The ya­cht of the fu­tu­re: cour­te­sy of Fa­bio Maz­zeo of Ex­clu­si­va De­si­gn

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The ya­cht of the fu­tu­re

If the moun­tain doe­sn’t co­me to Ma­ho­met, then Ma­ho­met mu­st go to the moun­tain. Bolide’s story goes a lit­tle li­ke that. Ra­ther than a yard see­king out for a de­si­gner for a new con­cept, in her ca­se it was the de­si­gner went loo­king for a yard to turn his dream in­to rea­li­ty. Fa­bio Maz­zeo, de­si­gner and co-ow­ner wi­th CEO Vi­to Tad­dei of Ex­clu­si­va De­si­gn, had been toy­ing wi­th the idea of de­si­gning a ya­cht for a whi­le. After pen­ning ma­ny diff­fe­rent of­fi­ces, hea­d­quar­ters and ex­traor­di­na­ry re­si­den­ces scat­te­red hi­ther and yon, he wan­ted to di­ver­si­fy and found him­self fa­sci­na­ted by the ya­ch­ting world.

His choi­ce of yard even­tual­ly fell on Tan­koa. «The ap­proa­ch, fle­xi­bi­li­ty and com­pe­ten­cy we found in Tan­koa are uni­que,” ex­plains Maz­zeo. “The yard doe­sn’t cha­se big num­bers but fo­cu­ses on qua­li­ty and its own pas­sion. That is why we im­me­dia­te­ly felt it would be the per­fect part­ner for Pro­ject Bolide,” he con­clu­des. The Tan­koa 72-me­tre plat­form was al­rea­dy a rea­li­ty at the Se­stri Po­nen­te yard so it is easy to see why this mar­ria­ge pro­du­ced su­ch a se­duc­ti­ve de­si­gn. When the steel and alu­mi­nium beau­ty builds, she will al­so ha­ve a good beam of 12 as well as four decks. That said, the de­si­gn is so cle­ver it ac­tual­ly looks mo­re li­ke a tri-deck.

It sprang from Fa­bio Maz­zeo’s de­si­re to crea­te so­me­thing ge­nui­ne­ly uni­que that would go well beyond the tra­di­tio­nal ya­cht con­cept and be in­spi­red, in part at lea­st, by fu­tu­ri­sm.

“De­co­ra­tion isn’t an ac­ces­so­ry but an es­sen­tial part of de­si­gn”

Me­ta­pho­ri­cal­ly spea­king, Pro­get­to Bolide is in­spi­red by po­wer, speed and the al­lu­re of fal­ling stars, but al­so mo­st de­fi­ni­te­ly plays wi­th the idea of a speed and ele­gan­ce of a bul­let. The pro­ject cen­tres around th­ree key fac­tors.

The fir­st of the­se is lar­ge gla­zed sur­fa­ces whi­ch, on­ce again thanks to so­me ve­ry cle­ver de­si­gn work, ef­for­tles­sly meld wi­th the steel of the hull and cover a tru­ly asto­ni­shing 500-plus squa­re me­tres.

The se­cond of the key fac­tors in the de­si­gn is the func­tio­na­li­ty of the in­te­rior spa­ces whi­ch de­li­ver a ve­ry hi­gh stan­dard of pri­va­cy.

«At din­ner one night, a client of mi­ne star­ted tal­king about the ya­ch­ts he used to char­ter and told me that even on lar­ger craft it was im­pos­si­ble to find so­mewhe­re to ju­st ha­ve a bit of pea­ce wi­thout seeing his guests,” says Maz­zeo. “That’s why I crea­ted the­se traf­fic flo­ws aboard Bolide that gua­ran­tee the ow­ner al­mo­st com­ple­te pri­va­cy.” It’s hard­ly sur­pri­sing the­re­fo­re that the ow­ner’s quar­ters ha­ve a ve­ry strong pen­thou­se vi­be. Spread over bo­th fly and sun decks, they in­clu­de the ma­ster sta­te­room, ba­th­room, pri­va­te gym, spa, dressing room, ter­ra­ce and ex­clu­si­ve Ja­cuz­zi. Si­gni­fi­can­tly, the ow­ner’s quar­ters can be rea­ched via a spe­cial­ly de­si­gned wal­k­way that does not pass th­rou­gh areas of the ya­cht fre­quen­ted by the other guests.

The third point is the im­pres­si­ve in­te­rac­tion bet­ween ex­te­riors and in­te­riors whi­ch,be­cau­se they co­me from the sa­me pen, exi­st in per­fect har­mo­ny. But what is real­ly fa­sci­na­ting about this ya­cht is the ver­sa­ti­li­ty and tran­sfor­ma­bi­li­ty of the spa­ces cover a mas­si­ve 600 squa­re me­tres

Bolide has over 600 squa­re me­tres of ex­te­rior spa­ce Ester­na­men­te Bolide di­spo­ne di ol­tre 600 me­tri qua­dra­ti di spa­zio

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