts. Bo­th mo­dels are cur­ren­tly being built at the Car­pen­te­ria fa­ci­li­ty and ha­ve been sche­du­led for de­li­ve­ry in the sum­mer of 2020. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Tan­koa Ya­ch­ts; Via Ci­bra­rio 1H, 16154 Ge­noa, Ita­ly: tel. +39 010 8991100; www.tan­koa.com - in­fo@tan­koa.com

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