The 25m Eco Ten­der

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The 25-me­tre Pe­ri­ni Na­vi Eco Ten­der is born of an ow­ner’s re­que­st for a mo­tor-po­we­red mix of a ten­der and a cha­se boat that would re­flect the li­nes of his Pe­ri­ni sai­ling ya­cht in fa­ster mo­re com­pact form. Per­fect for whiz­zing along the coa­st and around pro­tec­ted areas. De­si­gned by Pe­ri­ni, the Eco Ten­der is all-alu­mi­nium beau­ty wi­th a hy­brid pro­pul­sion sy­stem that un­lea­shes 30 kno­ts at full whack. This al­so means it has a “si­lent” mo­de and is al­lo­wed in­to na­tu­re re­ser­ves as its en­vi­ron­men­tal im­pact is so ne­gli­gi­ble. The Eco Ten­der’s li­nes ma­ke it tru­ly un­mi­sta­ka­ble as does the si­gna­tu­re Pe­ri­ni pai­ring of blue hull and whi­te su­per­struc­tu­re. Low and ta­pe­ring, it is qui­te sim­ply gor­geous. Even the deck is ve­ry si­mi­lar to the mo­ther ship’s and all teak. The­re will al­so be two dro­nes aboard that can be sent ahead to sco­pe out the ter­ri­to­ry.

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