Cop­pia d’As­si

Young, ta­len­ted and fi­red wi­th en­thu­sia­st: the ya­cht de­si­gn duo ma­king wa­ves in the in­du­stry Gio­va­ni, en­tu­sia­sti, ge­nia­li. Ec­co il so­da­li­zio del­lo ya­cht de­si­gn che fa­rà par­la­re di sé

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Cou­ra­ge, en­thu­sia­sm, bril­lian­ce and te­na­ci­ty. Plus a good do­se of ge­nia­li­ty and an even lar­ger one - eri­co San­ta Ma­ria may be young but this pair of ya­cht de­si­gners ha­ve all of the afo­re­men­tio­ned qua­li­ties in spa­des. Even the way they en­ded up be­co­ming part­ners is in­tri­guing: their pa­ths cros­sed not at uni­ver­si­ty but at Wal­ly Ya­ch­ts whe­re bo­th had cho­sen to work as soon as

- si­gn re­spec­ti­ve­ly. That choi­ce alo­ne says it all about their ap­proa­ch to ya­cht de­si­gn.

Their ul­tra-severe sai­ling and mo­to­rya­ch­ts are clo­thed in strong, in­no­va­ti­ve li­nes that ma­ke no com­pro­mi­ses. A po­wer­ful de­par­tu­re from clas­sic fa­re that ne­ver tram­ple tra­di­tion. This is a duo who’ve kno­wn their pa­th in li­fe sin­ce an Co­rag­gio, en­tu­sia­smo, ge­nia­li­tà e te­na­cia. Ol­tre che un’in­na­ta do­se di sim­pa­tia e una lun­gi­mi­ran­za non in­dif­fe­ren- dell’omo­ni­mo stu­dio mi­la­ne­se che, so­lo per il fat­to di la­vo­ra­re in cop­pia in un mon­do for­te­men­te ego­ri­fe­ri­to, so­no da con­si­de­ra­re de­gli ou­tsi­der. Già il lo­ro in­con­tro do­vreb­be far gli stu­di: ar­chi­tet­tu­ra per lui e ya­cht de­si­gn per lei. Una scel­ta che la di­ce lun­ga su qua­le sia la lo­ro idea di ya­cht de­si­gn.

I lo­ro la­vo­ri par­lan­do da sé: li­nee in­no­va­ti­ve, de­ci­se e sen­za com­pro­mes­si. Ya­cht a ve­la e a mo­to­re ri­go­ro­sis­si­mi, che rom­po­no con de­ci­sio­ne gli sche­mi clas­si­ci, sen­za pe­rò stra­vol­ger­ne la tra­di­zio­ne.

Che la lo­ro fos­se una mis­sio­ne si era ca­pi­to da tem­po: il

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