Flo­ren­tia due to spla­sh in 2020

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Wi­th Flo­ren­tia, Ros­si­na­vi ma­kes a wel­co­me re­turn to buil­ding over50-me­tres wi­th GTs in ex­cess of 500 ton­nes. This ti­me the ex­te­rior de­si­gn co­mes cour­te­sy of Stu­dio Va­fia­dis and ma­ni­fests in tra­di­tio­nal yet ni­ce­ly ba­lan­ced li­nes wi­th a con­tem­po­ra­ry twi­st that will en­su­re they will ne­ver go out of fa­shion. The in­te­riors, by Car­lo Co­lom­bo and A+++ Stu­dio of Lu­ga­no, de­ser­ve a ve­ry spe­cial men­tion. They are in­spi­red by na­tu­re her­self but mo­der­ni­sed wi­th tou­ches of tech­no­lo­gy and de­si­gner flou­ri­shes. The heart of the boat is the lar­ge cen­tral stair­ca­se. The ma­ster sui­te is in­te­re­sting too as it picks up and en­han­ces the leit­mo­tifs run­ning th­rou­gh the re­st of the hull. A lar­ge mir­ro­red ring at the cen­tre of the ca­bin will draw in re­flec­tions from the sea and crea­te a sen­se of being in the open air.

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