Mu seo ber­na­reg Ber­na­reg i i Mu­seum

The Key to Bergamo Tourist Magazine - - Museums -


Via Pi­gno­lo, 76 D. Cre­spi, L. Lot­to, A. Vi­va­ri­ni, A. Ba­le­stra, A. Ma­ri­no­ni, G. B. Mo­ro­ni, G. Man­zù e al­tri ar­ti­sti. D. Cre­spi, L. Lot­to, Vi­va­ri­ni A., A. Ba­le­stra, A. Ma­ri­no­ni, G.B. Mo­ro­ni, G. Man­zù and ma­ny ar­tists. www.fon­da­zio­ne­ber­na­reg­

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