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Bi­so­gna con­ce­der­si un me­ri­ta­to e spen­sie­ra­to re­lax do­po aver gi­ro­va­ga­to per la cit­tà, am­mi­ra­to mo­nu­men­ti, mu­sei ed at­tra­zio­ni tu­ri­sti­che. Non re­sta che pren­der­si del tem­po e tro­va­re la so­lu­zio­ne più adat­ta in ba­se al­le pro­prie aspet­ta­ti­ve. Ri­cer­ca­te il vostro ri­sto­ran­te idea­le do­ve fer­mar­vi a de­gu­sta­re i pro­dot­ti ti­pi­ci eno­ga­stro­no­mi­ci ber­ga­ma­schi, cu­rio­sa­te tra le ban­ca­rel­le del “Vil­lag­gio di Na­ta­le”, sco­va­te i mi­glio­ri ne­go­zi o le bou­ti­que ad­dob­ba­te a festa do­ve de­di­car­vi al­lo shopping na­ta­li­zio e poi vi­ve­te l’emo­zio­ne di una se­ra­ta di­ver­sa dal con­sue­to la­scian­do­vi tra­spor­ta­re dal­la ma­gia not­tur­na dell’an­ti­ca cit­tà sul col­le cir­con­da­ta dal­le mu­ra ed il­lu­mi­na­ta dal­le de­co­ra­zio­ni na­ta­li­zie.

Gi­ve your­self a spot of well-de­ser­ved and lei­su­re­ly re­la­xa­tion af­ter wan­de­ring around the ci­ty, ad­mi­ring mo­nu­men­ts, mu­seums and tou­ri­st at­trac­tions. All that re­mains is to ta­ke so­me ti­me and find the mo­st sui­ta­ble so­lu­tion ac­cor­ding to your ex­pec­ta­tions. Find the ideal re­stau­rant to stop and ta­ste the lo­cal food and wi­ne pro­duc­ts, bro­w­se among the stalls of the “Ch­rist­mas Vil­la­ge”, sear­ch out the be­st sto­res and bou­ti­ques fe­sti­ve­ly de­co­ra­ted to en­joy so­me Ch­rist­mas shopping and then en­joy the th­rill of a uni­que eve­ning, de­lighting in the ma­gic of a night in the an­cient wal­led to­wn on the hill, il­lu­mi­na­ted by Ch­rist­mas lights.

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