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Ade­si­gn wi­th a di­stinc­tly dif­fe­rent stern.I think it’s the mo­st di­stinc­ti­ve ele­ment in this lar­ge, uni­que sports ya­cht, whi­ch has a clean, well-ba­lan­ced ex­te­rior de­si­gn”. For En­ri­co Gob­bi, the Phan­tom 62 pro­ject de­ve­lo­ped by his Team for De­si­gn is tru­ly spe­cial, not on­ly be­cau­se of the unu­sual stern but al­so this 62-me­tre craft’s ex­te­rior li­nes, whi­ch he de­scri­bes as ele­gant and pre­ci­se. “This pro­ject is the fir­st ti­me we’ve de­ve­lo­ped a com­ple­te­ly new stern sha­pe. This new con­fi­gu­ra­tion pre­sen­ted a tou­gh de­si­gn and en­gi­nee­ring chal­len­ge”.

In al­mo­st di­rect con­tact wi­th the sea, al­so ma­de pos­si­ble by a spec­ta­cu­lar glass wall, the swim­ming pool is flan­ked by a short flight of steps lea­ding from the aft plat­form to the bea­ch plat­form around the pool. This spa­ce is in turn con­nec­ted by two en­tran­ces to two lo­wer deck in­te­riors. “The­se spa­ces”, says En­ri­co Gob­bi, “Can be fit­ted out as a gym or loun­ge. The cur­rent trend is to ma­ke much mo­re use of a ya­cht’s out­door spa­ces than we used to. That’s why the so­lu­tion we’ve adop­ted for the Phan­tom 62 is an em­pha­ti­cal­ly open aft area that pro­vi­des lar­ger ex­ter­nal spa­ces. All ele­men­ts should re­flect a mo­dern ya­cht’s re­qui­re­men­ts. One exam­ple is the area de­di­ca­ted to the clas­sic in­te­rior di­ning room, whi­ch is smal­ler than usual. This area in its clas­sic form has al­mo­st di­sap­pea­red. The pre­fe­ren­ce now is to crea­te con­vi­vial set­tings in the open air”. The Phan­tom 62 joins a long se­ries of ya­ch­ts be­gun in 2007 that Team for

De­si­gn has de­si­gned for the Ros­si­na­vi brand, whi­ch was foun­ded in the 1970s by bro­thers Clau­dio and Pa­ri­de Ros­si and spe­cia­li­ses in su­pe­rya­cht con­struc­tion. The li­st of other Ros­si­na­vi ya­ch­ts bea­ring the si­gna­tu­re of Team for De­si­gn in­clu­de the Ke­tso 48, the two Prin­ce Shark 49m laun­ched bea­ring the na­mes Pa­ram Ja­mu­na IV and Po­la­ris and the 62-me­tre FRO31 Uto­pia IV, whi­le others, li­ke the 70-me­tre FRO37, are still un­der con­struc­tion.

“The Phan­tom 62 is an em­pha­ti­cal­ly mo­dern de­si­gn. As well as its ove­rall qua­li­ties and am­ple ex­ter­nal spa­ces it of­fers, for exam­ple, ano­ther ex­tre­me­ly fa­shio­na­ble ele­ment that’s much in de­mand the­se days – lar­ge win­do­ws that crea­te com­mu­ni­ca­tion bet­ween the in­te­rior and ex­te­rior. On the Phan­tom 62 the long strip win­do­ws run­ning along the main and up­per decks gi­ve the ya­cht the im­pres­sion of grea­ter leng­th and en­cou­ra­ge and ena­ble hi­ghly fle­xi­ble in­te­riors, two ex­tre­me­ly im­por­tant ele­men­ts in the ove­rall pro­po­sal”. The aft area and long win­do­ws are not the on­ly di­stinc­ti­ve fea­tu­res of the Phan­tom 62’s ex­te­rior de­si­gn. Two in par­ti­cu­lar in­vol­ve the li­nes and vo­lu­mes of the ya­cht’s si­des. “The two full-height bow win­do­ws in the ow­ner’s area cer­tain­ly stand out. They ex­tend the in­ter­nal spa­ce and crea­te a spor­ty ele­ment.

Ano­ther di­stinc­ti­ve fea­tu­re is the mar­ked­ly roun­ded con­tours at the level of the up­per deck loun­ge, whi­ch crea­te room for ex­ten­si­ve win­dow areas and fur­ther en­han­ce the in­te­rior-ex­te­rior link. This link al­so exists on the main deck, wi­th the ope­ning stret­ching all along the wal­k­way pa­ra­pe­ts”. En­ri­co Gob­bi al­so poin­ts out two ele­men­ts that re­flect the dy­na­mi­sm and spor­ty na­tu­re of the de­si­gn. 130

“The bow to stern sweep of the ele­men­ts at the si­des of the fly­deck sup­por­ting the cen­tral hard top has a ve­ry dy­na­mic ap­peal. This fea­tu­re is re­pea­ted in the ele­men­ts lin­king the decks. Ano­ther of the Phan­tom 62’s iden­ti­fy­ing fea­tu­res is the so­lu­tion aft of the ter­ra­ces wi­th a sha­pe in­spi­red by ae­ro­nau­ti­cal de­si­gn”.

The Phan­tom 62 has al­rea­dy at­trac­ted the interest of an ow­ner who has asked En­ri­co Gob­bi and his Team for De­si­gn to de­ve­lop in­te­rior fur­ni­shings re­flec­ting the ex­te­riors. “We thought of fre­sh, mo­dern fur­ni­shings”, says En­ri­co Gob­bi in con­clu­sion.

We’re wor­king on a pro­po­sal that brings this in­si­de the ya­cht. If all goes well it would be a per­fect em­bo­di­ment of the ove­rall spi­rit of the Phan­tom 62”.

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