Un per­cor­so fat­to ad ar­te

A tour crea­ted ar­ti­sti­cal­ly

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Sie­te ap­pas­sio­na­ti di ar­te? Ber­ga­mo è la me­ta idea­le per im­mer­ger­vi nel­la cul­tu­ra. Do­po aver vi­si­ta­to al­cu­ni dei mu­sei in Cit­tà Al­ta (il Mu­seo Ar­cheo­lo­gi­co, la Ca­sa Na­ta­le Do­ni­zet­ti, il Mu­seo Sto­ri­co dell’età Ve­ne­ta, il Mu­seo e Te­so­ro del­la Cat­te­dra­le o il Mu­seo Do­ni­zet­tia­no) non per­de­te­vi la zo­na del­le gal­le­rie d’ar­te in Cit­tà Bas­sa, rag­giun­gi­bi­le con una pia­ce­vo­le pas­seg­gia­ta.

Par­ten­do da Piaz­za Vec­chia im­boc­ca­te via Gom­bi­to e, do­po po­chi pas­si, gi­ra­te a si­ni­stra in Via San Lo­ren­zo. Al­la fi­ne del­la via con­ti­nua­te a scen­de­re se­guen­do le mu­ra fi­no a Sant’ago­sti­no.

Qui fer­ma­te­vi ad am­mi­ra­re il chio­stro, la chie­sa e la splen­di­da vi­sta dal par­co cen­te; poi ol­tre­pas­sa­te la por­ta omo­ni­ma e pro­se­gui­te per via Pi­gno­lo. Al­la Fon­ta­na del Del­fi­no gi­ra­te a si­ni­stra per Via San To­ma­so. Ave­te rag­giun­to il cuo­re pul­san­te del­le gal­le­rie d’ar­te di Ber­ga­mo, do­ve po­te­te con­tem­pla­re ve­tri­ne ric­che di og­get­ti an­ti­chi, di de­si­gn, qua­dri e mol­to al­tro… ve­ri pez­zi d’ar­te. Sa­re­te li­be­ri di am­mi­ra­re in­no­va­ti­ve espo­si­zio­ni e per­fi­no ac­qui­sta­re un ri­cor­do in­so­li­to.

Se ar­ri­ve­re­te in fon­do a que­sta stra­da non man­che­ran­no al­tre sor­pre­se. Tro­ve­re­te ad ac­co­glier­vi l’ac­ca­de­mia Car­ra­ra, uni­co mu­seo ita­lia­no com­po­sto da la­sci­ti di im­por­tan­ti col­le­zio­ni­sti pri­va­ti che rac­co­glie ge­ne­ri pit­to­ri­ci del Sei, Set­te e Ot­to­cen­to e una si­gni­fi­ca­ti­va rac­col­ta di di­se­gni, stam­pe e pre­zio­si nu­clei di ar­ti de­co­ra­ti­ve, dai ven­ta­gli al­le por­cel­la­ne, dai bron­zet­ti al­le me­da­glie. Di fron­te c’è la Gamec- Galleria d’ar­te Mo­der­na e Con­tem­po­ra­nea che con la sua col­le­zio­ne per­ma­nen­te e le sue mo­stre è un luo­go im­per­di­bi­le per gli ap­pas­sio­na­ti.

Are you an art lo­ver? Ber­ga­mo is the ideal de­sti­na­tion to im­mer­se your­self in cul­tu­re. Af­ter vi­si­ting so­me mu­seums of Up­per Ber­ga­mo (the Ar­chaeo­lo­gy Mu­seum, the Do­ni­zet­ti’s bir­th­pla­ce, the Historical Mu­seum-ve­ne­tian Age, the Mu­seum and Trea­su­re of the Ca­the­dral or the Do­ni­zet­ti Mu­seum) don’t for­get the art gal­le­ry area in Lo­wer Ber­ga­mo, whi­ch can be rea­ched wi­th a plea­sant walk.

Star­ting from Piaz­za Vec­chia, ta­ke Via Gom­bi­to and af­ter a few steps, turn left in­to Via San Lo­ren­zo. At the end of the road, con­ti­nue to de­scend fol­lo­wing the walls un­til you rea­ch the for­mer Chur­ch of Sant’ago­sti­no.

He­re you can stop and ad­mi­re the cloi­ster, the chur­ch and the splen­did view from the ad­joi­ning park. Now pass th­rou­gh Sant’ago­sti­no ga­te and con­ti­nue to­wards Via Pi­gno­lo. At the Fon­ta­na del Del­fi­no ( Dol­phin Foun­tain) turn left do­wn Via San To­ma­so. You ha­ve now rea­ched the bea­ting heart of the art gal­le­ries of Ber­ga­mo, whe­re to can con­tem­pla­te win­do­ws fil­led wi­th an­ti­ques, items of de­si­gn, pain­tings and mu­ch mo­re… ge­nui­ne works of art. You can stroll around in­no­va­ti­ve ex­hi­bi­tions and even pur­cha­se an unu­sual sou­ve­nir.

At the bot­tom of this road other sur­pri­se await you. The Ac­ca­de­mia Car­ra­ra, the on­ly Ita­lian mu­seum ma­de up of be­quests from im­por­tant pri­va­te col­lec­tors, that col­lec­ts pic­to­rial gen­res from the se­ven­teen­th, eighteen­th and ni­ne­teen­th cen­tu­ries, a sub­stan­tial col­lec­tion of prin­ts and dra­wings, and fi­ne de­co­ra­ti­ve art ob­jec­ts in­clu­ding fans, por­ce­lain, small bron­zes and me­dals. In front of Ac­ca­de­mia Car­ra­ra the­re is the Gamec- Gal­le­ry of Mo­dern and Con­tem­po­ra­ry Art and wi­th its per­ma­nent col­lec­tion and its ex­hi­bi­ts is a not- to- be- mis­sed op­por­tu­ni­ty for en­thu­siasts.

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