An­gel o Mai Ci­vic Li­bra­ry

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The re­cen­tly re­sto­red An­ge­lo Mai Ci­vic Li­bra­ry is si­tua­ted in Piaz­za Vec­chia in Up­per Ber­ga­mo. It is one of Ita­ly’s be­st stoc­ked con­ser­va­tion li­bra­ries, whi­ch al­so ma­na­ges the Gae­ta­no Do­ni­zet­ti Mu­sic Li­bra­ry. The fre­scoes by Pie­tro Ba­sche­nis and the Co­ro­nel­li Glo­bes da­ting back to the end of the se­ven­teen­th cen­tu­ry are par­ti­cu­lar­ly in­te­re­sting.

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